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  2. just so you know you have 7 players highlighted blue above interested Is there a list of players that will be eligible to draft?
  3. 20 Team-Dynasty format on Fantrax.com 26 man roster plus 20-50 player minor league system H2H scoring $100/team 46 round draft to start then a 5 round draft every year for incoming international players and highschool/college draftees offseason trades hitting stats Hr, r, hits, sb, avg, obp, k’s, rbi pitching stats w,l,saves/holds, ks, k/9, whip, era, hr’s allowed Email me for a copy of the bylaws we look forward to having you! mgrasso51@gmail.com
  4. MLB Dynasty League Owners Wanted! Looking to fill a brand new 20 Team dynasty start up. Looking for MLB fans and dynasty league players of all experience types. We are looking to create an ongoing FUN dynasty league atmosphere for everyone. This will include an inaugural draft In February that includes both MLB players as well as signed international players and minor league players. We will use a 1-week H2H matchup vs one other team, daily lineup changes and with stats accumulating in a variety of hitting and pitching categories (see rules). League will be hosted by fantrax and all funds held by fantrax treasurer. The league will run all year long with owners able to build their teams as they see fit during both in and offseason trades, signings and drafts. The league fee will be $100 per season and all money is held by the fantrax websites treasurer. For those of you not familiar with fantrax it is a multi-fantasy sports site with a number of different options and scoring that allow for a truly unique experience. Some features include the trading of future draft picks (next year league fee due in this scenario), news and notes, tons of inside information and a chat room for private messaging and open discussion. Your inaugural draft will be a 46 round draft to fill your 26 man MLB roster and mandatory minimum 20 man minor system. There will then be a draft every year for international signings and incoming minor’s draftees from college and high school. Every owner will choose an MLB team to run and be slotted into either the 10-team NL or AL which will each feature two 5-team divisions. As someone who has been in a ton of ESPN, Yahoo and CBS sports league I’ve left them all to be exclusively With Fantrax. Please reach out and leave your email below for an official copy of rules if you are interested