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  1. I'm also thinking about dropping Y. Cespedes for this catcher, since I think that he will be important. Any chance Rutschman gets called up this year?
  2. I drafted T. Murphy in a 16 team league, but with news coming out that he will split 55/45 with Nola, not looking like I will have a chance to start him much. Jansen has been mashing, but someone just picked him up in my league (I'm kicking myself and regretting not being quicker - just assumed people were asleep due to the Coronavirus). Anyone else you think may be starting for a team or someone I should have in tandem with Murphy? Really don't have much outside of Zunino, S. Vogt, Reese McGuire, Severino, etc. Any sleeper picks that probably went unnoticed? Thanks.
  3. Thinking the same but needed reassurance. Thank you both! 👍
  4. Yeah that's what im wondering at this point since I picked up Slayton.
  5. Ballage has been abysmal with the run game and I think it really is a gamble between him getting a TD or not (to have a good fantasy performance). Having said that Guice impressed, but will share time with AP and will presumably not be pushed throughout the rest of the season. Any thoughts?
  6. I picked up Slayton from waivers as well (thought he had a great game with Shep and Engram out). Should I drop him instead of Breida since I'm not sure if he will repeat. Having said that, Breida always seems like a gamble to start.
  7. Breida always seems injured. Jamaal Williams was dropped in my league so worth a pickup?
  8. Thanks man. Didnt see your response when replying. Not a PPR league though. Just standard scoring.
  9. Ready to pull the trigger on Ballage but would appreciate any further input. Thanks.
  10. Thats what im leaning towards as well till Walton comes back. Hard to gauge Guice at this point.
  11. With Breida injured I need a RB. Who should I pick up between McKissic vs DAL, Guice vs NYJ, or Ballage vs BUF. Thanks.
  12. Any thoughts on Slayton? Worth a waiver pickup for ROY? Is Shephard done?
  13. Between Pascal and Erickson, who should I drop? Seems like Erickson has higher projected points going forward, but disappointed to see what happened today. Pascal doesn't inspire much confidence either.
  14. Is he someone to keep going forward? Didn't do anything this game....