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  1. Ok cool - thank you. You think Kimbrel or Jeffress will be in the mix for saves for Chi-town ROS in that case?
  2. How would you all rank between Montero, Wick and Sulser? Montero is still free in my league and I'm not sure if Wick is guaranteed to be the closer or if Susler will have as many chances as Montero. Thanks.
  3. Cool - Would Wick be a sure thing at this point?
  4. Seems to be the thing to do since Montero is confirmed as the closer with Leclerc out (and presumably the orioles won't have as many save chances). I also have Wick and Bass. Thanks!
  5. This guys been really struggling. Jump ship or keep him for a few more - maybe still working off the rust?
  6. Switching gears - you think it be wise to assume Wick has the job in Chi-town for now?
  7. I would drop Jairo. I had him last year when he donned the closer role and he does implode at times. And you're right - doesn't help that he's a Rockies closer as well.
  8. Do you think it's a good idea to drop Kennedy for Wick at this point? Kennedy doesn't seem to be getting much save or even hold opps.
  9. I had Diaz last year and he was so hit or miss in the closer role - decided to pass on him. Doesn't help that he's COL based.
  10. Soroka is done. I'm debating between Khris Davis (waivers) and Brandon Nimmo - but they'll stay on my bench for the time being as all my starters are healthy. Also need bullpen help so considering Wick (as he seems to be the closer out of Chi-town for now) to slot in as a RP in lieu of Kennedy as long as he's not closing.
  11. Yea man. Rosie can be great, but I thought Kennedy did a decent job last year. Matheny experimenting in KC, but I feel like sticking with what works is the best path.
  12. Drop Kennedy pick up rosenthal? - I thought it was by committee?
  13. Thanks man! I ended up dropping Singer since I think he has some tough matchups coming up (CHC, MIN) and picked up Burdi. Thought Drake had a few rough patches of late, so I passed on him. Going to see where this goes, but I think this is great for now.
  14. Gotcha. I'll go with Jansen for now and just let it be for the time being.
  15. With STL games postponed and with me unsure of Ian Kennedy's status as a closer - I need help, specifically with saves. However, that means that I'll most likely have to drop a SP. Among the pitchers I'm looking to drop are Eovaldi, Paxton or B. Singer (or is Kennedy a drop at this point)? I can pick up Nick Burdi (I think he's the closer for the pirates at the moment), Sulser, Drake or Wick. This is just temporary (till the schedule corrects itself - if ever), so is it worth it to drop one of the SPs and pick up one of these relievers?
  16. Unfort. I don't have a catcher since T. Murphy is on the IL and I'm playing in a dense league. It's either Maldonado, Jansen, Caritini or Stassi in the meantime.
  17. I'm sure this has been discussed to death - but is Kennedy still closing or are they doing a closer by committee in KC? (Rosenthal, Kennedy, and Holland).
  18. What do y'all think? I'm inclined to do it - but want to hear what people think.
  19. Couldn't agree with you more. For someone who got paid tens of millions just to sit out for the majority of his contract (which of course is not 100% his fault), this sure was an immature and entitled move. I think this will backfire if he tries to sign with another team this offseason.
  20. As a Mets fan - I remember that 2015 run and how Ces was a noteworthy part of it. There's debate among fans that had he been healthy during the playoffs, the Mets would've been more competitive vs. the Royals. Just need new ownership and a shakeup.