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  1. 5 hours ago, Big League Choo said:

    This guy has been unbelievably good this year. Batting .329 with a 94/29/104 slash line in only 444 AB is absurd. Hes having a better year than Arenado in 40 less AB and im starting to wonder if there is a discussion to be had there for next year


    Do we think the Nats are going to pay him? If not, I'm really curious to see where he ends up. But yeah, Rendon has been unbelievable. Draft day steal, it's crazy he was going in later in drafts than Vladdy. 

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  2. Only 3 players with 100+ plate appearances this year in the FSL have a higher wRC+ than Wander. 

    1. Robbie Glendinning (23 y/o) - 193 wRC+, he's spent the last 58 games in AA

    2. Mason Martin (20 y/o) - 167 wRC+

    3. Alec Bohm (22 y/o) - 165 wRC+, he's spent the last 44 games in AA

    4. Wander Franco - 164 wRC+

    Wander is ridiculously good. Simple as that. 

  3. No love for the Ji-Man? He's hitting .293/.373/.431 through 16 games. Hit his first home run last night. Hits 3rd usually in a damn good Rays lineup and is getting steady playing time so far. There is definitely value here in deeper leagues, assuming the playing time remains as is. 

  4. 13 hours ago, kpmorgan said:

    Anyone keeping tabs on this kid? He just got on my radar and seems like someone with a very high ceiling. 


    Yup, own him in a dynasty league. Incredibly high ceiling from what I've read.


    Mariners are confident enough in him that he didn't have an extended spring training. He had a great game yesterday. 3-5, 2 doubles.