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  1. Theres gotta be some Micheal scott what the hell was that meme to insert here
  2. The giants have been cursed since they fired Coughlin
  3. Garbage vs garbage hopefully danny dimes stops playing like trash
  4. I hope the jets sign him it would just make a.horrible situation that much funnier
  5. Flacco should have done a romo and just retired after lamar replaced him he looks horrible
  6. You got kelce and hill who else is there to feed?
  7. Fam I own gaskins and CEH and bell I'm dying over here
  8. buy where you can, when people get away from gase they become supernatural
  9. I kinda hope bell goes off just to see public reaction to gase
  10. Ravens raiders seahawks Ravens to get a another rb cause why not Raiders, Gruden might have good ideas with another RB Seahawks, jets and Seahawks already made a trade earlier this year jets could send bell and a draft pick and hawks get an rb that differs from carson With saying this I see him going no where unless he is released
  11. Damn I'd be happy to be a chargers fan herbert looks great
  12. dude looks better then both these scrub NY qbs combined