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  1. Wow credit where it is due, one hell of a catch by Gallup for a TD
  2. Slayton with a big gain. I think he'll be a fav "sleeper" pick next year
  3. 7 games going on right now. 99 pts combined by all teams so far. lol
  4. Cowboys trying real hard to blow this game and remind everyone they do not belong in the playoffs. Worst game not on a Thurs I've seen this year. And they just flashed "COWBOYS IN PLAYOFFS WITH A WIN AND PHILLY LOSS" for the 100th time, a new record! omg we get it already
  5. Another turnover, this one around their own 30 But the Cowboys said "oh yeahhhh? Just for that we're going -8 yds in 3 plays and settling for a FG. Take that!" It's brutal.
  6. Looks like Redskins are going to just hand the game to the Cowpokes lol
  7. That's because THEY'RE GOING ALL IN
  8. Dude that's FF. If you can't take that maybe you should collect stamps instead.
  9. Anyone else almost wish it was August so we could draft?