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  1. It is baseball, basketball, and football. Sorry for the typo earlier. We had been doing several leagues but had problems replacing several inactive owners. The people who are in this league are the ones that were active from the other leagues we had done.
  2. I had been running several dynasty leagues but we couldn't get enough people to replace in several of them so we decided to restart them as 1 league. It is going to be a 3 sport dynasty league(Baseball, Football, Hockey) that will allow trading across leagues (ex. LeBron for Trout) and will declare a winner each year based off your standing across the leagues (think of each sport as 1 category for roto). One of the things we did in the previous leagues and will do for this is that each owner picks a "Hometown" that they use for each of the sports and then they have to have a certain amount of players from that team in each sport. If you don't meet the minimum hometown requirements you can lose picks or have games fore fitted as penalties. If you want more details or are interested in joining let me know. Currently we have 11 teams and would like to get either 14 or 16 teams. The cities that have been taken are Washington DC Chicago Dallas Atlanta Denver Milwaukee Los Angeles Pittsburgh Kansas City New York Philadelphia
  3. I would disagree that the early birds get all the good teams as not every city is good in real life in all sports. Plus if a specific real life team has lots of really good players it is harder to have all of them on your team and as such you may need to have several bad players from that team instead of other cities where you can at least have all of their best players on it. People have also found it fun to pick a city where they live or have some other tie to. And over the years just like in real or other fantasy sports the owner who puts together the best team wins (last season Pittsburgh won for football, Minnesota for basketball, Washington for baseball, and Los Angeles using the Ducks won for hockey) so I don't think having a specific city means you are certain to have a good or bad team.
  4. I run several free 4 sport dynasty leagues. We had a guy who was in 3 of them quit during the draft because he was mad that he was skipped for going over the time limit for his pick. The leagues each use the same settings. What makes the leagues different from other leagues is that each owner picks a city to be their Hometown franchise for each of the 4 sports and then have to have a certain amount of players from that city on their roster or they face penalties like losing draft picks, FAAB, or forfeiting games. If you want more information about the leagues in general or the specific teams let me know and I can send you the rosters or the league bylaws. Either message me on here or email me at If it helps I'm willing to join your league in a kind of reciprocity thing to make it easier for both of us to find replacement managers.
  5. The team that I'm looking to replace finished in 2nd place last year. Here is the team Marcell Ateman Derek Carr Jared Cook Amari Cooper Robert Foster Adam Humphries David Johnson Duke Johnson Alvin Kamara George Kittle Elijah McGuire DJ Moore Jordy Nelson Matt Ryan Damien Williams Jamaal Williams Adam Vinateri Defensive Players Tre Boston Nigel Bradham Jatavis Brown DeForest Buckner Mason Foster Justin Houston John Johnson Chris Jones Karl Joseph Khalil Mack Jason McCourtney Benardick McKinney
  6. One of the replacements fell through. Still need 1 more.
  7. I run a 4 sport (Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball) dynasty league on Yahoo and we need to replace 2 owners. One of the things that makes our league interesting compared to other leagues is that owners have to pick a city to use for all 4 sports and then as part of their roster construction for each sport they have to have a minimum number of players from that city on their teams each week or they risk losing draft picks or FAAB if they aren't in compliance. I have attached the list of players each of the teams has for each sport. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in joining. My email address is Teams to Replace for HDL Leagues.xlsx