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  1. Still holding as he is my Carson handcuff. Not sure how you can drop him if you own Carson. He looked pretty good on that Thursday night game. Just no way he surpasses Carson when he is healthy. Just a change of pace back but can’t drop with being a Carson owner
  2. Also they have a great back up in Brate. Not so sure about his blocking but they signed him to a big deal I believe
  3. Anyone picking up Damntonio Brown? I know he says he’s retired and might be the biggest diva in the league but this guy is absolutely nasty at football. I can see a team losing a Wr and taking a chance on him. Seemed to learn the patriots play book in a week.
  4. People are absolutely crazy. They played the dolphins lol they didn’t need to do anything. I think AB blow up game one could e best for Gordon. Teams now need to focus on brown which opens up bombs to Gordon. BROWN hurts EDELMAN most
  5. I’m not sure what to think here but this guy has huge potential unless the opponent has a really good corner. When stopping the ravens you need to stack the box and let Jackson beat you with his arm. But this guy will crush single coverage while the d focuses on the run. This guy could be fantasy gold and he doesn’t need 8-10 targets.
  6. Any one watch this game? Heard a report that he did not look like himself? Ian Thomas flashed last season. Is this guy walking dead
  7. Not sure what to do with Gallup. I also have cooper. Can I start both in the same week I’m not to sure. He did look great but it was the Giants. He is a strong hold with coopers injury history but not sure if he is startable with cooper fully healthy. Also seems the boys want to throw more easing zeke back in.
  8. I feel like an injury needs to happen for anyone on this team to be relevant. Awesome for the team not good for fantasy. Carson also loves to spread it around but out of agolor, jj, and desean who do you even take.
  9. Dropped for New England d. They play @miami next week
  10. Anyone think this guy could leap Rudolph this year? Vikes want to run more 2 te formations and with diggs injury history this guy could rack up some numbers moving around. A lot of praise from coaches and they are lacking in weapons after thielen diggs and Cooks by the way it’s s 2te league that I play in so kind of a reach for this year. Deff someone with a ton of value if Rudolph goes down
  11. Lol to your league. Trubisky should deff be drafted in a 10 team qb league and penny will be trash even if Carson goes down. Carson top 15 east this year
  12. Drafted the week before Labor Day and got Cam at a huge discount in the 7th round of a 2qb league. Figured he would be ok for the start of the season. Took Winston next round to be safe. Any one really concerned about him this year? Can this guy go back to top 5 form? Any concern with his week one matchup? I am kinda liking his supporting cast but not sold on Dj or Samuel but having McCafé helps a ton.
  13. I could see this O be just as good as Pittsburgh’s was last season. Love the value on Landry. Who are teams going to be more focused on Landry over the middle or Odell running long and open all day
  14. All based on if try stay healthy all year. Gotta get lucky with that. But I think these are easily attainable for each player. I see this as an unstoppable offense. Obj on the outside mayfield on the rise njoku and Landry running crossing routes Chubb in the backfield. I see this team taking over for Pitt as the top offense in the division. Last year Big Ben 5129 and 34 brown 104 1297 15 juju 111 1426 7 connor 973 and 12 in 13 games
  15. I guess I’m not as big of a fantasy nerd as you are. I don’t do td projections. I play in full point ppr so Chubbs value decreases a ton. But my top tier is. Bark, Zeke CMC Kamara. Next is Dj and Gordon. I just believe the addition of Beckham makes this a top 5 offense