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  1. I mean i guess you could consider durability a raw talent but I've never heard anyone measure someone say "man hes so talented because he doesnt get hurt even tho he is just an average athlete" no they always say "hes the most talented guy on the field but can't stay healthy" either way we can agree to disagree. AD is absolutely always hurt. Hes never played more than 75 games in a season ya boy lebron has done it 12 times wilt chamberlain played 80 games or more 9 times. In ADs first 4 seasons he played 64, 67, 68, and 61 games then the trade junk last year held him in the 50s. He has also had 39 injuries since entering the nba he just plays thru them and tends to leave games early. He is also faster, more agile, has more endurance (running wise not health wise), has the same wingspan, and higher vertical than deandre jordan who is just 1 inch taller and 10lbs heavier. Davis is more skilled and more athletic. If deandre is more talented cuss he is bigger and stronger than by your argument zion could be more talented than lebron cuss he his 6'7" 280 which gives him 30lbs on lebron who is only 1 or 2 inches taller. Zion Could legitimately be the one of the strongest guys in the nba. But hey man we can argue back and forth all day about NBA on side chats or something. I'll admit i may have listed bad examples let's get back to football. Sorry for the derail guys.
  2. Nah man better to stick with the late round qb approach
  3. Well i gues that got you all hot and bothered. I wasnt trying to make a serious argument out of my example of raw talent vs skill Just trying to list a quick example that was more visually apparent than a qbs arm talent. But points per game and durability dont define someone's raw talent or skills. To me raw talent is something you naturally endowed with something you cant teach like a 40 inch vert and skills are abilities that anyone can get better or worse at like shooting, dribbling etc.. Larry bird averaged over 20 ppg for a career but he wasnt filled with alot of talent he was a skilled master of his craft and aaron gordon has a 40 inch vertical and averages 12 ppg. Anthony davis is always hurt but he has alot more talent than DeAndre jordan. Are those better examples? Cuss I'm just trying to say I think rodgers in his prime may have been a hair more skilled throwing the ball and mahomes may have been a hair more naturally arm talented but with better weapons and coaches to where he doesnt need to be quiet as skilled.
  4. I could be wrong since I didnt own any DJ in any league last year but I thought he was battling some significant injuries in the 2nd half of last season? I dont think anyone serious about fantasy doubts drake's talent but he has a penchant for getting knicked up. He plays thru the injuries and still produces just not at the same monster levels he does when he is healthy. I'd love to take a stab at him in 2020
  5. I watched every game he played at Louisville and during his heisman season the announcers said repeatedly "the team did a 40 yard dash competition in the preseason and Lamar Jackson is the 2nd fastest player on the Louisville team" the player that beat him was a CB named jaire alexander who ran a 4.38 at the combine. But some players game speeds are faster than their 40s. Emmit smith is a good example
  6. Dude had 1200 rushing yards while sharing the backfield with Kamara then transfers colleges to play wr and does alright. Seems like a guy Shanahan will utilize at some point but I doubt he ever becomes more than a wr2 at most. With kittle, deebo, and that run game. Just too many mouths to feed.
  7. This sounds good but if tannehil is dependent on a great run game then your championship window is only open as long as derrick henry lasts and we all kno the lifespan of an rb is short and the bigger backs tend to fall off a cliff even sooner. I think the smart move for the titans is to tag tannehil and draft his replacement and resign henry for a back loaded contract. But wtf do I know.
  8. Adams Broke 1000 yards one time. Has a top tier qb throwing to him played 16 games just twice in 6 years and only has 1 season of elite play if healthy maybe he does repeat last years stats or maybe he sucks it up. Julio has had 1390 yards or more 6 years in a row Odell has 5 years over 1000 yards (every healthy season) and multiple double digit td seasons Hill is the most dangerous weapon in the game and has two 1000 yard seasons and his 2018 season was better than Adam's which was his best season. With multiple double digit td seasons Thomas just set the most catches in a season record and had 1700 yards and never had less than 1100 yards Hopkins has 5 years over 1000 yards and 3 seasons better than any Adam's has ever had Mike Evan's has never not had 1000 yards and has Winston or worse as a qb. Rodgers is a better qb than matt ryan, any qb odell had, Alex smith who was there for hills first 1000 yard season, and he is better than old man brees. Hopkins had a few of those seasons with qbs I cant even name and 1 season with only 5 games from watson as a rookie. Just becuase you are a top fantasy wr doesnt mean you are a top wr in football it means you might be in a better situation. Like moss in Oakland. He was still the best wr in the game jsut not getting the ball but guys like edleman and kupp are studs becuase they're in great offenses with great coaches and good qbs. This all goes back to my point that mahomes has been lucky to have better coaching and players than rodgers has had for most of his career.
  9. Adam's is good but there are several wrs that are inarguably better than him. Julio, hill, thomas, hopkins, odell, evans. And several who some would consider better like Godwin or arob or the two in minnesota. Jones is probably better than any back in KC now even tho damien William's appears to be a playoff monster but it's clear that mahomes is better than rodgers now. Prime rodgers had about 3 years with a good defense and won a superbowl and had a 15-1 season. After that his defenses were awful and I believe aaron jones and eddie lacy are the only two 1000 yard rushers hes ever had. To be called a choke artist is a little unfair imo. Russel wilson has had a similar career path. Great teams at first then he took over and had been single handedly keeping bad teams in the playoffs.
  10. Yes they work best as a tandem. But what qb doesnt play better with a dominant run game. The fear is that tannehil can only play good becuase of the dominant run game. If you feel that is true you sign henry and let tannehil walk becuase he is not the guy to lead you to the superbowl. But if the coaches feel that tannehil is the answer and they do not need to find or draft other qbs they should probably let henry walk because you can find value at that position cheaper than zeke prices which is what henry is asking and you can continue to fill out important positions with that money. If the titans feel that both are essential theyll sign both but I just dont think both are that great. I think henry is that great.
  11. He also can lead the league in touchdown passes. That's pretty talented.
  12. I never saw rodgers as a choke artist I saw him as leading poorer teams to better records than they shoulda been. Besides that 15-1 season I think rodgers kept poor teams afloat. Mahomes has a great coach who is always trying to get new creative schemes and adapt to the game. He has two of the leagues beat weapons in kelce and hill and an offense that turns any RB into a stud. For alot of rodgers career it was him making elite throws to mediocre talents with no run game or defense. He might be a trash person tho. Idk. But we can agree to disagree. I think we will both agree that mahomes will have the better career of the two which is saying alot.
  13. The Guy is gonna be in Cleveland. Cleveland will have on of the greatest wr corpse of all time a top nfl rusher a good oline and still not win 8 games
  14. Idk how anyone can doubt his talent after last season. Sure hes not pat mahomes but pat mahomes isnt lamar Jackson either. They're different and each are awesome. We should just accept it and draft him accordingly.
  15. I'd take a late round stab at him. I mean they traded up to get him. Clearly an explosive guy with decent passing game chops.