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  1. You can not use the argument he played for 2 crappy teams as an excuse. Fitzpatrick took the same team from week 8 on and beat the eagles and the patriots. i get fitzpatrick is like a 15 year vet but still what is rosen excuse to not show something in 2 years? The dude was always pac 12 trash. I feel so vindicated in my analysis of him. I admit to being wrong about matt ryan in 2008 and I did not think he was worth a top 5 pick so I do have my misses.
  2. I say team akers. Why would they use their first pick on a rb if they were happy with henderson? I feel that if henderson had shown anything he would have gotten more volume down the stretch last year but instead they leaned on gurley. As for malcom brown pretty sure he is just a guy with no special traits. However if something were to happen to ingram jk dobbins is the answer because he plays with a mobile qb and a better o line which are 2 things that help out the rb. I am fine with both as my rb4 with rb2 upside if things break right.
  3. my mistake pizza i did not hear that d johnson was there as well
  4. anyone going to draft him in redraft leagues for 2020 even if he is not on a nfl roster week 1? I do not see the point in it Wr is just too deep imo. In 10 and 12 teams def a pass. Maybe in a 16 team league i could see stashing him on a roster over someone like kelvin harmon or cole beasley.
  5. If I was an nfl front office i rather go after jonathan williams if the colts no longer have him on their roster than a cooked freeman.
  6. What I like about preston is his dirt cheap adp. He is free. On a team that I still see trailing more often than not.
  7. At his cost of ownership it is a no for me.
  8. He killed me last year as i took him 7th overall in all 3 fppc leagues i was in. I got 7th or 8th everyime crazy I know. This year at his cost of ownership I will own him again. For people crapping on him he had garbage qb play and I think ben will come back and stay healthy. If ben went down week 15 I would say avoid conner but because ben was don after week 2 I think ben will be 90 to 95 percent for start of season.
  9. I feel so vindicated saying before 2018 nfl draft that any team drafting this bum with a pick in the first 3 rounds would be a moron. Any week he starts for any nfl team stream your defense against him. Let the good times roll. I still can not believe mike mccarthy lost to a rosen qb cards team in 2018. Sorry cowboys fans you fired jason garrett for fat jason garrett.
  10. What a gift playing someone that took lamar mahomes murray dak josh allen in a best ball all within your first 7 picks. I get drafting 3 qb in a best ball but not 5 in your first 7 picks.
  11. guys we need a 12th just click the link above. Draft is 8pm eastern tonight
  12. I would love to do a ffpc league that you are in just to compete with someone from this board and I will enter some yahoo leagues with you if you are using yahoo money? I try to avoid yahoo pro leagues to avoid the rake.
  13. turner invite me to join your leagues in pms if you do leaguesafe. I am not saying I am a good drafter. LAst year my fppc 350 team was sunk starting off with conner damien williams david montgomery royce freeman lindsay Clearly that team sssssucked.