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  1. Thread may have quieted down for good. Knock wood — Expectations start getting met, not a lot to talk about.
  2. He was lights out, most dominant pitcher at any level by a country mile then hurt — minor shoulder inflammation. MRI didn’t turn anything up, but after a few weeks rest he came back with diminished stuff, diminished command and got knocked around some. High ceiling, medium risk contingent on health. (How is he not a Met?)
  3. Coming back from a sore elbow and getting rocked doesn’t bode.
  4. Sitting. Then, if he does well, I'll take it as a sign that I can run him out against Houston. I call this my backfire strategy, or "playing to finish second".
  5. Lot of 89 90 91 flashing yesterday.
  6. Lol don't bother with this guy (if you own Sanchez or Realmuto). Seriously, though, hang on to your end-of-bench Kiermaiers and Heywards and let us idiots scoop up a likely league average hitter playing every day, just not at catcher (where he -- ahem -- qualifies). I was all in on Posey so the timing couldn't have been better. Kiner's got me happy as pig in ****.
  7. I was all in on Posey. Now all in on this guy. Moot fun.
  8. True. It also seems like butts in seats might weaken owners' position re compensation per the March agreement? I do agree that their negotiations look like bad faith. COVID gives owners a valid pretense for a lockout that could extend into next season. They have a lot of control and a lot of options when the only thing players want more than to play is to get paid.
  9. ^^this. For the statistical minded (any stat-heads around here?), a thorough primer on why cancelling games and staying home makes a significant difference, even for populations who are at less risk. Considering they have $1.5T in the old Sovereign money bag to float the stock market yesterday, tossing $50-60B at paycheck to paycheck fry-cooks so they can stay home while their noses are running seems like a no brainer. Would pay for itself 50 times over. #BeSaintLouis
  10. Buster Posey is hitting it hard ST Corbin Burnes slider is touching 94 G Polanco Danny Jansen
  11. Guy's dialed in . . . . . . to post-Jordan NCAA, c. 1999. Nobody can guard him.
  12. Keep. 18+ war at 24 years old. The guy can play. There's so little predictive value in three years where he "only" puts together ~10 WAR because of missed time to injury.