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  1. At this point, the hope is this medicine used for Malaria which is currently being used by one NJ resident who claims it is working and he is getting better will be used for many more patients, thus helping to create less stress on the U.S health system and that 100% capacity is never reached. This drug has been fast forwarded through the FDA guidelines to get it out to patients ASAP. Heres to hoping..
  2. I dont follow Mr.Brown, what about what i said gives you this illusion that i do not know a whole lot about the situation? Im going to assume its safe to say we both have access to the same sort of information. Therefore, when i say we know the number of infections are going to go up and do rapidly and that this isnt a surprise to anybody, its factual information. Why? Access to testing. Of course the numbers are going to be 'scary' because to this point testing wasnt done properly.. human reaction to the dramatic rise in infections? fear. You are exhibit A.
  3. We all know the cases are going to continue to go up and very fast too. This should not be a surprise to anybody. On another positive note, the FDA approved a Corona Virus testing kit that gives you the results in 45 minutes instead of the days some patients are waiting. This SHOULD help lighten the load on the medical systems that are currently struggling. They will begin shipping out next week.
  4. YAHOO QUESTION: They have set the tentative start date for May 7th (earliest it can possibly start when factoring in the 8 week ban) I have my draft this week coming up. I am the commish and can alter settings. I notice that they have the earliest trade deadline now set for September 6th,2020. The playoff weeks i had set was 21,22,23 which is now set on Yahoo having it end on October 25h,2020. Will this be a problem not knowing when the league will officially start? What if the season itself is simply shortened and not extended to fit in 162 games? Do we loose our playoffs?
  5. I think we are the only ones on the boat when stating baseball at some point in May. I truly do not see any reason why this isnt possible if we continue to make progress in controlling the virus.
  6. Still a long way to go, but very promising news if i must say so myself. Baseball in May?
  7. Please expand. I am assuming you have knowledge about the drug to make such a claim.
  8. The power numbers would take a hit, but, its a rather spacious park and with his speed we could see more doubles and triples out of him (assuming these stats matter in your league).. the RBI's and R's would take a hit naturally because of the lack of talent around him, but, i still think in SF he would be a top 100 player on Yahoo.
  9. Yeah, i dont agree with that strategy. So, what if they resume play and lets say someone gets Corona? It is still possible for them to get it once the season is confirmed to resume. I think all drafts should just go ahead as planned, entry fees returned if season is canceled. No harm in that.
  10. We have ours scheduled for next week. It is hard to get everyone on the same page so as the commish i have told everyone we are going through with it. In the event the season is canceled, i will simply return everybodies entry fees. I dont really see the issue in drafting now. I mean, guys who are injured will keep their value now, but, other than that, no major implications in my opinion.
  11. I get it. I mean, 'several weeks' can be viewed in different ways. I just think if 'several months' was the intended message, those words would have been used directly. Please, dont get it twisted. In no way am i under estimating the severity of the situation. I just believe this is going to be taken care of faster than some anticipate. Agree to disagree, man? Hopefully im right. We all want the game back.
  12. It is as simple as playing behind closed doors. As i have stated (whether here or on another thread), before players get back to playing, they will certainly have to be tested and quarantined. That is not up for discussion. By doing this, it prevents a potential outbreak through out the MLB community. These players will have to ensure they remain together. In other words, no going out while in another city. Its baseball and baseball only, and considering we may be facing a shortened season, it may not be all that difficult to achieve. Beyond that, i totally agree with you, that there are other people involved in the scenario, that being camera men, broadcasters and grounds crew. Security will be non-existent behind closed doors. In all honesty, while it may be hard to achieve, i dont see why its impossible to ensure these groups of people avoid contact with MLB players/coaches. Private flights. Team bus picking/dropping off at the foot of their plane (Celebrities/soccer teams do this all the time, why cant MLB players?) Is May potentially optimistic? Sure. But again, i stand by it when considering the rapid movement N.America has all of a sudden decided to develop in flattening this curve. I also like to think the fact we have witnessed other countries go through this before our countries we can take lessons from it. I really do not believe it is that hard to consider the idea of baseball being played at some point in May. For the record, i never pretended to be 'knowledgeable' about the virus. Even these 'experts' you speak of arent. I am simply looking at what has been happening around the world and using that as a guideline for when i believe we will see baseball again.
  13. Yes, that is what i think. Again, we have examples and lessons to learn from along with the entire world working on this together in this given moment. China did not. I honestly dont believe my estimation is that far fetched. We are not even in April, yet. As for Dr.Fauci, he never stated it would take months. Just several weeks. By getting a lot worse before it gets better can be interpreted however you wish, the way i interpret it? The number of infections is going to sky rocket (because of the more readily available testing), and therefore in theory is naturally only going to get 'worse' But yes, i stand my prediction that we will see baseball at some point in May.
  14. To my understanding.. between 5-6 months... where as us in N.America have been dealing with it for a significantly less period of time. However, the difference is it has hit us in the Western world at a time where scientists/doctors have been working endless hours for a solution, while having examples of how it took over in other countries in the East. China did not have that luxury and was dealing with it on a day to day basis.. atleast we have guidelines to follow. My hope is using the information/examples we have been provided with, we will be dealing with this for not as much of an extended period of time.
  15. and why is that? Everyone has their view points and i would love to understand what about it is ignorant?
  16. I look at this as a massive positive. Two possibilities take place in my mind: 1. North America learns from the outbreak in other countries, and as it becomes more severe and more scientists/doctors worldwide work together, we reach a solution quicker than anticipated, bringing us to a start to the baseball season. 2. Leagues start back up, and another outbreak occurs, thus realizing we rushed back into sports play.. I obviously hope number 1 happens and that the Koreans and Japanese have taken all the precautions and measures necessary to deem the return to sport safe.
  17. Why would it not work? I mean, ultimately, all players and staff would likely require a quarantine period along with testing done prior to the start of the season beginning, at which point, i dont see it out of the realm of possibilities that they have super strict policies within the teams (ex. teams not able to leave hotel/travel together, etc.). Assuming all players are deemed safe and none have the Corona virus at that point in time, why cant they play behind closed doors? There would be an extremely limited amount of people within the ball parks at that point (broad cast team? players? umpires? ground crew may not be required to be honest.. and if so, will continue social distancing during that time period the game takes place) I do agree with you though about the possibility of players not wanting to chance it. I do question though the athlete in them? At some point, it just eats at you and you want the competition. Beyond that, who knows if they are getting paid? If playing is the only way they get paid.. they may have to? Not all players are financially responsible.
  18. I get your point, i personally believe the season gets under way sometime in May. Infact, it would not surprise me if baseball starts up before any other major sport currently suspended just because of the low contact rate among the players. I also believe teams will start playing games behind closed doors when the season begins which would certainly limit the possibility of an outbreak occuring in any given city once it has started back up.
  19. I truly believe we see baseball sometime in May. The positive news we are hearing about both potential cures (malaria medicines) as well as the dramatic increase in labs through the USA that can test upto 6000 people a day is definitely a big step in the right direction.
  20. I get that, but, again, the Olympics and MLB are two different animals. Ultimately, i guess the Olympics could run without fans, but, considering how much money it costs to stage an Olympic games, i would say there is 0% chance that they would allow that to happen. Beyond that, the draw of an Olympic games outweighs a Major League Baseball game, and beyond that, the MLB could in theory run the season behind closed doors. They would still profit off the sale of merchandise (which would happen regardless if theres games/if fans can attend) and off the major TV deals each of their clubs owns. I would also suggest the higher ups who run the sports books may have a slight say in how things operate too (if there is a season or not).. i truly do believe this element goes a little under the radar.
  21. I disagree with your outlook on this. 100%.
  22. I would tend to agree with you on this. The Olympics is asking the entire world to come together in one spot. Baseball is not. Theres quite a big difference between the two and i dont see or understand why the cancellation of the Olympics would directly affect MLB.
  23. The lack of optimism is quite concerning. What reason do you have to believe theres a decent chance the season is lost? Based off what? Look at China for exampe, they are about to start back up their professional basketball league. I get it, Americans arent as 'cooperative' as the Chinese, for obvious reasons (their government is quite different than yours).. but either way, the speeding up of potential cures and labs capable of testing upto 6000 people a day is quite promising. As this goes on, yes more cases will arrive, but so will more potential solutions.
  24. I dont understand where this belief that we become immune to it if we have it had and recovered has come from. As someone else pointed out earlier, for those of who have had the flu and/or gotten the flu shot.. we still get the flu.. we are not immune to the flu.. why is this any different? I dont think we are immune to COVID-19 if we have had it and recovered from it.
  25. I am in Canada. We did the same thing. I dont get it. The world is ending and the 1st thing we as a population thought of was toilet paper? cuz i mean, the ancient times people were using toilet paper. Im sure all the soliders in the wars were using toilet paper and fighting with clean butts. Man, what a sad people we have. I mean, hands and water isnt good enough for us to clean our asses?