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  1. great problem to have. My 6 in order would be Belly Cole Albies Eloy Fried Yordan
  2. Agreed. I'm just salty because I'm a Jets' fan (or maybe i'm hoping for a tank season for draft picks!) 😋
  3. You must not follow the Jets too well huh. If Le'Veon Bell couldn't run behind that 3rd grade level O-Line.. I doubt Perine can. Not saying its not worth a gamble, but you gotta have every RB on your team on bye to even think about rostering a 2nd string Jets' RB.
  4. I don't think either should be dropped unless you're in a stacked 8/10 teamer. But if i had to choose I would drop ... uhhh Brown i guess just because of the inconsistency
  5. I'm up 60 I'm done He has Josh Allen, Derek Henry, and Gostkowski. Why do I feel like this is a 50/50
  6. I would say drop Ben down a spot or two and there's your order
  7. Minshew or Carr isn't a terrible WW pickup. Keep your positional depth.
  8. Hurst vs CAR Ingram vs CIN Gage vs CAR Aiyuk vs MIA Full PPR - WHIR
  9. Up by 10 I have : Mahomes & Butker He has : Ridley should be