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  1. Big buy in on Eloy. Guy will smash this year.
  2. I did the first Roto draft. If someone else wants to take my place, feel free. But I am down if you need a fill in to get the ball rolling.
  3. So example - keep 3, the other 2 picks turn into draft pick- the league doesn't run this way, correct? MUST keep 5?
  4. Is team 1's league a MUST keep 5? Or keep up to 5 and the rest get thrown into drafts?
  5. Or they were just saltier than a bacon wrapped slimjim
  6. You missed the point.. was just trying to stir up @jfazz23 and @BMcP 😉 And this post was just to flip it and talk about how NO one remembers how dominate the pitching from Houston was that series.
  7. Man, you pots love calling the kettle black..
  8. I could understand your past couple posts to a point but cmon now.. getting a little finger pointy now arent we?
  9. I sort of agree with this take. I actually see the beginning and end of this lineup as the strengths. I don't like Donaldson, as he has shown his overrated side. Cruz has GOT to be due for regression, and Sano is a K-machine. I do like Rosario, but the hitters surrounding him stink of red flags. That being said, the end of the lineup is very promising. Garver/Arraez/Buxton could very well be the best 7/8/9 combo in baseball. (I am a full believer that Buxton is due for his true breakout season...he was last year until he got hurt.) Of course, there is gamble, but this seems like another mash-city lineup to me.
  10. As a fellow Red Sox fan.. I fully acknowledge the HGH needles sticking out of Papi's butt cheeks.
  11. Oddshark has them at a slim chance of a Brady job next year. If Brady leaves the Pats and doesnt retire, Oddshark has the favorite team LAC.
  12. As much as I dislike the duo, and time Brady/Belichick step on the field, they have to be considered a SB threat.