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  1. Grabbing and holding this guy in deep leagues.
  2. Im starting Lazard and grabbing Ryan Grant too.
  3. Singletary is a must grab in 6h rd in redraft.
  4. Right here. Ya'll paranoid its Damien's show man.
  5. Starter week 1 possibly more than that. Must grab player in the 8th rd.
  6. Monty out the gate vs Packers, he will score. Not sure if he gets 20 carries tho but he might get half that or little more. Monty is most likely the goalline guy too. Mike Davis/Coehen will also get touches. What you guys are forgetting is that Patterson has also been taking handoffs in practice out the backfield and motioning catching passes. I think Monty eventually will get more but he aint get no 20 carries out the gate. I really like Monty but I would rather draft Kerryon/Carson in rds 3/4 and then try to get Monty in rd 5 which I have been able to do in a few leagues.
  7. Fringe rb1 in a Drew Brees offense. Murray will have more better days that bad. Perfect rb3/4 in a zero rb approach.
  8. Zeke is the best and will get signed by Dallas.
  9. Would not draft this guy. Sorry no hype
  10. TLocket and DJ Moore have great return values.
  11. TM has gotton better every year. Caught 125 balls, more than any other WR, no drops.
  12. Jerry Jones is going to have Zeke arrive at camp in the helicopter. Zeke will be there.