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  1. It sounds like AJ Hinch and co. want him to go for 20 wins, so I think he's gonna pitch 5.
  2. Houston doesn’t strike out too much but they also seem to hit poorly with Verlander on the mound. I can’t recommend it but since it’s early I might go with it and hopefully at worst I get tagged with 4 or 5 runs over 6
  3. Am I nuts for starting Lance Lynn or is anyone else rolling the dice?
  4. Elite K's and WHIP from Giolito but 5 ER...
  5. How are we feeling about his matchup against the Brewers today? I've got a lead in all pitching categories but I still need some IP to work up, he's probably the diciest choice for me of my remaining pitchers.
  6. Alvarez completing making up for his bad week with a 6 rbi 4/6 day.
  7. Had a great night tonight, 6 IP, 0 ER, 8 K's, and 1.00 WHIP.
  8. He was pretty wild, won't be fantasy relevant for the rest of the year but certainly flashes big potential one day.
  9. Because it's a NL matchup. Hinch said he will get a start this weekend I think and if he proves himself he'll get more playing time.
  10. Matthew Boyd is off to waivers for me. Has been generally poor since June
  11. Sigh, it's been nearly 6 weeks since Boyd got a QS.
  12. And Kimbrel blows a save. Are we looking at a Greg Holland situation.
  13. Altuve is 4/5 tonight with a steal... 👀
  14. Of course both La Stella and Lowe are on my team.... Get well soon you two.
  15. Yeah I'm betting they don't want Alvarez playing OF until after the all star base until his knee is 100%. Just bad timing.
  16. Needed that quality start from Giolito but he gave me enough of an edge in WHIP to win me the category there after being behind all week. I'll take it.
  17. To be fair, the entire Astros lineup is mired in a slump right now (I know, he wasn't playing well before that). While Altuve isn't probably hitting his 2017 highs, he could still be a valuable player when the Astros actually decide to start scoring again.
  18. Good thing I let Aaron Hicks fly today.
  19. Get 20 hits today with only 3 rbis to show for it, meanwhile be against Matt Olson and Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
  20. I've been holding on this whole time, at least he's finally giving me slight returns 😅
  21. Yordan is out with an injured knee, kill me.
  22. Yeah it wasn't bad in the end, I made that post during the 5th. Just frustrated at Boyd giving up 4 homers (luckily solo shots) I'm in a QS league though