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  1. .5 ppr - projected to lose (looking for a higher upside gamble. Options listed below: dobbins (already starting Ingram) crowder (questionable to play) gaskin hines (burned me last week) gesicki
  2. I am. Giving up Gibson and Hurst (just sitting on my bench) for reference. Think you’re guaranteed top 20 rb numbers for the whole season if you have both of these guys, given all of the injuries to other rbs so far
  3. If you’re freaking out about him after 1 week, you’re wasting you energy playing fantasy sports. Pick up candle making, bingo, or something else a little less stressful - you’re wasting your mental energy playing fantasy sports. Just not for you. Especially if you think starting Jordan Howard over Ingram is a smart idea. The ravens were feeding the rookie during a blow out win to build up his confidence. Ingram will get his share in closer games. Ingram is fine. He won’t produce he did last year, but he’s a flex play every week at the very least - even if Dobbins cuts into his workload
  4. I’d drop Cohen - Lindsay will have good role when he returns
  5. I don’t think the Jets will have great game scripts either. WFT might be better!
  6. .5 ppr. figure that Gibson could have strong role by the time Bell is back. WFT’s offense might also be better than the Jets’...
  7. .5 ppr trade offered to me. Bell went down for me - Gibson is my next best rb (cook is my #1)
  8. Do not give up Ingram for dobbins. Ingram is the 1A - I think dobbins only got those 2 goal line carries bc the game was getting out of hand, and it was an opportunity get the rookie amped up & confident. that being said, you should try to offer something else for Dobbins so you can control that backfield
  9. Leaning gurley. Ekeler would be the most obvious start for me
  10. antonio gison or Nyheim Hynes .5 ppr. Bell went down - need someone to plug in as an rb2. Placing large bids to pick up Brown or Kelley (next best options). Thx
  11. Dynasty league ($300 budget, $5 salary increase/year). I’m competing for first, not rebuilding. I give: Clevinger ($11) I get: Montas ($6)