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  1. Sorry guys, it wasn't happening last night and I passed out. I would still like to draft tonight and we already have 5 people joined. If we don't get to our 10 or 12 people by tonight I will just refund whoever has paid Above is the link for anyone who wants to join
  3. We have 5 people so far! I would at least like to get 10 total. ideally even get a 12 team league but will settle for 10. lets get this thing going!
  4. Awesome! Going to try to get this draft going tonight
  5. $20 entry First Place is $120 Second Place is $80 Third Place is $40
  6. Here is a link to the league. Go sign up here. It's PPR, no kicker and 2 flex spots. 3 IR spots due to covid
  7. Any preferences here? Money league or just free PPR league? Let's get this thing going
  8. I want to draft tonight in a PPR league. Any openings?