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  1. (please send invite so I can see more detail regarding the league) Thanks.
  2. Please send invite to Thank you.
  3. Was the team auto-drafted? Also, could you show us what we working with and how much the buy in would be?
  4. Don’t be the last to join waiting for someone that hasn’t paid to get in. Join now & pay to lock in your spot cause it will fill fast once it gets going!
  5. Also, during the drafts you as Commish can pause it after the 12th pick of the 6th round and change the timer down to 45s; just a heads up in case you aren’t sure on how to do that. And thank you for considering and making the change.
  6. 120 seconds is A LOT for a pick. Do you mind changing it to 1 minute. And after the 7th Round to 45 secs? Want to try to get it done in about an hour and not have it dragged out to two.
  7. “Set draft time for earliest draft time as soon as it fills!”