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  1. Howard is closer, but Mize might be better. It's close. I'd drop Mize
  2. Dynasty, standard cats Sean Murphy or Danny Jansen
  3. Give: Stanton Get: Lux Standard cats, dynasty Young team, but competitive., 14 teams
  4. Give: Conforto Solak Get: Ryu Blackmon Dynasty, standard cats
  5. Dynasty standard cats. Who is more valuable?
  6. My team is lacking in pitchers. Would you trade stanton for Darvish and Ryu? Dynasty standard cats 16 teams. I would drop nick Burdi
  7. Give: Bohm Get: Weaver I need pitching. Standard cats dynasty
  8. I have an offer: Give Solak for Mike Minor This is a deep dynasty, standard cats. I need pitching desperately, but Solak is my future 3B. I'm wondering if this trade is worth it. Competitive now.
  9. I am sort of desperate for a starting pitcher in a deep dynasty, standard cats. Which ones of the following would you trade for him? My team is fairly young but competitive now. Alec Bohm Nick Solak Deivi Garcia Luke Voit Colin Moran
  10. Dynasty standard cats. Team is fairly young but competitive
  11. Overall, who would you rather own, Jansen or Murphy? This is a dynasty. Standard cats
  12. I feel that my team is fairly young and competitive, especially in a fluky shortened season. Gaining a young pitcher who can contribute now for an older player who isnt playing this season seems like a good idea. Just wondering others thoughts