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  1. I play NFFC football every year. It's considered H2H but it's actually a roto reward in the end. The best record regular season H2H gets a small payout. But the playoffs are based on the top 4 scoring (total points) for the year. It's a three week playoff with the team scoring the most points winning the league title and money. $150 entry 12 team league: The team with the best H2H record after Week 13 will earn $125 and the team with the most total points after Week 13 will earn $125. One team can win both prizes. The Top 4 teams advance to the Championship Round. Teams will carry their weekly scoring average from Weeks 1-13 into the Championship Round and add that total to their scoring totals in Weeks 14, 15 and 16. The highest scoring team in the Championship Round after Week 16 wins the league prize. League playoff qualifiers from each league include: Seed #1: Best H2H record (total points is the tie-breaker) Seed #2: Most total points (next most total points if H2H champ had more points) Seed #3: Next most total points Seed #4: Next most total points Most points in playoffs $800 second most $275 third $75 4th nothing All the NFBC (baseball) leagues are roto period.... IMO, they do this in football because H2H is not a fair way to rank a fantasy team in any sport.
  2. What's up? This is kwt_espn from the old ESPN message boards, hook me up with a free or cheap roto draft. I had to leave Ken's draft it was on a bad night. KWT
  3. TY, for the invite. Not interested in an auction style draft...
  4. LOOKING No keepers, one year league No weird settings, standard as possible Free or small fee, less than $100 entry send invite to been playing over 20 years TY
  5. Email: for invite...
  6. QB Mahomes RB1 Kamara RB2 Barkley RB3 Jones TE Higbee D/ST NE GL
  7. All four of your WRs are good plays this week. I rankem like this, this week: Adams 3rd overall Robinson 13th Perriman 15th Brown 19th Go with your gut... GL