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  1. How are we feeling about D.K. tomorrow against the Rams? Not sure whether Ramsey will be shadowing him or Lockett, but with Lockett's recent struggles D.K. has been receiving low-end WR1 volume (and for fantasy purposes a WR2 output). Regardless, his future is bright.
  2. Crickets after a big game against the Pats. Did O'Brien finally realize using Duke is a good idea? How we feeling about him for playoffs?
  3. So it's been a bit of a mixed bag since his return to the majors, but the good has been very intriguing including his last start against the Reds. Sure he's on a terrible team but with his pedigree and K upside, what's his ROS standing? Is this guy worth taking a chance on during playoff season?
  4. Lookin like a September call-up is all but certain for Lux, and for good reason given his elite pedigree/performance. Combine that with the versatility of the "roadblocks" (Hernandez and Taylor) as well as the ability to move Muncy to 1B and keep Bellinger in the OF, it's lookin like he might end up being more than just that "locker room presence" for the Dodgers' playoff push. Regardless of the depth at SS, the impact of the Dodgers actually playing him could lead to hoisting up championship trophies for fantasy players abound.
  5. Well, dude just got rocked in 3 innings against the miserable Pirates and I’m back to frustration as I’m sure any fellow Bauer owners are... The inconsistent performances (does worse against bad teams?), the wayyy way too many walks, and the bad home ballpark. anyone else starting to feel like he’s not even in the top 20-30 SP next season?
  6. CG SO against the juggernaut Twins, three straight starts of 10+ Ks, dude's been on a roll lately plain & simple. Just in time for fantasy playoffs baby!! 🥳
  7. Well, he’s not only showing signs of life but I’d say he’s hot. Hope you held, and if you didn’t go get him back before someone else does. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was a top 30 OF ROS... Then again, wouldn’t be surprised if he plummets back to mediocrity😅 But I’m buying it as legitimate //
  8. Rejoice!! Mad Max is coming back baby!
  9. Team debut against the Braves was rough, but hearing crickets after his home debut (a notoriously hitter-friendly park) in which he struck out 11 in a quality start against the Cubs. Did give up another homer and his control has been frustrating to say the least, but the off-speed looked excellent and overall it looked like the Bauer of 2018. Here's hoping he's feeling healthy and can carry this momentum into fantasy playoff season. //
  10. A guy with this talent on a team of this caliber, seems like it's all about opportunity and that's what he has now. With Stripling suffering a setback/being brought back as a RP, Rich Hill out until mid-September and May performing well, seems to me that ROS he could lock up a rotation spot (assuming he continues his strong performance against the sad, sad Marlins). Dave Roberts has had nothing but high praise, and that sinker of his is absolutely nasty... I'm buying for the playoff push //