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  1. I've had him as my starting QB all year, but I was always going to spot start my 2nd QB for matchups down the stretch. I picked up Foles hoping he picks up his gunslinger ways.
  2. lol - hey at least with Josh Gordon he's a big body and on the team with a QB who leads the league in TD's thrown lol. I have Odell. Headache case all year for me. Not because of him, but because of that no talent QB throwing to him sigh...lol
  3. lol no no man. He has a friendly matchup, but it's a big question mark with the QB play and offensive direction they are going. If you have better options by all means. But if he has a good result this week with decent targets, it'll be a good start to some friendlier matchups and hopefully giving us some confidence to use him as a spot start with some tough matchups with other wideouts potentially. That's my hope at least. I'm benching him this weekend, but I hope he has a good line from the NYJ game.
  4. That's how I feel too. For a young QB, just hit him with some quick slants, set some picks, and see what the kid can do.
  5. Yeah, for me, I just read into it as - he's your best skill player, figure out how to get him the ball more. Wash has a favorable schedule ROS. If they can figure something out this weekend, I'll trust playing McLaurin more for some tough weeks.
  6. Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan wants to move Terry McLaurin around the formation more. It's a tried-and-true method for sparking a wideout. McLaurin has had some injury issues mixed in, but the Redskins' quarterback chaos has helped hold him below 40 yards in three straight games. The last time he hit 100 was Oct. 13. Just 19.5 percent of McLaurin's routes have originated from the slot. McLaurin does have an excellent Week 11 setup. The Jets' cornerback group is laughably thin, while Dwayne Haskins finally got a week of practice as the clear-cut starter.
  7. Eckler Rojo and Dmont for me. Thx for mine.
  8. I'd hang onto Lamar if I had that choice and try to trade Russell away for Tyreek. Seahawks schedule does get tougher and Lamar is having a MVP type of year and I don't see that stopping.
  9. I like Ridley, Sanu and Mixon here. Cincy with new QB is going to lean on RB and Mixon and the team has really made a notion that they're going to try and get back on track. I like Mixon a lot here. Sanu's going to be an important cog on that team and I see the chemistry and volume continuing. Ridley for the same reasons you stated. Best of luck and help with mine if you can.
  10. Coleman vs Ingram to start. 12-team 0.5 PPR. Thoughts? WHIR 100% , must leave link. Thanks in advance for any feedback. I have Marlon Mack vs Jax Dalvin Cook vs Den Mark Ingram II vs Hou Those are my starting 2 Rb and flex I plan on starting as of now. I have Tevin Coleman on my bench vs Arizona. I'm debating should I start him over Ingram? Or should I keep Ingram in my main lineup.
  11. I prefer the targets OBJ gets over Juju's situation. Just my 0.02
  12. Godwin seems gimpy. Jones for sure and I would personally roll the dice on Gallman. Just my 0.02. Best of luck to you thanks for mine.