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  1. Y’all just need to R E L A X It’s week one...this is one of those situations where we need to let the dust settle. Last night’s game was wack from rb usage to play calling..also week 1 and on a Thursday night plus division game. Right now Cohen is the only one with an established roll that can yield decent flex points. I don’t see them sticking with the same recipe as last only netted them 3 points.
  2. Shannon Sharpe talking Mega deal incoming for Zeke...
  3. Not sure why everyone is doubting Dukes ability to carry the rock early and often!I His workload increased YoY in college. In his final year he had 250+ carries. His ability to catch the ball (apx 70 receptions) couple that with about 250 carries puts him in RB2 territory. He has the talent and now has the opportunity...he wasnt overused in Cleveland so he should be fairly healthy to start the year. If Steve Slaton was able to deal with a full workload for 2 seasons...i think we can at least get one good season from Duke. All in all his value is better this year than it will be next year.
  4. this is more annoying than him getting pulled 1 out away from a QS
  5. Eovaldi,,,but neither are attractive options
  6. even trade for me since Kingery has position flexibility
  7. with uncertainty behind him...its a drop in redraft
  8. yes drop GLASS. I would pick up hot batter instead