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  1. Expect the Chicago Bears DST to rise back up to their cream of the crop 2018 level once again this season. Robert Quinn replaces the ineffective Leonard Floyd on the the edge. Not only is Quinn a clear upgrade over Floyd, but his presence commands attention, which means teams will have to be more judicious with their use of resources on attention paid to Khalil Mack on the other side. Furthermore, the same effect rings true with Aikem Hicks....only to an even greater extent than it does with Quinn. Hicks, if you recall, is an all-in-out stud who missed the majority of the 2019 season. His presence on the D-line was sorely missed last season. Hicks is a huge difference-maker, not only in terms of his production, but just as will be the case with Quinn, is demands loads of attention. You can't double team all these guys; something has to give. And then lastly, expect for Nick Foles for to take grab a firm hold on the starting QB position, likely from the get-go. Mitch Trubisky couldn't sustain drives. Dude couldn't make throws and couldn't move the football. He was the primary culprit for keeping the Bears D gassed, game after game, all season long (albeit, to be fair, head coach Matt Nagy and his dumb-a** visor that rests on that shiny dome of his ain't no slouch in that department either, and he's still around). Now, to be sure, it's not like Nick Foles is some world-beater, but he doesn't has to be. What Foles is, is a quarterback who is significantly more adroit at the QB position and at captaining an NFL offense under center than Mitch Trubisky. And the relevancy of this as it pertains to how it affects the defense is....well, as mentioned in previous posts within this thread, the more competent the team is on offense, the greater the opportunities are for the defense to get aggressive and tee-off on opposing offenses, the greater the opportunity for defense to rack up sacks and turnovers. TLDR: Provided that the Bears stay relatively healthy on the defensive front in 2020, they should return to a level that resembles something on par with their elite 2018 production
  2. Safe to say that in the year 2011, anyone who was looking to guarantee themselves a safe source of significant power production who turned to Adam Dunn for said safe source of power production after Dunn had moved on over to the AL after signing with the ChiSox in the offseason.....probably walked away a little disappointed. Take a looksie... Adam Dunn: in succession, the 7 seasons leading up to 2011 .266 BA, 46 HR, 105 runs, 102 RBI -- 161 games played .247 BA, 40 HR, 107 runs, 101 RBI -- 160 games played .234 BA, 40 HR, 99 runs, 92 RBI -- 160 games played .264 BA, 40 HR, 101 runs, 106 RBI -- 152 games played .236 BA, 40 HR, 79 runs, 100 RBI -- 158 games played .267 BA, 38 HR, 81 runs, 105 RBI -- 159 games played .260 BA, 38 HR, 85 runs, 103 RBI -- 158 games played Adam Dunn: 2011 .159 (!) BA (not a typo) 11 HR (not a typo) 36 runs (not a typo) 42 RBI (not a typo) ** 122 games played ** Denotes benched the final 40 games of the season, solely to prevent him from shattering the ever-loving **** out of the all-time single season record for number of strike outs. Dunn was sitting on 222 K's thru 122 ballgames at the time of his benching. He finished the season with 222 K's; zero plate appearances after game 122.
  3. When it comes to Bust-City, USA....try these three on for size Whoooops How'd that "light tower power" work out for this fella in the bigs?? Aaaany day now. Pfffffft! Hahahahahahaha!!!
  4. I sure do. Knoblauch acquired a nasty case of the yips later on in his career. Pretty much immediately upon becoming a member of the Yankees in 1998, Knoblauch began having fielding issues. However, his yips on the short distance throw from the 2b position to 1b specifically heightened in the year 2000 when, rather infamously, Knoblauch voluntarily removed himself from a ballgame against my ChiSox in the 6th inning after having just committed his THIRD throwing error of the contest. It was pretty much lights out after that for Chuck. His career fizzled out pretty quickly shortly thereafter, as he was out of baseball entirely upon conclusion of the 2002 season, wrapping things up with a nondescript 80 game stint with the lowly Kansas City Royals.
  5. Eric Davis, Will Clark, Kevin Mass Mike Greenwell, Gregg Jeffries, Carlos Baerga John Olerud, Cecil Fielder, Juan Gonzalez Ken Caminiti (RIP), Ron Gant, Kevin Mitchell Tim Salmon, Juan Samuel, Dante Bichette Pedro Gurrerro, Carney Lansford, Tino Maftinez Greg Vaughn, Paul O'Neill, Darrell Evans David Justice, Cory Snyder, Ray Lankford Willie McGee, Marquis Grissom, Andy Van Slyke Roberto Kelley, Terry Pendelton, Steve Finley Jose Canseco, Julio Franco, Carlos DelGado Chris Sabo, Troy Glaus, Danny Tartabull Mark Grace, Devon White, Dave Parker Matt Williams, Tony Phillips, Willie McGee Bobby Bonilla, Lenny Dykstra, Reggie Sanders Robin Ventura, Rusty Greer, Chuck Knoblauch ...just to name a few
  6. The George Bell, Aaron Sele, Mo Vaughn (and in that order) brawl. I was at this ballgame. September of 1993. 13 yrs old. 13th row, 3rd base side above the ChiSox dugout, behind the on-deck circe. My first ever in-attendance brawl. This one's overlooked and underrated. Not so much the brawl itself, but the set-up, subsequent mound charge and impact/collision at height of said mound charge, that lends itself towards general brawl solidness.
  7. And we'd be remiss to have this thread without paying homage to this temperamental legend: Earl. Damn. Weaver. First, for your viewing pleasure... And then for your listening pleasure, here's another gem from way back when; when people used to listen to the radio: Manager's Corner with Earl Weaver. If you haven't heard this before, you're in for a real treat. It's an absolute must
  8. This isn't one specific ejection per say, but as a cumulative lifetime achievement, you betcha. A big shout out to this fella... Sweet Lou
  9. From the Dallas Morning News... The change in how Kiner-Falefa has been perceived is dramatic... “He truly has changed the essence of who he is as a hitter,” Rangers hitting instructor Luis Ortiz said Wednesday. “Of course, nothing is ever for certain, until it is, but he’s changed his foundation, and the foundation is now there for him to be the player he can be. He has been fun to watch.” It comes from adjustments he made during the offseason to try and eliminate a big leg kick in his swing. His ability to keep his feet on the ground proved the foundation for the big change... “We changed the words he used a little bit to start,” Ortiz said. “He didn’t have to crush baseballs. He just had to hit them. He came to understand that his power came from the ground up and that by simply being able to keep his feet on the ground more, he was able to let his natural talent take over. Pretty quickly, he looked more relaxed and natural.” Link: Isiah Kiner-Falefa: brand new ballplayer in 2020?
  10. As a Mahomes owner who started Mahomes last week while leaving Tannehill on the bench, who went on to lose his week 14 playoff matchup, who otherwise would not have lost his said week 14 playoff matchup had he started Tannehill instead of Mahomes — I, too, would be making Tannehill my QB1 the rest of the way....if there were actually a “rest of the way” for me to be had....but since I started Mahomes and not Tannehill, there is now I won’t....because I can’t....literally....can...not #F**k #My #Life
  11. Blame Fat F***k Freddie Kitchens. Cleveland is facing the worst run defense in the NFL, 32nd ranked. The Bengals. Kitchens has two of the most talented/best running backs in the NFL on his team in Chubb and Hunt. So naturally, through one half of football, Fat F**k Freddie has given his two workhorse backs a combined 4 rush attempts for 7 yards. Honestly, Freddie Kitchens deserves to be shunned from society at Hitler-like proportions.
  12. Today sucks. Just brutal. Bloodbath out there.
  13. Whoa, dude, that's scary crazy. Cause - no joke, swear to god on my life - I, too, am trailing to my opponent and I, too, have Cooper Kupp going for me....and I, too, have Gerald Everett as my tight end injury replacement specifically for - you guessed it - Austin Hooper....and I, too, am facing an opponent who has the Rams Dst going right now, and I, too, have been screaming to myself - IS GERALD EVERETT EVEN IN ATTENDANCE AT TONIGHT'S GAME!? WHERE, THE F**K IS HE?!? How about a confirmation that he has a ticket for the ball game, and perhaps even decided to use his ticket and show up, let alone get a single goddamn target, let alone a single flippin' reception, let alone gaining AH single f**kin' goddamn yard!?!? Something? ANYTHING? I mean Christ!!.....and I, too, have also been screaming at the pathetic Chicago Bears offense and their pathetic, loser, idiot, awful kicker for not being able to points on the board even after being gifted the world's best field position on a silver f**king platter - not once, but twice - right off the bat to start this godforsaken ballgame, after the Rams turned it over on their opening drive and then once again immediately thereafter on their second possession. So, exact samsies on the sh*t-show travesty.
  14. Cooper Kupp being about an inch shy of a 50 + yd TD, that was initially called a TD on the field, before correctly being overturned..... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Needed it. Had to have it. So again, as I was saying.... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK