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  1. I have more interest in him if he's traded at deadline. Otherwise he's someone you'll look at on waivers or your bench when he blows up but you know he was never really in consideration
  2. I don't think it's known either way yet. Ingram missed practice today. Frightening matchup but if Ingram misses he's a dart that's worth throwing
  3. Sure Carson too. But I assumed with his bye week 6 he's already been claimed if he'd been dropped
  4. I'd trust him as much as any kicker.
  5. Blankenship if dropped already, bullock and Koo if they get dropped in next couple weeks would be my targets
  6. Around 7pm I think the actives and I actives are announced.
  7. No idea why people would drop. I'd only do it if he was on a season ending injury. Otherwise he's going to be best player on waivers but just not someone you can use soon.
  8. Out on sleeper too. Maybe IR update is coming soon. Not much help but I suppose grabbing Gus Edwards for next week in case Ingram is out would be an option this late
  9. Very slim. I don't feel good about it, but Washington. I don't envy your options
  10. I don't think he's attempted to give any real diagnosis or advice here. He's basically said he'll practice and be fine, be limited or miss Sunday and possibly more. Top up the pension fund with money for nothing. Mr no info Dr, this buds for you. Real men of genius.
  11. I'd definitely not be dropping him. He's not looked great lately but until there's more information about Chargers backfield it's too early to give up on him for me.
  12. Sad times. With any luck he's back and 100% for the end of the season.
  13. It would be nice. I could really do with him not getting much going