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  1. Well don’t think his ceiling is dalvin cook i just mean he could break out after showing flashes of potential but is always being injured ala dalvin cook. Granted cook showed much larger glimpses of promise and is on a better team and had one of the running gurus in kubiak coming over to help with the run game. Cook had a perfect storm brewing except for them drafting Alexander Mattison in the 3rd round and ppl tried using that as an excuse to downplay cook. This year guice will be healthy coming into a season 2nd year removed from an Knee injury just like cook in the first season off the knee injury they both kept getting Ricky tack injuries which is common coming off major knee injuries your body sometimes over compensates and as a result other injuries occur. Scott turner is the OC in Washington son of norv turner also a notable run game guru who only ever utilized one RB. Idk if his son will use a bell cow back approach but he’s learned everything his father knows and should help produce big numbers like norv did with LT and CMC norv even made Ryan Mathews a fantasy starter. The redskins have a million RBs but none profile as good as guice l. AP is still hanging in there but old and not getting better and imo was outplayed by a healthy guice, love hasn’t played in a year and is on the smaller size, and Antonio Gibson has less than 40 carries in his college career. Imo it’s guice’s backfield to take over he just has to be healthy to do it.
  2. yes I did. I was just giving more evidence to the opinion that you are correct.
  3. I agree with you here 100% but carries don’t tell the whole story either. An RB gets hit almost every single play. Could be a play action fake or a pass block or a run play whatever it may be. Gurley, and bell and other bell cow backs not only have more touches and Hits as a ball carrier but there have been countless other hits their body has taken that mark ingram hasn’t because he has been in such a time share his whole career. However like you said 30 is pretty old for an RB.
  4. agreed RB is just such a reactive position I think he will do great as long as he gets touches. Look at drake going to Arizona. Didn’t know one single play in the Arizona play book before that week but he’s good and the system was good for him I think it’s a similar situation for Indy and JT... still gonna be a RBBC but i think JT ends up being the leader of it at some point this season.
  5. I said something similar to this last year about him being TD dependent and got ridiculed for it lol it really made me second guess myself which I ultimately regretted once I drafted him. He probably will never have 1000 yard rushing season and while he gets 81 catches like clock work he still needs double digit TDs to be a top 5 back that everyone wants from him. Id still love to have him obviously but I think I’d rather have a later pick and take stabs at guys like drake later. Maybe I’m just kinda jaded from last year.
  6. Ok I can understand the covid thing. That could put a damper on everything but even then I’m not too worried. That’s Just me tho I don’t mind taking a stab on him late. But everything else ya said doesn’t worry me much at all. He was good in college really good. I mean he had a 44 touchdown 13 game season in college and played with a Majority of no ones. Besides Albert O I couldn’t tell you one player he played with at Missouri and I looked them up.. never heard of any of them. Joe burrow just had the greatest college football season for a qb ever and he passed for 60tds in 15 games. Lock had 44tds in 13 games. The both played in the hardest conference but burrow had many furture first round draft picks just on his offense and offensive guru joe brady calling plays with the 2 extra games. Lock had Albert O... I kno that’s kinda comparing apples to oranges but think that’s a very impressive season Besides playing in the hardest conference in college with not much talent he still had success and took care of the ball. He has less interceptions in 4 years college than Drew Brees did in 3 years of college and drew Brees is considered a college great. His arm strength is excellent it’s not josh Allen levels but he can make all the throws. Not to mention the weapons he has now. Those wrs are gonna make some 5 yard outs go for 75 yard house calls. Even the tightends can do that for Denver. Most ppl were not impressed by pat mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Prescott in college either. They thought mahomes was another Texas tech big numbers flop waiting to happen and Jackson and dak couldn’t translate to the NFL then you look and see they carried the whole team in college and played with almost no other pros and played against other teams with a lot of pros and you realize that Texas tech, miss state, and Louisville teams were only half as good as they were because of those QBs. That’s drew lock as well. Without drew mizzou wins 3-4 games against the pits of the sec like UK and vandy the new OC has taken his last 3 qbs and made them fantasy viable and I don’t think old busted Eli Manning, case Keemun, and rookie DJ are as good as sophomore season drew lock will be even with Covid concerns. im sorry this was so long and I doubt I changed your mind but I figured it’s worth a shot.
  7. i still don’t understand the hatred. You’ve listed no reasonable explanations. Do you just not like his style of play or something unquantifiable?
  8. I don’t think this is anywhere close to a valid argument. Drew Brees had a 61% career completion percentage in Purdue. The highest he ever had in a season was a 63%. He also threw more interceptions in 3 seasons than drew lock did his 4 years as a starter And now Brees is the most accurate NFL qb ever.
  9. Idk if your being facetious or not but If he plays all 16 games it’s a certainty he won’t be qb32. Like it’s literally impossible unless he just gets The start and they pull him after a series in several games. I’m not saying he’s the next pat mahomes but if he plays every game seems like the worst he can finish is around qb25-ish because other guys will get hurt and benched and their split stats will drop them down the rankings. Like Matt Stanford finishing behind trubisky last year
  10. I know this is going to be a very unpopular take but I want him at his draft value over Danny dimes at his. I think he’s going to have a stellar season. Plenty of weapons than can score from anywhere on the field. Gonna have a few BS screens go 80 yards to the house and his OC has produced good QB output everywhere he goes his last 3 qbs were rookie Daniel Jones Eli Manning and case Keemun all of which had little talent and bad lines around them and still had good seasons. if you say “Lock can’t throw” then I feel like we’re watching two different guys but that’s just me. However People said the same things about Lamar Jackson last year and I’d take 36 passing tds from drew lock any day.
  11. I could be wrong but hasn’t Chubb only had one injury in his entire career? it was just one of the more gruesome looking injuries.
  12. I’m not a trainer or a doctor but I’d assume that gaining that much mass on his little frame would make him lose just a little speed. Good thing this kid was one of the fastest players in the league and can afford to lose just a touch of speed and still be one of the fastest players in the league. I’m all in on Hollywood this year.
  13. If he’s traded to bears I would bet my farm this would happen.
  14. Eh I mean he’s fine I don’t see anything that makes himself special he didn’t do anything last year that 20-25 other RBs couldn’t do behind that line last year.. but that’s just me. I’m clearly not an RB talent scout or I wouldn’t be this keyboard warrior lol But when I watch JTs tape I think he’s clearly better and Mack. The whole situation is something to avoid to me in redrafts.
  15. Yea I agree with ya 100% just trying to put some information out there some people may find important. Almost every stat should be taken with a grain of salt even something like YAC and broken tackles can be misconstrued but the more info we have the more we can piece together someone’s skills and worth.
  16. I don’t really have a dog in this fight but I Thought this article on yards created was beneficial for this topic. The quote below is from fantasy pros explaining why yards created is the best way to quantify a backs talent. Marlon Mack was the RB34 in yards created. “Created yards are yards gained evading tackles, fighting through contact, setting up defenders, and capitalizing on opportunity. Of course, these yards created need to be adjusted for multiple factors. We can’t just use the yards-per-carry stat because it doesn’t capture what is truly happening on each play. How well are the offensive linemen blocking? Do teams put extra defenders in the box strictly to eliminate the run game? If a team’s offensive line is letting in at least two defenders through before the back reaches the line of scrimmage, very little creation is going to be available for any player. While the best measurement of this would be to watch every play of every running back in the league throughout all 17 weeks and calculate how many yards they created on their own each play, we can also take an analytical approach. In order to do so, we will use a combination of readily available stats to give us a very close picture of what that same play-by-play process would give us“
  17. no brainer imo. I believe the Best finish Kelce had was the equivalent to the WR9. I honestly believe drake has serious top 5 RB potential if he stays healthy all year and at worst is a top 15 back. Just my opinion. Top 5 RBs are like cheat codes it’s almost like having two players in one. And I Would love to take the chance at having two top 5 backs And some tightend like Noah fant, Ian Thomas or even herndon over one top 5 back and the wr9
  18. Love this kid. I think BB is gonna wanna show he doesn’t need Tom and try to get this kid a lot of TDs.
  19. The dude outran the safety Sean Davis for the Steelers and he ran a 4.3 forty. Everyone’s favorite back Derrick henry is an elite home run hitter and he only ran a 4.53. Not only is it a poor drill but it also fails to measure game speed. Josh Jacobs ran a slow 4.6 and so did david Montgomery but put on the tape and it’s clear to everyone with eyes that josh Jacobs plays at another level.
  20. I think you are looking too much for comps in this particular situation. I’ll agree that’s usually the way to go but in this offense Reid and mahomes make slow plotting Darrel Williams look great and while he’s bigger he’s still slow and not elusive and certainly not running ppl over. Shady has clearly lost a step or two and was playing with hurt ankles and hamstrings all year and he looked fine. The only player with juice was Damien Williams and he looks like Eric Dickerson. Situation trumps talent a lot of the time and I think CEH in KC over JT in Indy is one of those times.
  21. Not insignificant but certainly not significant. Chubb had 179 total touches in the first 8 games and 155 total touches in the last 8 games. 24 touches over 8 games isn’t much to lose. But aggravating none the less
  22. Yea but that’s not always comparing apples to apples. If that’s how easy it was to measure an RBs talent than JT should have been a top 10 pick like saquon Barkley. After all he was almost the same size and speed as saquon and had better college stats. And AJ Dillon should be better than Derrick henry cuss Dillon is nominally bigger strong faster than henry and he has more total yards than Derrick in college.
  23. wow never thought of it like that. I think as of now we all think AP was better than JT coming out of college but we could be wrong in the long run. I think the main difference is that frank reich is an RBBC guy to his core and brad Childress was a bell cow guy.. but his bell cow was always AP so who knows. So I think it will take more time for JT to steal the show than AP but it will eventually happen
  24. he did say “titans online” which is the Tennessee Titans website with beat reporters and articles. It has at least a little credibility to it.