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  1. Wendell is a very good player but the coach and environment as mentioned above is very bleh. He should approach 30 mpg and last year he averaged 14/10 2.5 ast 1.5 blks 1 Stl in the 9 games he played more than 30 minutes (About 34 MPG). I don't expect him to get 34 mpg but a year of progression and probably getting 30 mpg I think he can approach those numbers this year with the addition of maybe 0.5 3's on 50 FG% and 80 FT%. That right there is a near top 50 guy and he'll be a stud in his prime.
  2. Enjoy the 50 games Zeller will play. Adebayo has played more games the last 2 years (151) than Zeller has his last 3 (144). Also Zeller is in his 7th year and we know what he is at this point. His career per 36 averages are 12.9/9.1/2.2/1.1/1.2 and last year that was 14.4/9.6/3.0/1.1/1.2, so we know that he has little room for improvement, and even if he sees an uptick in minutes there's no guarantee he stays healthy. Adebayo showed improvements across the board (Pts/Stls/Blks/Rebs/Ast/FG%/FT%) in his per 36 numbers going into year 2, so we know he still has room for further improvement considering this is the "Breakout 3rd Year".
  3. I would also like to point out that the Spurs ran a 10 man rotation last year and they ran a 10 man rotation in 2017-18 with a healthy Murray (and Kawhi being hurt). Going back a little further it seems the max number of guys who are a part of the regular rotation is 11, the rotation I have above is 12 people: Carroll replaces Bertans and Lyles replaces Cunningham. With the a returning Murray and a progressing Lonnie Walker it would not be surprising if Bellineli is actually not a part of the rotation.
  4. This seems like a terrible take. You don't have to be a sharpshooter to play SG lol. He shot 34% last year in what was effectively his rookie year, he was also a good 3pt shooter in college and he is a good FT shooter as well. White will start at SG so to say he's not playing ANY minutes there is weird. Patty also played 50% of his minutes at SG when Murray was healthy in 2017-18 (according to CTG). Patty/Marco/Forbes will all see a dip in minutes and Derozan will almost exclusively play at SF PG: Murray (27), White (12), Patty (8) SG: White (15), Forbes (15), Patty (7), Lonnie (6), Marco (5) SF: Derozan (30), Carroll (8), Gay (5), Marco (5) PF: Gay (18), Lyles (15) Carroll (12), Aldridge (3) C : Aldridge (28), Jakob (20) I admit it is hard to get White more than 27 mins, in order for that to happen Marco would probably need to be eliminated from the regular rotation completely. Regardless, White is killing TEAM USA scrimmages and drawing praise from literally everybody. He's a very very good player and people are starting to realize that, the rotation is a bit murky this year but he is a nice dynasty hold, his ceiling could be a poor man's Jrue Holiday. Could get up to 16/5/4.5 1.5 stls 0.9 blks 1.5 3's in a year or 2 if given 30+ mpg.
  5. I think it'd be fair to compare Porter's Chicago tenure to TJ Porter: 17.5 Pts 2.6 3's 5.5 Rebs 2.7 Ast 1.2 Sts 0.6 Blks 1.7 TO's 48.3 FG% 90.6 FT% Warren: 18.0 Pts 1.8 3's 4.0 Rebs 1.5 Ast 1.2 Stls 0.7 Blks 1.2 TO's 48.6 FG% 81.5 FT% The only unsustainable thing about Porter's line is the FT% due to the small sample size.