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  1. I think this is pretty much what those of us who have/had this guy were expecting. Maybe not this huge power surge but remember a lot of the reason why we took him so high was because he did offer a little more pop then most your normal super speedy SB type. I never envisioned him hitting over 260 or having anything close to a good OBP. but I did see someone who could hit 25 HR's and get me 40-50 SBs easily. Basically thought his average season would be 2019 Villar which IMO is a top 30-40 player in standard 5x5.
  2. Was wondering the same exact thing you are. I'm leaning towards scooping him up now in leagues where I have an easy drop just in case he does go off. Those numbers even in the PCL are just ridiculous.
  3. F this guy I'm dropping his a**.
  4. Is there any chance they would ever consider moving Judge (if even possible)? No one is taking that Stanton contract so your stuck with that and DJ is due for some money after this season. I honestly have no idea what Judge would bring back in a trade but I would assume someone would be willing to take a chance on him with how good he plays when healthy. .
  5. Love Lindor but I think I'm taking Tatis and Story before him.
  6. This is a H2H, 7x7 league so SB are not a must like in Roto. It's really hard to pull the plug on this guy especially since there really isn't much as far as waivers go. Currently he is filling my 2B/SS slot with Lindor being my main SS. Best available replacements would be Segura or Adames who are nothing to get excited about. Also, before someone says try and trade trust me I have...nobody wants the guy.
  7. Whether he is hurt or not I am not sure this guy is going to be able to keep himself in the starting lineup any longer. I guess its good he's on the Royals and they may just let him play through his struggles.
  8. Wait a second you speak English on Football questions but leave us with riddles for baseball? What gives man?
  9. I honestly don't think anything about this guy is a fluke. This guy raked in the minors and never got even close to a real shot in STL. Even in an injury plagued season last year his final numbers weren't that bad, It's going to be interesting to see where he goes next year in drafts barring some extreme fall off in the next 40 something games.
  10. Hopefully he's in the gym getting super jacked for his big 1 week return!
  11. No he was saying that the Yanks Braves game got postponed because of rain but anytime you see games get postponed now you fear that its because of Covid.
  12. I know people are dying for steady saves but come on now!!! Mookie Betts was the only person this guy would take for a closer??? Either someone is very inexperienced or the guy trading Betts has made an investment with the guy he's trading him to.
  13. I would have to assume its a keeper league? Definitely makes even less sense if its not. I mean its a horrible trade IMO but I can already see the argument now about how good Santander is playing. IDK it's definitely really bad but I guarantee most people on here are going to tell you it shouldn't be vetoed. To be clear I hate people that get obsessed with prospects and make dumb trades like this. These are the same people that when the prospects don't pan out end up leaving the league or stop setting their lineups with a terrible team.
  14. Anyone taking a chance on him yet? Last 2 starts look pretty good. 1 more and I think everyone will be jumping on him.
  15. I just noticed this poor SOB has 5 consecutive QS and not a win to show for it. Also doesn't have a lose but this just goes to show Wins in fantasy baseball are another outdated category just like saves.