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  1. Alright, I've got one, and I'd actually be willing to put money on it: Jeff Mathis hits as many home runs in 2020 as Mike Trout, Ronald Acuña, and Christian Yelich combined.
  2. Right, but my optimism comes from the fact that he's hit for a high average at every level, and his hot September coincided with a mechanical change. He ditched a leg kick in favor of a toe tap and it showed immediate results. I agree that he's not coming at the discount that we'd like, but I'm optimistic about both him performing and his playing time. I also might be overly optimistic due to the fact that I've been following him since his amateur days.
  3. I take your point, but this sort of hitting profile (leaning on batting average and stolen bases to provide value) doesn't really present itself in terms of wRC+. I mean look at Starling Marte, for example. Marte is a perennial early round pick and his wRC+ is always right around 120 (which is more or less Hampson's September). I take your point about there being a roster crunch, but finding playing time might not be as difficult as you might think. He has positional versatility and a solid glove working in his favor. And considering Ian Desmond has been below replacement level for 3 years running and Dahl has yet to really put together a healthy season in his 8 years of professional baseball, I think there will be chances for him to work his way in to the lineup.
  4. Call me crazy, but given his power, plate discipline, position in a strong lineup, and ability to chip in a few steals, I don't think there's that big of a difference between him and Xander Bogaerts... and, in Yahoo leagues, Semien's going nearly 40 picks later. Lots of value to be had here... especially in OBP leagues, and especially if his second half gains from last year carry over.
  5. Here's what Prospectslive had to say on their top 100 list: "The 6-foot-6 lefty can dial the fastball up to the upper-90s, but sits comfortably at 94-95 and he pairs it with a devastating slider that gets plus grades. His big curveball is an average offering and he mixes in a changeup that’s shown signs of being a plus pitch. He looked strong in the AFL after missing two months of the season with arm soreness. He throws every pitch with a purpose and attacks hitters. Lynch is likely to settle in as a two or three starter, but if that changeup improves some more he could develop into something special."
  6. I could be wrong, but I don't think that that 4th starter label is referring to his ceiling. I think they're saying that without further refinement, he looks like a 4th starter. Maybe someone more familiar with Longenhagen's work could clarify?
  7. Keith Law just ranked him 13th overall... ahead of guys like Whitley, Kopech, McKay, Mize and Puk. Time to get this hype train moving.
  8. I was trying to quote OP's first post but I messed up. Specifically OP mentioned the high line drive rate, and I thought it was interesting to note that his average exit velocity and hard hit rates weren't anything to write home about. It puts into question his ability to hit for a decent average especially when he strikes out nearly 30% of the time. His top notch speed might help him leg out some hits that might otherwise have been outs, which could help him run a higher batting average than I'm giving him credit for. I think he very well could be around a 20/20 player, but it might come with a .240 or .250 average if he doesn't show improvements to his plate discipline and/or how hard he hits the ball.
  9. His Baseball Savant page has his average exit velocity as below average and his hard hit rate at pretty much exactly average.
  10. I just noticed that the velocity on his fastball was sitting 89-90 in the 5th inning just now... is this cause for concern?
  11. I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but does anyone else think that if he keeps it up, he could approach something like a .300/.400/.500 line? (Something around what we're expecting from Anthony Rendon)
  12. To be clear, nobody here is claiming he's completely filled out. We said "noticeably bigger", as in bigger than he was in years prior.
  13. I think some of you guys are underselling Tucker's upside, especially in the power department. Before this year, scouts identified him as someone who hadn't finished filling out, and could potentially develop a bit of power if he ever did. Well, word on the street is that he looks noticeably bigger this year and the power numbers have trended upward in accordance. With respectable strikeout and walk rates, and his obvious speed, the addition of some power could make for an intriguing offensive profile. Granted it's a small sample size, his numbers at AAA to start the year are very encouraging. It would not surprise me at all if he ends up being one of this year's pop up guys.