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  1. Thanks guys. I ended up going with the Trout side. Mookie is great but I see Trout as a lot safer over next several years. I hear what a lot of people were saying about Robles steals upside. Having Acuna/Robert/Trout I felt gave the team a nice base of steals to where I didn’t really need Robles. thanks again!
  2. I'm debating this same question right now. I need pitching so I'm leaning Glasnow. Really hard to pass on Lux though.
  3. Keeper league with prices increasing slowly year over year. Right now Hiura is $1 and Glasnow is $3. Pitching seems highly coveted this year more than usual. Really my other reason for even considering.
  4. Been offered Glasnow for Hiura. My backup 2B would then be Gavin Lux. Curious as to people’s thought on this in a vacuum.
  5. Thanks! That is what I'm thinking too. Just been holding Vlad Jr. for a while thinking he's be top 5 player at some point. Worried that he'll make me regret it. Essentially I'd be trading Vlad for Bichette to make this happen.
  6. Can keep 9 keepers under $120. Curious which squad you think is better for the money. I'm leaning Trout, but really interested in Vlad Jr. too. Option1: Hiura, Bichette, Trout, Acuna, Yordan, L. Robert, Lux, Wheeler, Luzardo (Total $118) Option 2: Hiura, Vlad Jr., Betts, Acuna, Yordon, L. Robert, Robles, Darvish, Luzardo (Total $119).
  7. Which four would you rather have: (1) Trout/Josh Bell/McMahon/Wheeler; (I'd be sending these players) (2) Betts/Vlad Jr./Robles/ Darvish. (I'd be receiving these players) 10 Team roto. I already have Acuna on the team so would be great to pair with Trout. Problem is that I really don't want to move Vlad.
  8. I'd keep trout if you have to add to get Acuna.