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  1. But he did get hurt. Again. Enjoy folks, I will definitely pass!
  2. As you stated, that no longer seems to be the case and he's got more talent around him than most QB #1 overall picks do. If I'm him, I'm feeling pretty good about where I landed. How about the track record of QBs who were one-year wonders in college - IIRC it aint great. But really my point is there isn't enough data to say with any real confidence he'll be great or a bust. ? Yeah, but you missed the point. I was responding to the comment that few 5th year senior QBs picked #1 overall have had success in the NFL and pointing out how that applying to so few players overall probably has a lot to do with it. I'm not acting like or saying he's "old" at all. Because he's not. Just slightly older than the avg rookie. Some of you need to step back and take a deep breath. He's no Andrew Luck lock for greatness, nor is he a Jamarcis Russell bust waiting to happen.
  3. ???? Are there a lot of FF owners in love with having guys named "David" on their name? Or is it "Johnson?"
  4. Yeah. RB is the most instinctive of all positions IMO. It's not like QB/WR/etc where they have to learn to "gel" with other players as much as far as play development. Not saying that doesn't apply, esp with receiving/blocking, but when they're running, once the QB hands them the ball, their instincts should take over to make the most of the play if they're good.
  5. This is so up in the air I seriously doubt either is on my team this year
  6. lol @ anyone putting anything more than a low draft pick/minimum bid on this guy. I warned people about him being overrated last year but they didn't listen tsk tsk
  7. All over the GOAT* this year. What CView said. Mahomes will be too costly and people might hesitate because of his age. lol. Fools * if you include cheaters and QBs hyped w/o the hindsight of time and rational thought
  8. Why change? um because Taylor is easily a better RB? Mack wasn't all that - even injuries aside, he was erratic. I think Mack will spell Taylor here and there but I would be very surprised if Taylor isn't the bell cow. With Rivers one a 1 yr deal and Buckner costing them plenty, this is not a "rebuilding year." They are at least this year all in. Can you imagine this team with a healthy Luck? Such a damn shame.
  9. Are there lots of qbs that come into the league at his age as the #1 pick? Tell me about them.
  10. FTFY The jury is totally out. I'm not convinced he will be great or will suck. I am leery of guys who have only done it one year. He is in a better situation than most #1 QB picks though.
  11. He should play the race card. Its power has never been higher. SF will run like scared rabbits and pay him $10m/year lol Really though if the logic is he did well for a whole half season-ish so he deserves more, I'd say OK....give him a bigger contract...but if he sucks, then he has to pay it back (and then some if he sucks bad enough). The "pay according to performance" works both ways. Or should
  12. Oh cmon the Pats don't cheat! That's just hater talk!! Besides, who cares about cheating any more anyway? As for Swift, I liken him to Jacobs last year. Kinda. Jacobs had less competition for touches, but on a better overall team. I think.
  13. Actually the more I think about it the more I'm cool on this FF-wise and NFL-wise. He may have flashes but he's washed up.
  14. If he avoids injury, I see a good but not amazing year. I would gamble on him if I blow off QBs until late in the draft