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  1. Depending on your other options I'd lean that he's probably start. Given byes etc I'd think he'll be amongst best streaming rb candidates.
  2. An interesting option if Breida is out. I expect 49ers to control this game
  3. Any information on Devonta Freeman injury?
  4. If healthy you're unlikely to have a better alternative on bench or waivers. Must start and take whatever comes
  5. If you own him at least it's a week multiple teams are on bye so possible opponents are just as short handed. Hopefully you've got Samuels though
  6. Depth. If you don't have enough you go with what's active.
  7. Mayfield maybe has something down the line but I hope I don't need to gamble on him doing it. Is it Carr or Darnold you're choosing between? I prefer Carr but it's close.
  8. I'd prefer Jaylen Samuels as he should be guaranteed more touches.
  9. Kyler would be my bet for most td. Buffalo d might allow bills to run a lot.
  10. They're interesting for sure. I think you could do a lot worse. If available and you're struggling they're worth picking up.
  11. You look at his 2018 and you see similar but it was the first few games dud. He'll still be a WR1 End of season but will have bits of dud and explosion mixed in.
  12. For me Fitz increases the chances that dolphins can score, but I think his aggressiveness also increases the interception and defensive td possibility. Both are great choices but I'm still very happy with Bills this week.
  13. That is slim. I think I'd probably lean Kansas City or Houston but I don't really like any options.
  14. I liked him. Underdog that was surprising and maybe college missed or just didn't use him correctly. If healthy next season and used similarly to this season no reason not to think he's a great pick