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  1. Looks like he's starting today– just a heads-up.
  2. Scrounging for bats right now and it looks like this guy's picking up the speed since returning from the IL. He's 7/24 with three homers in the past week after being activated. Detroit has a series against Baltimore coming up, anybody on Stewart?
  3. Starting to wonder what this guy has to do to finally get added to my team. I've been eyeing him almost weekly since the break, and finding a reason to keep ignoring him every time.
  4. I've been holding off on grabbing him until I know I need him, but does Detroit actually give you any pause at all? They've been crushing lefties at home to a .392 wOBA over the past two weeks, and it jumps to .431 over the past 30 days. OPS, AVG, everything. I realize they've been mediocre at best against LHP and most pitching in general everywhere else during that timeframe, but... what's the deal there? Don't have time at the moment to analyze those matchups they've been successful with, but Happ hasn't exactly been rock-solid himself. He's got two good starts following a bunch of trash lately. Just thought I'd point it out, as I see him thrown around a lot this week as a killer matchup.
  5. I'd be comfortable taking him in the third, for sure, but that's a weirdly vague and subjective way to frame the discussion. Landing him for nothing in my keeper league has given me a small silver lining of peace regarding my potential failure in the playoffs this year.
  6. Statcast supports everything he's doing, for the most part. He gets four days of Baltimore pitching coming up.
  7. I'm really tempted to pick him up, but I already own three Mets at the moment. Nimmo has shown in the past to have elite OBP skills, as well as some SB numbers. I think he could come on strong if he's fully healthy and they play him. Total mess about the playing time, sadly.
  8. Hitting well the past two days, for sure. I've been interested in France due to (alleged) OBP skills and power. Currently riding Wong's hot hand, but how much does anyone here like France? Wondering if there's been some improvement displayed since he was called up. edit– went to look for myself. He's not walking at all, and hasn't been offering much power. I'm not as interested if his OBP skills don't translate. Perhaps he's catching on and this is the start of a strong finish, however.
  9. Lost some guys due to injuries and have been eyeing bats more than usual lately. Jurickson Profar has been on fire the past two weeks, and seems to have found a patience at the plate during August. He's got a BB% above 17 over the last two weeks, more than double his season average. He's also been crushing lefties all year long, and has four of them on tap this week.
  10. Forget next season– how do we think his playing time ROS will play out?
  11. Apparently– according to Roberts– he's going to pitch 2-3 innings and then be followed by May. I got my hopes up for a second.
  12. Judging by this guy's Statcast numbers, he should be owned everywhere. I've eyed him for weeks now, though, and his output hasn't matched his metrics more often than not. The past three days, however... I haven't followed the Twins closely enough this season, but what's the deal on his playing time? Why isn't he/hasn't he been a full-time player? I'm looking for any kind of offensive output with the injuries going around. Anybody feel strongly about Cron right now?
  13. From 8/17-8/27 (the time period you're referencing here), Yordan was 8/30 with a .267 average. In that span, he had four doubles, four homers, eight runs, seven walks and ten RBI. His OBP during those ten days was .395, with a wOBA of .452. His slugging percentage was .800, and his OPS was 1.195. His ISO was .533, and his wRC+ was 192. Oh, and his BABIP was .235. Whatever you're trying to accomplish in this thread, you're doing a terrible job of it.
  14. I'm interested. If Hiura hits the DL or is done for a stretch, this guy is one of my targets.