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  1. What's his dynasty outlook ie: as a Godwin owner I'm curious if he will be back in Tampa next year or if he will be throwing interceptions somewhere else?
  2. I've never needed a bye more, Mahomes and the NE DST are packing my team. It is unfortunate that the next Miami match up is week 17, seems like most leagues are done the week before
  3. Exactly. As a Saquon and NE DST owner I say rest him up!
  4. Just when everyone is ready to give up on him is when Bill will give him the ball 30 times
  5. Pretty sure he's already getting like 12-13%, and now with Anderson gone 25% isn't too far out of the realm of possibility
  6. Denver has struggled mightily with pass catching TE's and RBs so I don't think Waller is a bad week 1 dart throw at all
  7. My biggest concern with DT is coming off of his 2nd Achilles injury. If his explosion is sapped he has to use his experience and technique to beat DBs and I’m not sure that’ll be enough against starting caliber corners. That said I did pick him up because I don’t trust Edelman or Gordon to stay on the field this year and Brady might be the key to unlocking whatever fantasy potential DT has left
  8. Not sure if Sutton is quite either of those yet. He's a year 2 WR, let's see if he sucks this year first
  9. While I think Freeman will get more carries than last year, this coaching staff didn’t draft him
  10. High end bellcow, no injury concerns, in the best offense in football with the only competition for touches a 6th round rookie with middling athleticism and tape? Yet he’s being drafted after guys like Kerryon and Fournette? I think Williams is in for a good year but there are definitely concerns about his ability to be the bellcow
  11. I've had issues from my phone as well. Desktop works smoothly though
  12. Oh I’m doing both, should’ve specified. I just like Hunt as a late season dart throw especially if you lose your high end RB1 in Gurley
  13. I like pairing him with Kareem Hunt, IF Gurley goes out late in the year then maybe, just maybe, Hunt gets a ton of carries and comes on strong
  14. Mahomes has a better fantasy season than last year. Brady finally falls victim to age ala Peyton Manning Dalvin Cook is a top 3 RB Chris Carson is a top 5 RB AJ Green plays >2 games this year