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  1. What’s your email ? I can send it to you
  2. We are looking more towards the middle of August
  3. Still looking to fill a few spots! $25 league heading into its 2nd year but with a complete redraft. 12 teams, 6 make the playoffs. 1st, 2nd and most regular season points are the ones that make the prize pool. Any interest or questions please let me know at jlongstreth_6@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  4. Looking for a few more owners to fill our league. $25 buy in, money is kept on Leaguesafe. Top 6 make the playoffs, and top get paid. This league is going into its 2nd year but we are doing s complete redraft. If you’re interested please let me know at jlongstreth_6@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  5. We are currently getting dates set. They will be a time everyone can make. Should I send an invite?
  6. Potentially. What’s your email?
  7. Sent again and posted to the Leaguesafe