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  1. Has covid really exhausted all sports topics that we’re resorting to making colt McCoy threads to keep some conversation going?
  2. He’s not making multiple deals like this. He’s making one and he’s trading from a position he has lots of depth in for one he desperately needs. He’s also getting a highly rated rookie in a good situation so he’s gonna have that player for a long time. The trade is basically Kupp for Dobbins since Gallup is now the fourth option and how many times does the fourth option on a team produce consistently for fantasy? Not often. I just don’t see this as a huge overpay unless you think Gallup leaps one or more of Cooper, Lamb, and Zeke.
  3. Henry and Drake. I’d trade Drake and Jones for Jackson or Mahomes if they’ll take that
  4. Gallup - good rookie year. Cowboys spent a first on another wr (Lamb) who a lot of experts believe was the best wr in a loaded class. Gallup could be 4th in touches behind Zeke (signed long term deal) Cooper (signed long term deal) and Lamb. Also question marks at QB since Dak turned down a big contract 2nd round pick - assuming this is yours and you end up with a late pick it’s not worth a lot imo Kupp - #1 option for the Rams. Has great chemistry with Goff and McVay does a great job scheming him open. You do have good wr depth so you could afford to trade him Dobbins - all time leading rusher at tOSU and ends up on a great rushing team. Ingram can be cut after this year so he could be the rb1 next year on the Ravens. Id strongly consider doing this trade. You could look at it as Kupp for Dobbins and given your depth at wr and need for a rb I’d do it. You’re getting a good talent at a position of need while dealing a player from a position you have tons of depth at. Don’t worry about “winning“ the trade. If your team gets better than who cares if you overlay or his team gets better. AJ Brown - big play dependent and not a believer in Tannehill OBJ - great player but mayfield is terrible. CEH - Mahomes requested him, Reid said he’s better than Westbrook, and he joins the best offense in the league I would’ve done this but I’m all out on titans wrs and I really don’t think Baker is that good. Plus I want anyone on the high scoring offenses
  5. Without trades I’d go Taylor/CEH, Dobbins/Akers, and best available WR. For trades I’d try to move 1.02 or 1.04 for two firsts or a first and an early second in this year’s draft if that’s possible and take a we and a rb with those two picks giving you two wrs and two rbs in this draft. Your wrs are serviceable and you have a lot of question marks at rb so I’d focus on getting rbs first.
  6. I’d easily move Brown or Sutton in a 1 for 1 for Dobbins especially with your wr depth. You definitely need a third rb I would not feel comfortable relying on Guice and Cohen as my first backups off the bench
  7. I have two 1st round picks later in the draft so I’m gonna take one or two WRs then. Thanks for the responses. Going Dobbins. I’m set for this year so I’d rather draft for the long term rather than the short term
  8. I have 1.03 CEH and Taylor I’m assuming are going 1.01 and 1.02. So Dobbins or Akers? I’m out on Swift wasn’t a fan prior to the draft and now all out after Detroit took him.
  9. I’d rather keep the Wilpons than sell to JLO and Arod. Can see JLO having some Latina promotional night and Alonso and deGrom both suffer career ending injuries doing the tango
  10. Saves only I’d put him behind Chapman and Osuna. Maybe Yates too. Holds and S+H I’d rank him first. In my three drafts (12 team) so far he went 38, 42, and 64. If he makes it into the late 50s early 60s I’d consider him. 35-50 is too expensive for me
  11. .250 avg 90/42/110 are my projections for a full season. Haven’t been targeting him in drafts. I’d rather go with someone safer like Blackmon or a top 2B like Albies Torres or Marte at that ADP
  12. Garrett charging the Pirates dugout and taking on the whole team. Best moment from last season
  13. GOAT postseason catch. Should’ve won it all that year. Thanks Aaron Heilman and Carlos Beltran for ruining that season.
  14. Grew up watching Piazza but I saw David Wright’s entire career. I teared up during his last speech after his last game. Those are my two favorite. My three favorite non Mets players are Barry bonds, Mariano Rivera, and Chipper Jones