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  1. 😂🤣😆. Hilarious. I’m trying my best not to rage drop but it’s for sure coming. Unbelievable.
  2. I blew 60% of my FAAB and it looks like he’s going to be a drop candidate. Even if he bounces back next game, can you trust to ever start him again? 😞 I started both P.Campbell and Hines so taking the L this week while losing 60% of my FAAB for ROS. Ugh.
  3. Anyone else very concerned about Hines’ usage so far? Looks to be all Taylor.
  4. Curious why you think Jax will likely end up throwing the ball "quite a bit". The Broncos running backs had a field day with the Titans last week. As a coach, wouldn't you see that data and want to establish the run with Robinson?
  5. I would do that deal. Cook is a huge injury risk. Sportsinjurypredictor has Cook at 96% likely to get injured. (James Conner is 89%, Barkley is 85%, and Zeke is 19%)
  6. Dude, that is awesome. I just dropped him. Dang, I’m tempted to pick him up just so I can roll with that name. 😂 Having said that, I would go Miller right. Jags will likely run the ball a lot this week, as Denver’s RBs ran wild on the Titans last week.
  7. it’s close. You’re buying low on those guys for sure. It depends on your current depth. Who is going to start for you in the interim? Do you have another QB and more WR? Can you counter and have him add some FAAB money to the deal?
  8. Robby for me, too. Eagles are going to have a hard time getting the time to throw deep passes because of their terrible Oline. I would bank on more short passes to the tight ends.
  9. No way. I’m not even going to leave you my link because your question is that outrageous! Lol
  10. Dang, that’s a tough one. I think Moss is still going to be a 50/50 split. No clue if Conner even starts. Rumor has it that he was benched last week because of attitude and not injury. I would wait to set it when you get confirmation that Conner is the starter. That should likely happen later today or tomorrow morning.
  11. I like Robinson in this matchup as Denver backs ran wild against the Titans last week.
  12. Edelman and Goedert for me too. It’s closer on the TE spot.
  13. I would lean more towards Robinson as a safer floor. Denver ran wild on Titans last week. Metcalf has a higher ceiling but could be a boom or bust. Please chime in one mine:
  14. Thanks for the help on mine. I agree with your assessments and would list MVS as the third WR. I think the jury is still out about if the Packers were the real deal or it was just MN’s bad defense. MVS is more boom or busy for me. Eventually, I think Ruggs will be your play but he got hurt last weekend.