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  1. Hey all. Looking for 10 managers for our 20 team Start-Up Dynasty league on Fantrax.

    Quick look at the main league info:

    - League will run on Fantrax

    - Standard 9 cat H2H Dynasty league - 10/20 spots filled.

    - $20 annual entry fee using Fantrax treasurer, with a $4 annual fee for Fantrax premium 

    - 15 player roster, 2 IR, 1 Minor

    - Draft is a slow draft. 12 hours per pick. Friendly timing for managers outside of USA. 

    - Draft method consists of a combination of Snake and Reverse Snake.

    - Must be active. Ideally, I would like committed managers for years to come.

    Click here for a google doc with the full list of league settings and rules


    If interested, reply with your email and I'll send an invite.