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  1. Close one but I'll take Desclafani *waits for Rush's "drop both Queen City and Big Apple and move some mt for more offense" comment*
  2. Urban, you've made 10 posts in this thread, including your "..." title post, and I don't think anyone knows what you are trying to say/ask. A little context please?
  4. I actually think you won the trade as well in a redraft. Going to replicate what was previously said - Stanton is made of glass and wouldnt be surprised to see regression out of Springer. Only wild card is how will Mookie fare in his new home. Not a bad deal, don't stress it
  5. Gallo straight up for either of the 2 is a no go for sure. IMO i'd need another 8th-10th rd SP or OF (being a deep OF league) to make that happen. Out of the two SP, I'd preferably keep Clev, but they are close.
  6. Eloy and Yordan. Juiced ball or not, gimmie the mashy mash. edit** And Trent Grisham. Expect to hear that name alot more in the next few years.
  7. Cole Belly Lindor for sure. Then its a tossup between Tatis/Story
  8. Solid 5. Having your infield pretty much locked is huge. The only change I may do would be Meadows over Bryant, but that's a toss up. You should be okay where you are.