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  1. Felt like there should be a thread for tracking news of pitchers adding new pitches. Feel like its a good way to identify breakouts.. Montas and his new slider from last year come to mind.
  2. sounds like analysis Matthew berry would make
  3. Darnit i knew i should have dropped him! Hes trash and washed up!!!
  4. Agreed. Lets see avg 10 pitches an inning and get the QS
  5. 4 ER First 2 batters got on base off of a bunt and an infield single. They both stole bases. 3rd batter on via error, run scores off of said error 4th batter hr Looks like he was getting ahead in counts. An unfortunate series of events....
  6. Why risk keeping him on your bench all year? Should totally drop him and pick up a streamer!! Seriously though, Snell needs the all star break to clear his head and/or work on whatever his issue is.
  7. how do we know its a mechanical issue? I didnt watch the game. He was pulled before I got a chance to tune in..
  8. Also hyped to see him tm, and I'm planning on picking up. Anyone concerned about his walk rate (4.5) or xFIP (6.05) though? His stuff seems nasty regardless
  9. drop him or sell low on him if you honestly think he is a one year wonder or if he is actually a s---y pitcher. There is a separate thread for vents and rants. He's off track and/or in his own head, and has been since the toe injury. Ride him on your bench for a start or 2 until he picks it back up. He has the same stuff he did last year, he just needs to be reminded how to use it.
  10. I'm snagging now. He had fantastic numbers in AAA until he his a 3-game skid in his last starts in the minors. You never know with some of these guys, I think he's worth a spec add in most formats. Juicy matchups next week too, if he stays up
  11. Trout is to expensive to keep, Yellich is $38 and Acuna is $17. No chance of landing Acuna. You had me at sb though, I've got plenty but they don't grow on trees and it'll be hard to compensate for the ones I'd be losing.
  12. Feel decent about my pitching for this year and following years with guys like snell, cole, boyd, smith all for cheap. I think Meadows is a stud, and Tatis is due for regression. Like I said before, Soto is already a bonafide stud, and I need to look into bell more. A lot of moving components to this...
  13. 14 team 6x6 keeper league. Draft budget is $300, and it costs an additional $5 per year to keep a player. My team is in contention trade would involve me giving away: Meadows ($5), Tatis ($6), Glasnow ($5) I would receive Soto ($6) and Bell ($6) Essentially these are all unreal values for years to come. I feel like Soto has already reached the upper echelon of fantasy players, but the rest of the pieces in the deal are knocking on the door.