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  1. Unfortunately it has to be through Venmo or PayPal to ensure a payout once the tournament is over
  2. Looking to have about 4 games a week, ranging anywhere from $10-$50. A little something to do until sports are back! Email me at jlongstreth6_6@yahoo.com for more details. Thanks guys!
  3. Looking to fill a first year pool,hoping to keep it going each year. $10 per bracket, you can have up to 10 brackets. Scoring is: 1-2-4-8-16-32. It’s held on yahoo. Any questions or if interested my email is jlongstreth_6@yahoo.com. Prize pool will be either winner take all, top 3 or top 10. It will depend on how many people we have.
  4. Also, don’t forget you can have up to 10 brackets.
  5. Invite sent! update on this pool: Its going to be held on yahoo. Scoring is 1-2-4-8-16-32 with bonus points for seeding. Password to join is: Dancing!6 lets get this full!
  6. It’s that time of year! Looking to start a brand new pool this year. We will look to keep it going each year. Entry fee will be $10 per bracket. You can have up to 10 brackets. This pool will be either on ESPN, or Run Your Pool. Payments will be kept on Leaguesafe. Payout structure will be determined once we see how many entries we have. Most likely 1st-3rd or too 10. Questions or interest let me know at jlongstreth_6@yahoo.com Thanks!
  7. He jumped on me early with Lamar having 37. Projected to beat me by 3 now. My current lineup: Winston CMC, Mostert Allen Robinson, Golladay Hunter Henry Cooper Would you go with Mixon or Mostert at RB2? Then the leftover or Coop in the flex?
  8. I almost lean Laird there just due to volume over DK
  9. He’s projected to beat me by 7 points. At TE would you go with Kaden Smith, Ian Thomas or Mike Gesecki? At flex would you go with Mixon , Parker or AJ Brown? Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!