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  2. Has anybody heard with NY Yankees pitcher Zach Britton said? I will paraphrase it, as i do not have the exact article infront of me, but, during a radio interview, he said that the MLB and the Union has already discussed '4 or 5' neutral locations for the Yankees to play in this season. The belief is if there is ball, the Yanks wont be playing in NY given the current situation. He then proceeded to question if this is information he should be letting out to the world or not, but continued forward. So, to those who believe neutral locations will be of use, it seems that is what is already being discussed. I dont think this would shock or truly upset anybody.. i wonder if the neutral site stuff would apply to ALL teams, or only teams in very severe conditions like the Yankees. The rumour is Manfred is still seeking a 100 game schedule, and that the hope is things can get ramped up in May although some owners are expressing doubt about that possibility.
  3. lol man, well, i guess the minds have always been fragile..
  4. I agree with you completely.. i believe people are making a bigger deal out of the whole 'how many people it takes to run an event' thing.. why cant baseball games be run with the players/staff, umpires and camera men.. the broadcasters dont even need to be in the stadium to be honest (although it would be easy to keep them distant from anyone else).. its a naturally spaced out game..
  5. All these athletes and celebrities and politicians demanding everyone stay at home.. how easy it is for them.. sending this message from their mansions with acres of lands.. personal home gyms.. swimming pools.. indoor basketball courts.. While those they are appealing to live in a small congested apartment with 3 kids to take care of (which is a large % of the population)...
  6. Just take a look at our world.. the human psyche is as fragile as it ever has been.. we re stocking up on toilet paper for God's sake.. as if a clean a** is going to solve all of the worlds issues.. Yes, no sports for an extended period of time, combined with all these lock downs.. people will go crazy..
  7. It is for city run events/permits. Has nothing to do with professional sports (im located in Toronto as well)
  8. Its crazy how you group up the 'baseball in May' people.. me being one of them and think its entirely crazy to have some level of optimism. Look, you view the numbers and read the reports the way you wish to do.. i view the numbers and read the reports the way i do.. we clearly have different perspectives on this.. whats the issue? Its not like i am ignoring the situation and going outside licking everyones face that walks by.. i have been super cautious and am more than aware of the magnitude of this pandemic.. so stop categorizing people and thinking you know everything about everyone.. cuz frankly, its moronic of you. Baseball in may!
  9. Even if they all played in AZ, i dont think a limited amount of stadiums would be an issue. Could have 2 games per stadium per day. One starts at 11am-12pm. The other starts at 7pm-8pm. If necessary, places can be sanitized down between games.
  10. Incredible.. and i thought my people in Toronto were dumb...Florida takes the cake..
  11. lol always with the smart a** remarks.. but, yes, it can slow down while spreading exponentially..
  12. We need to continue to practice social distance. We have seen progress in New Rochelle, NY, however they took care of things much earlier than most.. and are seeing signs of progress on the West Coast in both British Columbia and Washington. Medical trials, and the vast production of 15 minute tests that have received FDA approval should really get this thing going in the right direction. No matter how we look at it, those that are infected will still require 2-3 weeks of recovery time. I still think we see baseball at some point in May... which could be 8 weeks from now.. its a lot of time to get **** together in North America.
  13. Shapiro has said they would want 4 weeks of ramping back up time.. Kershaw came out and said 3 weeks would suffice.. I think they will get 2 weeks to ramp back up due to the fact the rosters will be expanding to 29 i believe which will help ease the pitchers back into it
  14. There is in my humble opinion.. a zero percent chance of this happening. MLB has already discussed the possibility of playing at empty fields, so theres no reason to think if mass gathering restrictions are not uplifted that MLB will not proceed in empty stadiums.. *waits for the mass gathering (pun intended) of people to come and tell me 'its not just about playing in empty stadiums' * ...
  15. To those 3 points listed by Passan: MLB have left open the possibility of playing games in parks with no fans. That would increase the chance of having a season drastically. Medical experts may say it isnt safe to play infront of 50,000 fans, but its safe to play in an empty ball park, thus potentially eliminating the risk to players/staff. Travel restrictions between USA and Canada could be listed within the next few weeks... that is probably the least concerning of the agreed terms to be honest.
  16. In the 7 inning double header, yeah, i could see closers being impacted, although in a shortened season, i still think clubs would want to use their bullpen just as often and keep those aces even more fresh for the playoffs than they may have been during a regular season.
  17. I dont believe his opinion is that everybody should get up, go outside, and kiss each other. I think his intentions stem from the lack attention being paid to potential treatments for COVID-19. I am actually with him on this. The trials that are taking place give us as a people optimism for both our health and a return to normalcy. I can only hope for everybody here, their friends and families that these trials continue and that they show more promise than they already have.. i do think we are onto something here..
  18. I think there is a realistic possibility that medical experts clear games to be played in empty stadiums at some point once the virus has been contained. As positive and confident that i am that there will be a baseball season, and much sooner than most think.. i am not nearly as confident that it will take place in stadiums with fans.
  19. Also with you on this... anyone who questions the concept of the world is ending is pretty much laughed at and dismissed.. we re going to beat this, brother!
  20. With you on this.. from day 1, brother! We need to continue with these trials and get as many people as possible this medicine. I swear the governor of NYC Cuomo ordered a **** load of these medicines to start being used on patients? I am assuming you live in NY based on your picture (i shouldnt assume, i am a yankees fan and live in toronto).. can you update us with any local reports about how these trials are going? keep up the positivity, man! we are going to beat this much sooner than so many people think..
  21. Yeah, obviously, but i also have been saying something similar to this as well in another regard... The more testing that becomes available, the higher the infected cases will go.. but to most on here, all that signifies is that the world is ending.
  22. Judge owner here, i havent stashed Tauchman, but thats partly because no one else appears ready to jump on him yet. I have my eye on him, and i dont think it makes much sense for anyone to stash Tauchman yet considering we dont really have a set date on when the season will start. In other words, its a wasted roster spot if come season starting time both Stanton and Judge are healthy.
  23. What clarity do you see in St.Louis based off the moves?
  24. would like to hear others opinions too..