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  1. what are the provisions if eason is cut short. how many weeks before you say the season has been done enough and then with no playoffs how would you award 1st 2nd 3rd i guess win record with tie breaker to most points?
  2. lol i would not draft rashad higgins if this was a 30 round best ball and he is a wr also not a rb
  3. Perhaps it is a mistake but i am hoping to have 3 rb a week be worthy so my weekly flex will be a rb. I have done 3 and will post the other 2 later on but they are nightmares missing on stacks. Also it prob does not matter much but tee higgins is a wr not a rb. I will prob do 3 more next week incase we have an acl tear or another guice situation etc so i am telling myself no more untl next sat. i think these leagues are softer than fantasy underdog teams imo. Dk has john brown ranked way too high and he normally goes by round 9 haha.
  4. i got the 101 (Yay) cmac gurley (kittle and kelce were gone) could have also gone conner or carson or melvin gordon) chris godwin was also on the board in this spot) j taylor (I was not going to cuff him with mack so that is why i kind of pair gurley and j taylor together as my rb2 dak gallup (yes a reach for gallup by 15 picks or so i but i wanted the stack) fuller dobbins wentz (lamb was gone so i went for my qb2 here reagor (over djax for me maybe reagor sucks as an nfl pro but i will trust him to stay healthy over djax) jarwin goedert laviska minshew boston scott (real happy to get him this late) damien harris (i will bet against michel this late) boykin higgins mcfarland (maybe the guy if conner goes down again but it could also be snell) cj uzomah (not thrilled he shares a bye with goedert but oh well chris conley (bonnafon went 1 pick right before but i was never going to consider cuffing cmac anyways because if cmac goes down i am screwed anyways) One thing i notice in these dk bestball leagues is there is always 1 moron in your league who drafts people like damien williams funchess guice etc. Maybe their wifi goes out on them or something. Also right now you can only do the dk bestball on mobile. anyways feel free to flame away/leave comments
  5. gibson is always the answer here. even if jonathan taylor and mack tore acls week 1 hines would not get all the volume. Gibson might be a total zero also and suck as an nfl player but we know what hines is so far and it is not much or he would have had more work to this point.
  6. i got a cheap 10 dollar auction superflex trying for mon night on yahoo if you are interested
  7. I was WRONG above cmac had barely 1100 total yards in 2017. Still the point remains when cmac got rid of his jordan howard aka jonathan stewart then cmac went crazy in 2018 and 2019. I do think boston scott will have an 8 to 10 touch a game role. The key here is corey clement does not get any action or any other rb and muddles this up.
  8. Cmac had 1300 yfs in 2017 then his veteran teammate (jstewart) got out of the way and it was go time. I am not saying miles sanders is a lock for 1600 yfs and 12 tds but it would not surprise me either. He had 1300 yfs last year and was really only fantasy relevant in like 6 games last year. Boston Scot will be his tevin coleman to his devonta freeman imo but i think there is a path for miles to be a top 8 fantasy rb with top 5 upside and boston scott to bea top 18 to 24 ppr rb.
  9. The elite TE still have vaue. Last year i had kittle and mark andrews in some leagues and ended up starting both. Just because there is 2 flex spots does not mean te value goes down. IT just means the team that hits on this years dj chark michael gallup terry mclaurin etc etc along with having last years allen robinson robert woods (aka wr that did not bust between wr13 and wr 24 even more powerful). 2 rb 3 wr 2 flex 1 te leagues basically i look at it as a league where you will end up starting 5 wr most weeks unless you hit on 3 rb (last year if you got d henry a jones ingram ekeler in theory you could have had all 4 in the right lucky build but most of the time you will just have 2 good rb (if you are lucky) and will be flexing wr4 and wr 5 types like jamison crowder golden tate jalen reagor darius slayton ceedee lamb etc etc. if you hit on last years mark andrews and have kelce early you can flex one of them also.
  10. Imo mccoy is interesting only because he is free. I still say he will not be a top 24 fantasy rb for the season and was only brought in because vaughn is out right now. If vaughn was there i doubt mccoy is even brought in.When damien went down last year lesean mccoy failed to be a top 24 rb when mahomes was healthy. Tampa still going to be committee from hell that will just be a rb2 you start on bye weeks at best imo.
  11. I know others might flame me for this but last night i did a 14 team auction 1 qb 2 rb 3 wr 2 flex 1 te 1 k 1 d 6 bench. Since the late te were going for so cheap i am prob starting 3 te week 1 in andrews higbee jarwin. Prob a mistake but i paid up for 2 high end rb1s. I would not neglect te thinking it is not important. Last year higbee jared cook mark andrews waller all had stretches where they were scoring pretty good. This year that could easily be fant hockerson jarwin ian thomas etc. Do not be scared to flex a te. Also if ertz went down goedert could be a monster.
  12. i nominated him last night in a 14 team auction for a dollar just so someone else would roster him. I did not want him even with deep 7 spot benches. The upside is there but with no practice time with his new qb not sure how chemistry would be there with a new qb with no off season workouts.
  13. Welp he got me again.Had him on 4 of my 8 yahoo cash custom teams lol. I faded ceh thinking the price was too high. Oh well.At least damien can not fool me again in 2021 and at least the damien price was much cheaper in 2020 than 2019. I really do not get a rb hanging on by a thread thinking he will have a job to come back to next season. This is not like cmac where if he opted out he would have a job in 2021. At least i avoided him on all my 350 dollar myffpc teams and only had 1 share in best ball on 11 drafters teams.
  14. I stupidly had 4 damien williams shares in various leagues because the price was so cheap and thought he would keep it a 50 50 time share. Dropped him for deandre washington. Such is life. Really sucks for my 16 team auction league where akers d williams are my rb1 and rb2. Such is life. Now breida is promoted to rb2.
  15. the way i look at mostert is if he ends up top 17 fantasy rb i will be happy. top 12 would be great for the shares I own. He could also be 2019 damien williams. I still say 2019 damien williams were not wrong we just got unlucky that he got injured and the mostert 2020 price is a few rounds cheaper than 2019 damien. Tevin coleman to me is no threat to mostert. A healthy mckinnon or one of the rookies will be a bigger threat to mostert.