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  1. Agree to agree in that Kenny Williams was likely the driving force, as he's a pompous douchebag control freak with an enormously overinflated ego who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, even though him being the smartest -- smartest, well, anything really -- that couldn't be further from the truth, who has lifetime carte blanche from ChiSox owner Jerry Reinsdorf to do whatever the hell he damn-well pleases with the ballclub; and Rick Hahn was more of Kenny's puppet and mostly General Manager in name only at that early juncture of his tenure. Still though, by my estimation, both Williams and Hahn deserve blame and ridicule over that monstrosity of a trade; although Kenny probably a little bit more so than Rick. As for an Icelandic abortion, that's an excellent question actually. An Icelandic abortion doesn't really carry so much of any specified defined meaning per say, as much as it simply just has a fantastic ring to it as an implication of something that is so unmistakably disastrous, so unconditionally cataclysmic, so completely and utterly botched beyond the wildest of human imagination...that the only thing that comes to mind that would even begin to aptly describe it would be, in fact, an Icelandic abortion. But I guess if we're talking in literal terms, then I suppose an Icelandic abortion would simply just be an abortion that takes place in Iceland; like, the country. But yeah, no, I was definitely using it in the figurative sense.
  2. Rick Hahn went to my high school. Granted, our time there didn't overlap, as he's 9 years my senior (his class of '89, to my class of '98), but word on the street was that he didn't drink in high school - and it's common knowledge you can't trust someone who doesn't drink - and to boot, he graduated still a virgin. Plus he held the title as White Sox general manager at the time of the singularly worst, most egregious, ridiculous Icelandic abortion of a trade (both at the time and certainly as well as today in hindsight) in modern sports history, when, as a team light on talent and never expected to contend and sitting in 4th place in their own division after having lost 16 of their previous 20 games at the time, he went out of his way unsolicited to trade for James Shields, who was already the very worst starting pitcher in the baseball and was 24 hrs after having just given up 11 runs (10 earned) in 2.2 innings in his last start with the Padres, as well as half of his 18 million dollars salary on the books for another 2 1/2 exchange for a free, 18 year old Fernando Tatis Jr, whom, even already at the time was by far and away the Sox best and literally only prospect worth even a half damn in the entire system. And therefore, added all together, a putz. And an unequivocal one at that. Actually, come to think of it, me labeling Hahn as simply just a putz, that's awfully generous of me. Don't care what else he did before or what he's done since. Because, frankly, all that right there, in my opinion, disqualifies Rick Hahn from being called anything other than a putz. So agree to disagree there.
  3. Despite the mild chatter on it, I'd be shocked if they wound up hiring Tony LaRussa. He's 76 years old for chrissakes and has been out of the game for a decade! In spite of the front office tandem of Kenny Williams & Rick Hahn being the couple of putz's that they normally are, just as pleasantly surprised as I was they canned idiot manager Rick Renteria, I'd be equally surprised if they then in turn handed the reins of a young, highly talented, ready to take off for a long time coming, high contention squad, over to a 76 year old Tony LaRussa a decade removed from the game. I will say this however, in that one thing is for certain: if the Sox go with A.J. Hinch or Alex Cora as their next manager, you can more or less throw any hopes of signing Trevor Bauer out the window. Dude made it abundantly clear that he was, let's just say, not exactly fond of the cheating scandals that those two oversaw as managers of their previous respective squads. As a ChiSox diehard, if I had it my way, I'd go hard after Mike Scioscia and then I'd open up the checkbooks and put on the full court press for Trevor Bauer.
  4. I love him. I love him fondly. I love him deeply. DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf, if you're reading this....
  5. Go get him. He has the weapons. 9 of 11 for 111 yds in a little over a quarter of action. The Defense is still an abomination. Could do worse. I’m in.
  6. So then fair to say you're no longer SadFaceHappy, but rather simply just SadFace moving forward?
  7. Dak Prescott completes 41 passes on 58 pass attempts, throwing for 502 yards and 4 touchdowns. Michael Gallup?... 2 catches for 29 yards
  8. This guy is killing me. How is it even possible for an allegedly highly athletic offensive focal point to only net 1 reception for 15 yards against the 2020 Seattle Seahawks? I’ve never personally tried my hand at the tight end position in the NFL, if for no other reason than that I lack prototypical size for the position at the NFL level (5’8, 155), but pretty sure I could top that production.
  9. It's not so much a question as to what one is willing to bid for Gage right now, it's what one would need to bid on him in order to land him. It's like this... If Gage - the Falcons WR #3 - hasn't already been picked up in your league by now and is still toiling around on waivers at this point, considering that his latest performance comes on the heels of a week where - whether he departed the game early in the first half with a concussion or not - on the surface, he only registered 2 catches for 23 yards in the absence of Julio; and, at least as of this juncture, heads into a week where his playing status still up in the air after having only participated in one limited practice session so far to date this week, and thus, carry's a questionable tag for his status on Sunday.... A $1 minimum bid should suffice. And if you really want him and don't want to leave it to chance that maybe you lose him in a matching $1 minimum bid tie-breaker scenario?.... Then bump it up to $2 and he's yours.
  10. Exactly. That's basically what it comes down to. A zero or near zero in your lineup can and quite often does cost you the week. Whereas a blowup game from someone on your bench, while it certainly stings, his being on the bench, in and of itself, it cannot lose you the week. And with that in-mind, also consider the upside/downside likelihood here. What's more likely to occur? Scenario #1: Golloday, after having already missed the first 2 week of the season, yet to have had a single full practice since tweaking his hamstring, self-admittedly not 100% right now, and still not much more than a 60/40 chance of playing, that - in the event that he does in fact play - winds up having a good or great worthwhile game, OR... Scenario #2: Golloday, assuming he even suits up, goes out there in a limited capacity and gives you very pedestrian numbers on a limited number of snaps, or, worse, after an early go of it, decides to sit out the 2nd half because he just can't do the things one needs to physically be able to do in order to be an effective NFL wide receiver out there....or even worse yet, re-aggrevates the hamstring injury at any given moment, which definitely puts an end to his day immediately on the spot right then and there, whenever the heck that occurs, whether it be play number 1 from scrimmage or in quarter number 3. Scenario #2 seems more likely than scenario 1 to me
  11. I see a lot of people with, like me, Russell Gage as an alternative option to Golladay. Personally, I'm going Russell Gage over Golladay and I'm doing so without any hesitation whatsoever. A no-brainer IMHO with Julio Jones out and Gage in full health playing at 12 pm cst --VS.-- an admittedly not 100% Golladay, with a tight hamstring, playing at 3:25 pm cst and only 60/40 to even play.
  12. He's gonna be just fine fellas. For 2021 anyway. His biggest foe is his own hack manager, known idiot, Rick Renteria. And albeit Renteria is quite the formidable opponent, I think Luis is talented enough to overcome and succeed in spite his manager's moronism. That moronism mainly being, where the Renteria continues to allow Robert to sink from where he bats him within the Sox lineup. This is not a 7-hitter, Rick. How about try moving him up in the order and protecting him with one or two of the bevy of big bats you have behind him in the lineup, as opposed to the black-holes who you've had immediately succeeding him in the lineup (ahem...Nomar Mazara) for where Robert's gone something like 4 for his 90 over the past month?? How about that there, Rick?....You bag of suck you.