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  1. Funchess has opted out of 2020 due to the "covid clause."
  2. There's this: 500+ people enough for you? Of course some tried (and failed) to discredit it. This is all another lame case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease (and the click bait) and oh my how some people squeak. But whatever, isn't my team. I feel worst for Redski.....omg sorry I almost said the R word!...."Football Teams" fans. I mean, not like football team fans in general, but the team formerly known as the (you know).
  3. It's only offensive to hypersensitive people addicted to being offended. Precious few Native Americans are even offended, and if they don't care, why should anyone else? It lasted this long because it stopped being a racial slur a lonnnnng time ago. When was the last time you heard someone refer to Native Americans in that way? Probably never. When someone says "Redskins," everyone thinks "football team." Words can and do change meaning over time FYI. The whole whiny thing is hilariously stupid.
  4. Yeah and water isn't really wet either. lol The whole trademark thing is equally stupid. You can't trademark common words, so how hard would it be to come up with a worthwhile name?. especially when anything would have been better. If it doesn't take, you can change it next year. The NFL has become such a joke
  5. We'd have much nastier words. But don't get our hopes up about him getting his a** kicked. Frankly I'd just be happy to know that he's finally and totally gone from the NFL along with the long and ever-growing line of POS loser WRs (Chad Johnson, Owens, the list goes on...). What is it about WRs? Get hit in the head too many times?
  6. Anyway back to Barkley.... You know what, you're right, you can make a case for others - esp if you just go by season totals, which again is misleading. You keep harping on the 10th overall stat and ignore what a large percentage of that was in the last few weeks long after he had killed many teams' playoff hopes or was benched for obvious reasons when he went off because most of the year he was doing jack. If not the most disappointing, he was still a huge (huge) disappointment.
  7. lol - talk about massive myopia. Thanks for reminding us that leagues only count scoring in weeks 12-16. Try looking at the other weeks. How was he then? Oh I forgot they don't count. Barkley was the #1 overall pick in a LOT of leagues and never worse than 2d or 3d in any league with a clue. Yet most weeks for whatever reason he was a major letdown. FYI that factors into disappointment; it's not just about how many pts he scored vs others. And I'm not talking about others anyway, so no idea why you're playing the comparison to other players game. I just said he was a massive disappointment. Anyone wants to disagree with that water is wet statement, have fun. You and others also continue to ignore how most of his good weeks were only at the end when he had already doomed many teams' seasons so it didn't matter. He's a great talent, I would not be surprised if he rebounded in a big way, but this is a fool me once thing for me. Of course since I'm avoiding him that increases his chances exponentially
  8. Wentz can't stay healthy, they no longer have magical Foles to bail them out, they don't have a single WR I trust for jack squat, the list goes on. To each their own, they might be fine and he'll be great, but I look at the whole thing and a little voice says "don't go there..."
  9. You obviously didn't own him or pay much attention to him last year and just glanced at some stats. He was a MASSIVE disappointment. Week after week he killed my team and I know I have a lot of company. His stats were padded towards the end of the year with a few meaningless games. I'm not saying it's his fault at all but from FF perspective it doesn't matter.
  10. You're insane. Yahoo's auction draft site sucks. ESPN's looked far better so last year we went with that but we had problems/questions and their "support" in general sucked donkey dongs (that's being kind) FYI. In season it was OK. I don't know if we'll even have a league this year for various reasons but if we do I'll look to move.
  11. It's the almighty race card, no more, no less. There is no more powerful force in the universe right now. Anyway - I like his chances this year but at a modest value. A QB who should take the next step will help.
  12. Nothing since May on Barkley? Really? So hard to call. Everyone expected greatness last year but between injuries and a pathetic OL he was easily the most disappointing player of the year. It's reasonable to expect a rebound but as a former owner I'm in the fool me once camp.
  13. I'm a Sanders fan but I think he's overrated this year. I compare him to Mayfield last year - great on a limited sample size and potentiaI and so highly rated (luckily I missed out on my bid to get Mayfield last year). I don't trust that offense a lick. He will be overpriced in our auction draft.
  14. Careful, BLM might be listening Anyway I'm all in on Jackson this year, even if his rushing numbers take a hit, which I think they will, it won't be severe and I can see his passing #s going up.
  15. Ya think? Thanks for the reply, I wasn't about to bother. To each their own