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  1. Prob stanton judge has been injured since sept 2 weeks of rest wont do anything wouldn't be surprised if he misses the season the way yankee injures go
  2. One guy can play 1/2/3 base the other is a SS. I'm confused how you can compare the two
  3. i think on yahoo he is also a SS.
  4. amazing how spring training just started and he is already injured. His offseason workouts are obviously more of a negative then a positive. Both him and stanton are trading strength for flexibility and its hurting them
  5. Davis: What about rehab doctor? Mets: We got you fam, your gonna head to Cespedes ranch and run around with the wild boars until your shoulder feels better
  6. im a yankee fan but who is this king guy i keep hearing about?
  7. So has severino needed TJ surgery all offseason?
  8. Who is tiered and why are his rankings so important. What is this guy fantasy resume
  9. They added Delin Betances and there hoping Diaz and familia return to form. Mlb network was talking how if they all return to 2018 form it could be the best in baseball