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  1. Yea same format just with the buy-in pot. I got you in it now
  2. LMK if you want info on scoring! 20 spots open!
  3. Looking for a keeper league? Look no further! This brand new league is the perfect keeper that emulates the NHL. Looking for competitive active owners. 30 teams, with a mirrored 4 round NHL playoff. H2H weekly matches. League on FANTRAX. Buy-in is required before the draft. (Draft date will be determined once we fill the league). After starting a league last year for free, most of the owners, including myself, wanted to reset and implement a buy-in. Here are the league details; ROSTER 20 active with 10 max minors 12 F, 6 D, 1 G, 1 B 15 max keepers DRAFT 30 rounds total; 20 rounds for active & 10 rounds for minors/rookies 20th round Minors/rookies become eligible.(32nd pick in 1st round gets 1st rookie pick) Live draft 8 hour max timer per pick Only 1 active goalie per team will be drafted, after the draft its 2 max goalies per team. (this will allow all teams to get a starting G). first year order is randomized by FANTRAX. Once the league gets filled, Then we will use NHL lottery system. Fees/Buy-In 12.67 per season (2.67 goes to FANTRAX premium fee, 10 goes to pot each year. 300 total) General; Premium FANTRAX league. 12.67$ by in. (2.67$ per owner for the price of the premium league itself. 300 to pot.) Will be using FANTRAX treasurer feature for payments. (pay before draft, winners get payouts immediately) 30 teams, 4 divisions Custom team names Divisions will be determined by real-life locations of the team owners. (upon joining each owner needs to disclose their location via either time zone, state, country, city etc. Any will work. (If an owner absolutely refuses, they will be a fill in team for a division that doesn’t even out) 15 keepers, includes minors 12 F, 6 D, 1 G, 1 B. 10 minors max, All owners can add/drop drafted players. Any player not drafted, or new arrivals will stay in free agent pool until the next draft. Trades have 7 day vote to make sure they are fair and legit. Discord will be used to police trades also. future picks traded (only 1 year ahead is allowed) will only go through if the owner trading the pick pays the next seasons buy in fee. Trade deadline TBD until the next NHL season schedule becomes more clear. Playoffs mirror NHL( 16 teams, 2 conferences) 4 rounds. 4 claims per weekly matchup Live online draft with 8 hour timer. (to accommodate the different timezones) 19 rounds, then minors/rookies become eligible Only 1 goalies per team can be drafted (excludes minors goalies). After the draft, 2 goalies is the max. (excludes minors) This allows each team to get a starter. any player that hasn’t been drafted yet will only be available in minors rounds. Draft date TBD (need to fill the league first) Faster the League fills the faster we can start the draft! Custom, realistic, in depth scoring with advanced categories. 25 skater, 12 goalies. (can send the details to you, its a lot to put into here. Also have a link to how the scoring was determined/explained) Discord chat is required to join! Link for it will be sent to you with league invite! Extras; Schedule will mirror the NHL. Teams will play in division and conference. Along with some cross-conference matches. Also the IR will be 4 Max amount of goalies 2 (not including minors/IR) Minor enforcement, locks all transactions at the end of current matchup. Minors classification will mirror NHL. 25 or less NHL games in career. Ir enforcement, Locks all transactions at the end of current matchup. Owners; Looking for active owners Play for now and the future, by putting competitive lineups and trades. Be respectful and easy to communicate with Try to make your team and the league better! I was trying to highlight the most important parts. So if you guys have any other questions please let me know! a reply or a message will suffice! Hope everyone is getting through this pandemic, lets play hockey! you can email me to get ahold of me as well! - @kehnbrandon2@aol.com
  4. ***Just realizing now that this isnt the right team link...My Bad!!! Here is the correct team that bailed's link!!! https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/f6zc4px4jx9vpgqc/team/roster;teamId=cvtm0ojyjyq6a0js My apologies for the screw up! I didn't want to make a new post, So if your interested please LMK ASAP!