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  1. Stafford being a top10 qb play for have a season will boost your ppg stats even if your other 8 games you have a bad qb instead of 12 games with a bad qb. Or even flacco for 8 games and lock for 5 Juju had 5 good wr1-wr2 games then got hurt and only one of those games was with Big Ben and was against the patriots defense. Yes juju was a dumpster fire at the end and I roster able but he was hurt and with bad qbs and no run game and a good defense not letting games get blown out. But the first half of the season jujus first 5 of 7 games he was playable in every format. Sutton had one good game with Brandon Allen and one very mediocre game with a TD that saved his fantasy day and Golladay dropped off big time once stafford got hurt he had one good game (great game) in his final 8 games with a couple average games saved by a TD. Obviously we want the fantasy points so the TD will make their ppg look better than his actual play on the field. none of these guys were outplayed by a 3rd round rookie but also none of them were as good as dionte johnson I think we both agree DJ is good. But DJ was also healthy all season and played in every game. Juju was playing hurt for the last half of the season. Playing hurt will affect your athleticism which will not allow you to get as open. comparing him to obj isn’t fair obj had a decent qb with a great run game and played all season. Yes he was hurt but he is also better than juju outright when both are healthy. we can agree to disagree man I respect your opinion we just have differing ones. Thanks for the advanced stats Too.
  2. Anyone worried about gruden as the OC? The last guy loved to pass the ball. Was one of those “run thru the air” guys that was why fournette had so many catches and was fired from Minnesota and Jacksonville as OC in back to back seasons. they want to run the ball not check down to RBs. Grudens redskins were usually bottom half in the league in passing attempts and never had RBs as good as fournette and armstead. His offenses never put up huge WR numbers either but I also believe chark is better than any wr he had in Washington.
  3. Those guys had good qbs for most of the season and when they lost them they only had a few playable weeks. juju had the worst qb play of them all for 15 weeks and until he got hurt he had playable weeks as well. I mean the Steelers Barely has 3000 passing yards all season with all 3 qbs trubisky had 3100 by himself in 14.5 games Stafford had 2500 yards in 8 games the lions had over 4100 total passing yards this year kyle Allen has 3300 yard in 13 games flocco had 1800 yards in 8 games and lock had 1000 yards in 5 games. (Sutton actually had better stats with flocco than with lock in every category but probably because they were playing from behind more) all of these QBs situations were far better than duck Hodges and mason Rudolph. Let alone the fact none of those WRs you mentioned missed 4 full games and played clearly injured for several others. Take 4 games away from any of those guys and they’re gonna plummet down the rankings, take 4 games and give them duck Hodges and they might be end up the wr61 in ppg
  4. eww that’s grounds for firing Nagy right there
  5. I agree with you so much. I’ve disliked this player since they drafted him. Usually broken tackles and missed tackles is a good indicator of talent but he it seems that he is so slow with such a lack of burst that he gets nowhere after making a man miss and is tackled for a minimal gain after making someone miss. Tarik Cohen is pretty awesome not great in between the tackles but he will always get his touches and if the bears are down late he’s an elite receiving option. They’ll will likely be poor QB play and switching of qbs multiple times. Id only take this guy if he fell to me late late. I’d rather take a swing on someone else, nearly anyone else
  6. Ok I see what your saying now. Kenyan drake was out touched and out performed in Alabama by TJ yeldon for like 3 straight years and it wasn’t even close. Henry didn’t hold him back from playing. Saban lets all his backs get touches that year the bama pass game was poorer than usual and the other RBs weren’t performing so he road henry... as he should. Drake is a good talent in a great spot but I don’t think he is a world beater by any means. 5th rounder jay ajayi who only had six games of 100 rushing yards in his entire NFL career while his knee did cut his career short I don’t think he was exactly a great. I think both these guys are/were good but they were not so good that they made other “good” backs look bad. But they are good enough to make bad backs look bad. And when DWill played in the same offense drake and ajayi played in he looked bad.
  7. I mean I agree with you but I don’t think BMcP does Since he was defending him earlier in this page. Maybe im just ignorant and lost lol
  8. So you’re saying Damien Williams is not good then?
  9. wouldn’t know the offenses at all or have any time to get to know his wrs. Then you hoping that a good teams wbu gets hurt with a season ending injury cuss a bad team probably won’t care to bring him in. Probably just better to got to a decent to good team with not great qb play for cheap one year. Like tannehil
  10. i agree with you context is everything. But when Kenyan drake was on that same dolphins team with the same bad line and same bad coach And he looked like a monster and the British kid who’s name I can’t remember did too. When Williams got his chances he looked poor then got hurt.
  11. i could be wrong but I think the Steelers prefer to use 2 tight ends equally. They’ve had Jesse James and McDonald for a few years and before that it was Jesse James and ladarius green but before that it was usually just heath miller absorbing all the touches. I’d love to know if someone has more data on it tho.
  12. Don sr 2016 “make America great again” Don sr 2020 “keep America great” Don Jr 2024 “still making America great” I like the sound of that better than Hillary at least
  13. Man that 2015 was a Wild year. All the RB injuries and then julio, AB, and Odell all going off really made the pendulum swing to the 0 RB strategy in 2016.
  14. if your in the playoffs every year you pick late anyways. Getting a top 5 back is almost like having 2 players in one. But obviously if your picking late then getting a couple set it and forget wrs is more valuable in my opinion than getting some dicey Low end RB1s that you have to reach for. But obviously if you have a top 2 pick your going saquon or CMC or something like that. I totally agree with your train of thought but I won’t blame anyone for truly believing in a RB and reaching for him. At one point ppl needed to reach for CMC or Derrick henry.
  15. Juju was hurt for a large part of the season and missed 4 games those Wrs did not. Also flacco, lock, trubisky we’re not good but they are leaps and bounds better than duck Hodges and and the kid who almost got his head caved in by Myles Garrett. Golladay had Matt Stanford for 8 games before he had his bad qb play and was still pretty good but juju didn’t have Big Ben for 8 quarters. DJ Moore is truly impressive tho I’ll give ya that for sure. I think dionte is awesome too I think him and juju could both be 1000 yard wrs and keep each other from being elite fantasy wrs but still be great to have. If this is true dionte is obviously the one to draft at value.