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  1. Looking for 5 more for this league. Any ?'s, lemme know.
  2. ok. i'll get you added. i won't be sending anything until we get closer to full capacity though....
  3. To answer a question I received via DM that I should add here: top 6 make playoffs.
  4. I have been looking to join a 10 team H2H points league, but, they don't seem to a lot, and the ones that do get posted on here, get filled quickly. So, I'm seeing if there are 9 others interested. Would do this via LeagueSafe. Slow draft that would commence after league members were all paid. If interested, see scoring below, and either DM me, or post your email address here and I'll take it from there. 26 man roster. lineups set weekly 2 IR slots 3 OF 5 starters 2 relievers 1 player at every other position 1 DH PITCHING BBI-Walks Issued (Pitchers)-.5 points BS-Blown Saves-3 points CG-Complete Games5 points ER-Earned Runs-1 point HA-Hits Allowed-1 point HB-Hit Batsmen-1 point HD-Holds3 points INN-Innings2 points K-Strikeouts (Pitcher)1 point L-Losses-5 points NH-No-Hitters8 points PG-Perfect Games10 points QS-Quality Starts3 points S-Saves7 points SO-Shutouts7 points W-Wins7 points Hitting 1B Singles 1 point 2B Doubles 2 points 3B Triples 3 points BB Walks (Batters) 1 point CI Catcher Interference .5 points CYC Hitting for the Cycle 6 points HP Hit by Pitch 1 point HR Home Runs 4 points IB Intentional Walks 1 point R Runs 1 point RBI Runs Batted In 1 point SB Stolen Bases 1 point SF Sacrifice Flies .5 points
  5. i'm interested if you still have a spot. i missed the leaguesafe invite to pay that was sent last week but, i do want to play. i can pay today.
  6. if you still need one i'm interested. this might be the same league i accepted before, but, missed the leaguesafe request to pay last week.
  7. Historically, isn't the statistical differences between players at the all star break, narrower than they are at season end? I did't put much thought into the percentage that I used. Maybe your percentage is more accurate. I'm more than happy to give you that. I just think this year there is going to be a bigger cluster of players at the median, and less of a gap between average, and superior. And if that is the case, that somehow I should alter my approach to drafting than I would during a normal season.
  8. Naturally, for the same amount of innings, the better pitcher should perform better. But, my concept is that the gap between top tier and 2nd/3rd tier will be less substantial than a typical 162 game year. Normally, week in/week out, they would gradually pull away, and assert their dominance and consistency over the long haul but, with a drastically shorter season, they aren't going to pull away as much. To your example: In a points league, over 162 games, lets say Cole outscores Giolito by 15-20%. Is Cole still going to outscore in by the same percentage over a substantially smaller sample? Because my hunch is that he still outscores him, but, by a smaller margin (maybe 5-10%). Meaning someone doesn't lose out as much by passing on a top tier pitcher.
  9. if this isn't filled yet. i'm interested..... send me a dm or respond to this post if you do send me an invite. as the address says, my business mail goes to this address. don't want to miss it.
  10. I respectfully disagree about what you're saying about aces. I think that it is less important to draft an ace arm this year. When it is all said and done, I'm sure so statistically intelligent website like Fangraphs will be able to prove (or disprove) this but, I think the potential flaws of 2nd and (maybe even) 3rd tier pitchers will be less magnified over a shorter season. Aces are aces because they provide superior numbers, week in and week out, over the long haul. Granted, I play in a H2H points league, so, maybe it is different than roto but, I feel like prime example: last year Matthew Boyd was higher in points standings at the end of July than where he ended up. If end of July was end of season, he would have been even more of a stud arm. At least in a points league, a Verlander/Cole/Buehler will be less better than a Luis Castillo/Giolito/Corbin in a 3-4 month season, than they would be over a normal season.
  11. league settings link doesn't allow me to view your league settings
  12. I haven't read a whole lot of what MLB's strategy is going to be to get in as many games as possible. Is it widely accepted that there are going to be a lot of doubleheaders? I just came across the following: the current CBA allows for just one pre-scheduled day-night doubleheader — which allows for two games and two sets of fans in attendance — and three twi-night doubleheaders — in which two games are played, with one in the afternoon followed immediately by another at night — per season. In reading threads on Rotoworld, I've felt more convinced that with the shortened season, elite arms are substantially nullified, because innings limits won't be an issue for rookie pitchers. And guys that normally throw 125-150 innings are more on equal footing with top tier pitchers, because from a numbers standpoint, it is highly likely that there will be more pitchers that will throw max innings in a shortened season.
  13. I agree with this. If you live in the northern half of this country, you know that October is a crapshoot. Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Mpls, Pittsburgh, the Northeast...... The further you get into October, the more likely that temperatures are going to get low. At worse, regular season won't go past the first part of October. Also, I'd imagine off days/travel days in the MLB playoffs are going to be eliminated/reduced too.
  14. what is the scoring set up? and how many teams in the league?
  15. We can't swap out daily. It is once a week. 5 starters. two relievers. I haven't played around with the concept of replacement level bats. That may be another phase of prep that I'll do between now and draft time. If you have any recommendations on how to approach that, I'm open to suggestions.
  16. I even did a scatter plot for pitchers, just like I did hitters, over the past 3 years. On average, theres: 700+: 1 pitcher 600-700:2 pitchers 500-600:6 pitchers 400-500: 14 pitchers so, by missing out on those arms, i really have been doing a disservice to my overall team.
  17. thanks. i feel more justified in what i'm thinking about doing. sounds like i should have been taking a different approach sooner. i've just thought that if i'm loading up on 550 points+ bats, while everyone else is taking arms, that i should win each have a high probability to win each week because my bats will be outscoring their bats, and we start more hitters than we do pitchers.
  18. I play in a ten team H2H league. But, it is a very arms heavy league. Though I wouldn't call the other owners unintelligent, the tendency to draft pitchers vs hitters is substantial. In the past 5 years, I have usually gone bat heavy, looking to exploit this arms tendency. I usually make the playoffs, but have not won yet. I'm thinking of trying to draft as many of the top 20 sp's before I start drafting any other position players. Crazy? Some additional info that may or may not help you get a feel for my league: last year, Trea Turner was drafted in (I think) the 5th or 6th round. Jorge Soler (639), Trey Mancini (603), Eduardo Escobar (603), Ketel Marte (596), Matt Chapman (574) and Austin Meadows (547) were all players that were either undrafted, or drafted and dropped. I don't think any of them were permanently off the waiver wire until after 5/15. The last 3 years, on average, there are 43 batters that have between 500-650 points. I'd say that usually 25% of them are FA's for at least the first month or two of the season. Just trying to get some input before settling in on my draft strategy. Thanks in advance.
  19. the discount won't be worth the risk. this is gonna be someone else's problem in my league this year.
  20. I play in a 10 team H2H points league: Soroka pitches at the Nats this week. His points vs the Nats this year so far: 2.5 14.5 -3 4 (exited this game early due to hit by pitch) Manea vs Rangers this week. He's thrown the ball pretty well both in PCL, and in his two starts back. Rangers ranked 19th in batting average. Part of me says not to get cute this time of year, and play Soroka. But, I'm playing by far the best Tanaka feels like such a crapshoot this year but Jays are worst hitting team in the league, and vs Blue Jays this year, Tanaka has: 27 points 21 -3
  21. I dropped him in my 10 team H2H. Not sure how deep your league is but, considering what he's done for this year, I was ok with dropping him and streaming Brett Gardner, who has 7 games, and against (at least on paper) worse pitching staffs.
  22. I feel like this is a bit harsh. I owned him in a pretty standard H2H points league. He scored 15+ points ten times this year, and had a point total in the neighborhood of Odirizzi, Wheeler and Max Fried. I guess it depends on the format.
  23. doubtful.... unless he comes up and give you a giolito-esque two month stretch.