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  1. I'm not really sure what's going to happen to Boston with the cheating deal, and they don't have good pitching. It seems like it could be a long year for the Red Sox. Tuff division, but other than the Rays there really isn't good pitching. They have a great lineup still, and lots of runs should be scored. Benintendi should lead off in a good lineup. He is only 25. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. I think he will be a good 5 category value this year
  2. I haven't followed the Rockies camp, I was just wondering if anyone has any info on his spring. He was a big prospect, still young in Colorado, had a great second half and is promised playing time this year in a good lineup. He has 1b, 2B, and 3B eligibility. His numbers were pretty good for a first almost full season of at bats. he split time in the first half and his numbers showed, but he went off after he was guaranteed playing time in the second half and ended up with a pretty nice numbers. I was just wondering why there isn't more hype on him. I think he can really improve on his numbers from last year.
  3. He still throws real hard. He just doesn't have the control and his secondary pitches aren't effective yet. With his injury history he may be best in 1 inning bullpen situations in the long run. He does have some really good innings, but it's usually followed by a real bad one. Either way they go he definitely needs more time in triple A.
  4. He may come back soon because the cardinals need pitching help, but I really think it would be a big mistake for the cardinals to rush him. He's loaded with talent, but he has to find it again. He needs more rehab starts. He's been getting hit hard ever since he came back from the injuries . He hasn't had 1 clean outing yet at any level. I'm rooting for him, but after watching him pitch several games he's missing something. The best thing for him would be to stay in triple a for several more outings to get confidence and control back and call him up late in the season or next year.
  5. I would say if he finally gets full time at bats, he will be the #1 catcher 2 out there in 2 catcher leagues. His upside is definitely worth a gamble as a low end catcher, or possibly end up a high end catcher 2. If he gets hot he won't last long on the waiver wire in a competitive league if he continues to get full time at bats like the manager said he would.
  6. He has been putting up good numbers when he plays. He has never had a chance to get full time at bats in his MLB career. If he does get more of a full time roll this season I believe he could end up being a top 12 catcher. He was a big prospect, I'd like to see what he can do if given full time at bats.
  7. He hit a home run last night, and back to the bench today. I wish they would let this guy get consistent at bats so we can see what he can do.
  8. I dropped him also, he looked really good before he got hurt, but I think those injuries finally caught up to him. He can still throw hard, but he has been very ineffective. As a cardinals fan I'm rooting for him, but I really think that he needs a lot more time in the minors to find his nasty stuff again. They may call him up soon because they need some pitching depth, but I'm saying away from him. He doesn't look right.
  9. I'm guessing Being that Estevez has the most holds and the best K/9 rate he will get the first shot. If he can hold it he could be a nice midseason pickup if Davis is out for a month or longer. Having Estevez wont hurt your strikeout numbers even if doesn't end up getting the job while it all gets figured out. Oberg would defiantly hurt your strikeout numbers, especially if you hold him, and he ends up not getting the job.
  10. It seems like some oblique injuries can linger for a while.
  11. Has anyone watched the Rockies this year? anyone ever see any of these guys pitch. I don't know how they tend to handle their late inning staff. I guess Im looking for the eyeball test.
  12. Oberg has terrible strikeout ratios. he does have a good ERA.
  13. He has a pretty good strikeout ratio too.
  14. What about Estevez? he has the most holds.
  15. I watched him on the cardinals, and he looks dominant at times, but he throws lots of pitches with his strikeouts. He would get in trouble around the 3rd or 4th inning. He seems to be doing much better this year with that. I had him pegged in as a great long reliever almost like a hader after watching him last season. He can be really good if he is able to keep his pitch count under control. He was a big time prospect in the cardinals system. Hopefully he will be able to put it all together for a full season.