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  1. Looking for 1 or 2 owners established RE-DRAFT Roto Style League 15 years have 8 teams now lost 2 owners due to Hurricane deep rosters based off Roto Style Catorgories 8 offensive and 4 defensive 12 total categories. $315 League Fee,Waiver Wire pick ups slot of good owners never any issues.If you can draft tonight 10pm on Fantrax email me at: ROSTERS: Starting line up: 2-QB 4-RB 4-WR 1-TE 1-Flex RB,WR,TE 2-Kickers 1-Defense 8-Man Bench. Thanks
  2. Hi,I responded to your email.I will take the team can you email me the Leaguesafe info thanks.
  3. How many do you have in and is that 6pm eastern time?PPR?