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  1. I've been asking myself this for years now. The only thing I can think of is muscles and baseball don't go together.
  2. Keeper rule in this league is a little different. Going into the 2nd year of this league you are not allowed to keep anyone drafted in the first 6 rounds of last years draft. I have to pick 4 from the group below. The way they are listed is pretty much how I have them ranked IMO. Bieber Mondesi Hiura Meadows Moncada Soroka
  3. No love for Ruggs? Maybe I skimmed through to quick but shouldn't he be mentioned with the upper tier WR's in this class. To be honest I am really hoping he makes it to wherever the Eagles draft next year.
  4. Most impressive team I have ever seen tbh! I would imagine you broke some records this year. I'm not even joking but I would assume you could have won some games with just Lamar, CMC, and Godwin.
  5. I get it that some people had to start this guy but why was there so many Mike Boone or Aaron Jones who to start questions last night? Aaron Jones is a set it and forget it is he not? Unless you are blessed enough to have CMC, Barkley, a healthy Cook, and maybe Zeke on the same team Aaron Jones is a absolute stud.
  6. My god scrolling down this thread I was hoping this guy went with Jones LOL!!!!
  7. I always like to look back at other peoples teams after the season and see how they ended up with some of the more dominate teams. Whether it be straight up great drafts, trades, or FA pickups. Doesn't necessarily have to be a championship team as I am sure some people got unlucky in the playoffs. The team I am listing did win it all and finished 12-3 on the season. Lost the first 2 weeks of the season then the last week of the regular season. Did not make any trades and only really made notable waiver moves at the end of the season. Finished with just about 300 more points then the next best team. QB - Started with Goff, went to Stafford until injury, finished with Tannehill RB1 - CMC RB2 - Mixon - Stuck with him all the way until week 16 when I was luckily scared off by the report of him being sick. Replaced him last week with Drake. WR1 - Keenan Allen - Dominate early, struggled mid-season, but was solid down the stretch. He ended up being my #3 WR even though he was drafted 1st. WR2 - Godwin - Nothing really needs to be said about him. Finishes as #2 WR despite missing last week. Replaced him with Perriman in the Superbowl. WR3 - Kupp - Another guy I stuck with all year until the Superbowl. Finished as #5 WR in PPR leagues. Replaced him with McLaurin last week which was only a 2 point improvement. Flex - For the most part this was either Emmanuel Sanders or McLaurin until Drake got traded to the Cardinals. TE - Hooper - My biggest concern after the draft turned out to be probably my best pick considering he would have most likely finished as the #2 TE without the injury.
  8. Don't split teams with friends!!! We still managed to take 3rd place but what could have been had I not agreed to take on a co-manager. Here is a list of the so called help he provided LOL!! Didn't want Aaron Jones but I overruled and made pick. He went with Damien Williams the following round against my wishes. Had to allow it since I got Aaron Jones. I wanted Godwin or Chris Carson with this pick OJ Howard although I have to admit I did like this pick when we got it. I did draft Mark Andrews as a backup TE in round 14 so we got lucky. The 2 rounds that hurt the most. He convinced me to take Jared Goff when I wanted to take Eckler. We had talked about going all in with Lamar Jackson and just playing it safe taking a more stable QB really late in case Lamar didn't pan out. What we ended up with instead of Eckler and Lamar was Goff and Rashard Penny.
  9. Any cardinal fans out there that can explain why this guy just can't get it going? There is so much talent there I just don't understand who he isn't involved more in this offense. He's had a couple nice PPR games and one monster game but I was expecting a lot more from him in his 2nd season.
  10. Bumped Drake up to my RB2 spot and can either go with Boone or Anthony Miller in my Flex. Sucks I was really expecting Mixon to have another huge game but I don't see them pushing him if he is still not feeling well.
  11. Very impressed with this guy and extremely happy I started him over Kupp. We get 5 point bonuses for going over 100 yards receiving or rushing so Perriman actually got me 22 points as opposed to Kupps 13. Fantasy aside this guy actually looks like a very good WR. For those who didn't watch the game his stat line would look even more impressive if he had a accurate QB yesterday. I would love to see this guy get picked up by the Eagles next year where he would look like Randy Moss next to what we have in Philly at WR.
  12. Yeah I've already made the move putting Perriman over Miller. Going with Keenan, McLaurin, and Perriman as my 3WR. Weather in TB looks good now which was my biggest concern.
  13. While you should probably temper expectations on this guy for this week I don't see why people are looking into his past stats. He is now the #1/1A target for the QB with the most passing yards and second most TD passes in the league.
  14. So Perriman over Miller? I am seeing a lot of people saying Miller vs KC is not ideal.
  15. I think you have a tough call with 3 of the 6 in AJ Brown, Sutton, and Perriman. There's no way I trust Fuller even against a bad team and I am not sure Hilton is even close to normal yet. Singletary vs the Pats is not ideal even though Mixon torched them last week. AJ Brown would probably be my #1 with Sutton being #2.