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  1. Drafting later this month. This is a good, competitive 8 team existing free keeper league on Yahoo. If anyone is interesting, let me know.
  2. You'll have the first pick in the draft, so a good drafter is needed.
  3. After watching the Aaron Hernandez Netflix thing, starting to think Brown has CTE. Also on drugs, but the CTE would explain why he just literally can't control himself.
  4. Andrews and Ingram were banged up. Honestly neither guy should've played in the game. That first pick, Andrews usually goes up and catches that. Ravens needed this type of game to happen in the past 3-4 games. They fell behind and panic city set in, mostly from coaches. 12 straight wins playing from ahead and not really being tested. Lamar's whole game script is controlling pace of game, milking clock, not forcing throws. Receivers outside of Brown are just fringe NFLers. They need to sign a Robby Anderson and/or draft someone legit in the first or second round.
  5. Would rather have Mixon in dynasty. Their offense should improve going forward.
  6. RG3 with no Ingram and possibly no Andrews is going to be a disaster against a good hungry defense.
  7. Anyone have eyes on him? Look legit? They signed both Turbin and Lynch so you gotta figure they'll probably give them each a series or two to see where they're at. Bad matchup too.
  8. Lamar. Autodrafting in a 20 team league and probably winning ('ship is week 17 and opponent has Lamar so should win). Picking up Parker and going 8-0 from that point to win another league.
  9. Playing against Carson in both leagues I'm still alive in. Fantasy football is really just who has less bad luck.
  10. Dude looks like he's struggling just to walk on the field. Oh lawd.
  11. Higbee is pretty much the No. 1 option now. Woods 1b. Kupp has been cucked.
  12. Oh thank God Mostert. Can they seriously not just feed him all game?
  13. First round draft pick. Big and insanely fast. Father was in the NFL for a decade. Seems plenty talented to me. Not really his fault he went to one of the worst WR situations: Flacco as his QB and Marc Trestman as his coordinator (who was promptly fired and replaced by equally incompetent Marty Mornhinweg).
  14. Really really didn't need to read this. Gonna now be stressing over who to flex lmao. You're right though, looking at the numbers Detroit has been stingier against the run than one would anticipate.