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  1. Has there ever been another player who went from first round pick to undraftable the next year
  2. MLB suspends Arod for a whole year even though he never tested positive yet they prob wont do anything about this, disturbing and disgusting. Thank god the Nats won
  3. Not sure but hope everyone swaps him at b4 the 1 pm games start
  4. I bet he would walk to the end of the earth for a chance to go back to NY. He would look nice with danny dimes to bad he is such a headcase
  5. I've never played fantasy football before so when I traded Kittle and Damian William's for Chubb and Waller everyone laughed at me, but no one is laughing now
  6. Everyone who went. crazy on ty Johnson screaming in their pillow right noe
  7. Thomas is a great player while William's is trash
  8. Every expert everywhere I looked said start fuller. More evidence that football is rigged
  9. I see no reason to ever start Watkins again, dude has tricked me for over a month now
  10. The good thing about Dalton being trash is that I can happily go RoS ignoring all these "experts" and their opinion on who to start and sit.
  11. All these "experts" said start fuller. Guess they knew something no one else did