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  1. Great question - looking at all of them, along with Akins and Schultz. Will drop Ian Thomas as my (required) backup. These guys are on the wire: Cox (only ranked #1 while Doyle is out so until we know more maybe move him down to #4?) Thomas Sample Schultz (not yet buying the targets as much as the above) Akins Tonyan Graham Knox (once he is healthy) Njoku (once he is healthy, he could move above Graham and Tonyan if getting targets) Olsen To consider once they get targets, if they ever do: Arnold Trautman
  2. Targets in game 1 + Driskel & Lock both take deep shots (stats say so with Driskel and Lock seems to be willing to sling it, O line permitting) = worth a shot.
  3. He looked bad in week 1 but keeping the faith - due to ramp up post ACL inj & strength of opponent, as others have said. I had him aggressively ranked at WR26 pre-season. And he was having a good camp as I recall.
  4. Announcers on MNF saying Waller is fastest TE and it's not close. Hyperbole? What about Fant?
  5. Or Herndon (Gase ruin) or Ian Thomas. Ebron hasn't hit yet either. Any of these 3 still could...or maybe they should be dropped for anyone who has already popped.
  6. The practice reports from the past week or two didn't seem great and he was wearing a band on his knee. Could have been an issue since then, or aggravated it, or new. Anyway, yeah, hopefully he's back within a few weeks. I have him on 4 of 5 teams (cool story) but fortunately this year there is so much WR depth.
  7. So Chubb and Mixon both with big games coming tonight then - check. Makes me happy as they are two of my favorites.
  8. Peyton Barber truthers is a good one.
  9. I thought all off-season that it was possible that Johnson is the top Steeler WR - but in no way can we say definitively after one game that Diontae will out-target JuJu on the season.
  10. Graham is on the Bears not Green Bay. He could still out TD Ebron - tough call
  11. Athletic beat writer keeps saying high usage and high RZ target share.
  12. Usage is a problem. Maybe Bernard should be mixed in for an entire series when he spells Mixon - just as Mixon should stay in for all 3-4 downs when he's on the field. Sounds simple from an outsider's POV. Unless they have absolutely no faith in Bernard between the tackles, which doesn't seem true. Get a grip, Taylor!
  13. In the highlights, the Colts run D looked good and Robinson looked like a bruiser - falling forward and fighting for yards between the tackles. But when he found space, he showed burst. Like it - seems promising.
  14. That reel did it - starting over Gallup in a league with long TD bonuses.