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  1. 14 hours ago, ginocan said:

    Ok, going to take a lot of heat from this but I have a feeling the NBA and its commish are super relieved that he is done for this season so that everyone can kneel like they wanted to. Rest up man, starting to become a fan. 

    This is a dumb post based on nothing. A lot of players have been supportive of JI making his own choices, just like with Leonard.

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  2. "Jonathan Isaac suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, the Orlando Magic announced on Sunday."


    Another lost year. Wondering if it's really just bad luck or if it also has to do with him having had a lengthy lay-off, then having the Corona shut down and coming back with a short practice period and playing full games.

  3. Looking for smart, experienced, communicative manager to take over this team (keep 13/15):


    G Jimmy Butler / Kyle Lowry / Markelle Fultz / Evan Fournier / Justise Winslow / Eric Gordon / Patty Mills / Brandon Knight
    F Danilo Gallinari / Nemanja Bjelica / Jae Crowder / Danuel House Jr.
    C Joel Embiid / Hassan Whiteside / Willie Cauley-Stein


    dedicated forum, no salary, yahoo based, no buy in. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Simsanityy179 said:

    Seems like a cool idea , just don’t see the point when we already know the numbers produced by every player In each given season. 

    Multiple fantasy outlooks already have fantasy rankings from previous years.


    Season totals compared to season averages will cause issues , asides from roto.


    Drafting a 1990 roto team would also be hard considering the way the game has changed 

    ( less blocks , more 3s , more ppg etc )

    You're playing against people who can only draft from the same 1990 poule, though.


    Season totals for players, create a team that will beat 15 others in roto set up. Announce year to pick for when draft starts

  5. Hey guys, while we wait out the final decision on this season, would it be a nice idea to do a live forum draft for a random historical season? We collect a bunch of managers, say 16, and just like we do a mock draft every year, we announce our picks in a dedicated thread. But, here's the kicker: we randomly pick a year between, let's say 1987 and 2012. After we have gone through the draft, we can analyse the teams via a roto system and see who did best for that season. A bit of a forum version of this one:

    If it's a success: Rinse & repeat.


    Who would be in?

  6. Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:
    Duncan Robinson (49%) 

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:
    Terence Davis (21%)
    Seth Curry (13%) 
    Gary Trent jr. (10%)
    Furkan Korkmaz (8%) 
    Juancho Hernangomez (6%)
    Avery Bradley (3%) 
    Grant Williams (2%) 
    Jordan Poole (2%) 
    Cody Martin (1%) 

    * Knicks only play twice the upcoming two weeks (related). Sixers, Clippers, Magic, Cavs, Rockets, Grizzlies,  only play three games in the upcoming two weeks.

    Read more:

    Last week’s suggestions:
    Nerlens Noel (48%) – Unfortunately for Noel owners, the Thunder didn’t trade Adams. Yet, he’s been useful either way, with a blocked shot in every game of this calendar year. Keep an eye on minutes, hasn’t hit 20 in three straight.
    Glenn Robinson III (33%) – Dealt to Philly, Good landing spot. Watch closely.
    Danuel House Jr. (32%) – Good steals numbers lately, minutes no issue, consistency is.
    Trevor Ariza (36%) – Better in real life, so far for Portland, than fantasy.
    Cody Zeller (45%) – Charlotte released MKG and Marvin Williams, but center rotation is still the same. Very very low ceiling end of bench option. Hasn’t had a great year so far.
    Jalen Brunson (23%) – Averaging almost 17 ppg over last 5 games. Luka will return soon, which means Brunson’s value is nearing its end. He’s been productive for the owners which managed to grab him in time. 
    Patty Mills (8%) – A stinker for every two good games. End of bench option.
    Shake Milton (7%) – Minutes down to 13 in last game vs the Bulls, with Josh Richardson coming back from his hamstring injury. Drop.
    Jae Crowder (22%) – Had a fun first game with Butler sidelined. I think he could be useful, albeit inconsistent.
    Terence Davis (4%) – Too much fun.


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  7. Just now, RedDogNamedClippers said:

    That sucks to hear that Portland is not likely to make any moves. I guess they believe that Carmelo and Ariza will be their saviors and Lillard has to drop 50 rest of season. Also must feel confident they can re-sign Whiteside or make a deep playoff run before he walks because you don’t need Whiteside, Nurkic and Collins. 


    Portland doesn't have much money.The Ariza move was a good fit (size on wing, defense, shooting), but it was a big cost cutting move as well.

    Blazers most realistic move would be trading Hassan Whiteside. By moving him, even with his flaws, you'd basically be giving up on the season, since the piece coming back don't figure to be better than what Whiteside provides right now. Nurkic is not back yet, and won't be 100% this season. Behind Nurk you'd have very litttle depth.

    Zach Collins, Nurk are coming back.If you want to make a run this season, you need all three big men. 

    I had hopes the Blazers would move Baze+Tolliver+..? for Dedmon+Ariza or for Dieng+?. That would have put them in a position to consider moving Whiteside for an asset with a longer contract.

    NOT making a move is the least disappointing move they could make. The way things are playing out right now, I'm cool with it. Next year, Simons (hopefull), Little (probably) and Trent will have taken another step as well. Hood will be back, Melo will probably be resigned. 

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  8. Before the season I did an analysis of rookies picked in this year’s draft, including predictions for their minutes and statistical output. I hope you have found these useful, if you haven’t read them, please find them here:

    Every season, I do a quick check after the last regular season games, to see how my predictions fared. I’ve decided to do an extra check this season, and publish it here. We’re a bit past the halfway point already, but it’s interesting to see which players exceeded expectations, and which didn’t. Please keep in mind that the averages will end up quite a bit different in some cases, from the current numbers, due to many rookies seeing extended playing time in late season situations, or the other way around: get their minutes crunched due to team making a run for the playoffs.

    Please find the direct link to the spreadsheet with all data here:

    Some players which stand out:

    • Zion’s stocks haven’t translated to the NBA, yet. His rebounding is even better than anticipated.

    • Ja Morant scores a bit better than expected, and takes better care of the ball than I initially thought he would.

    • RJ Barrett is exactly who we thought he was.

    • While Culver struggled a lot early on, I think he’s on the right track. He’s a player I’d target as a buy low in dynasty settings.

    • Jaxson Hayes is a better rebounder than I believed he would be as a rail-thin rookie.

    • Believe it or not, Cam Reddish is playing better than I thought he would. I don’t think his upside is huge, though.

    • PJ Washington’s hype train has slowed down a lot, after taking off early this season. I’d be all over him if he was available in my leagues – he’s a great dynasty target, as he provides vale across the board and just needs a little extra seasoning before he becomes a habitual 1/1/1 player.

    • I love Herro’s mindset. Can’t see the Heat dealing him. Butler and Heat culture rubbing off on him very well.

    • Absolutely love Doumbouya, and he should be the only untouchable piece on that roster. I can see him post a couple of amazing lines post AS break.

    • Nickeil still struggling in limited minutes. Upside is there, stay patient in dynasty leagues.

    • Goga getting even less minutes than I feared. He’s in a bad situation, but the Pacers could make a move. Still love his upside.

    • Thybulle’s a better shooter than anticipated – he’s going to become a valuable fantasy player.

    • Ditto for Clarke.

    • Not so much for Grant Williams, who’ll always be a better real life player than fantasy asset.

    • Darius Bazley’s season has been a fun ride. His upside is among the best in this class, and his playmaking ability has yet to be utilized in OKC (something I don’t expect to happen soon, with CP there – Blake Griffin’s playmaking was evident in college, and never really materialized with CP on his team).

    • I love what I’m seeing from Little. He’s not gonna be valuable in fantasy anytime soon, though. Good pick by PDX.

    • I’m a big Mfiondu fan, as many know. His time will come. Might even get moved to another team if the Clippers are serious about bringing in a big man before the trade deadline, but wouldn’t count on it – they love his upside and skillset.

    • Jordan Poole is still atrocious.

    • I want to see the Spurs slap that reset button and deal DD, Gay and LMA. They’re not going to make the playoffs this year, and they have some nice young pieces to build around. Keldon and Samanic both are playing really well in the G-League. Pop would also love Keldon’s lack of three point shooting.

    • His minutes have been up & down, but Nic Claxton is a big talent. Brooklyn is fighting for playoff contention, and to be honest – Claxton should be a key part of their rotation going forward.

    • Bruno Fernando struggles a lot, like all other centers in ATL. They’re looking for a veteran big man. Might be a while before the game slows down for Bruno.

    • Really like what I’ve seen from Cody Martin. I think he should be a big part of Charlotte’s future plans.

    • Gafford has had extremely bad luck with his injury timing-wise, as the Bulls are now playing Kornet at center, with WCjr and Lauri both sidelined. Gafford could be back soon, and will post some great stocks games ROS.

    • Paschall has jumped on the chance to grab meaningful minutes in San Francisco. He’s not a great fantasy player due to him producing mostly popcorn stats, but a great campaign as a rookie so far.

    • Watch Shofield’s minutes going forward. Wizards could be looking to free up more playing time for him. Wizards hopefully value his ability to cover multiple positions on defense.

    • I know it won’t happen, but I really want to see more THT minutes. He’s killing it in the G-League.

  9. Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:

    Nerlens Noel (48%)
    Glenn Robinson III (33%)
    Danuel House Jr. (32%)
    Trevor Ariza (36%)
    Cody Zeller (45%)

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:

    Jalen Brunson (23%)
    Patty Mills (8%)

    Shake Milton (7%)
    Jae Crowder (22%)
    Terence Davis (4%)

    *Avoid Bulls games this week (or ROS – they’re horrible – did you see Boylen take a time out with 1:40 to play in a blowout loss?). They only play twice.

    Last week’s suggestions:

    Jerami Grant (44%) – #16 overall over past week. Having that incredible 7 block game helped a lot, but Grant is having a great run as a starter. 3 threes, 2.8 blocks, 1.5 steals over past week. Add to that 15 pts, 4.3 reb and just 1 to per game, and you understand why he’s ranked so high.
    Kris Dunn (31%) – Out with sprained MCL, no timetable for return. Safe drop. For a quick replacement, look at Luguentz Dort.
    Reggie Jackson (35%) – Came back with a vengeance – just don’t count the stinker vs Toronto. With Rose missing some time, he’s a hold in my book.
    Maxi Kleber (50%) – Dallas brought in WCS, yet Kleber held a top 60 overall ranking the past week, with averages of 2.3 blocks, 10 pts, 5 reb and 0.5 TO. 48.3/100 shooting splits help as well.
    Shabazz Napier (24%) – Trucking on with 9 ast per game over past week, 2 steals, 1.5 threes and 5 reb. Hold.
    Landry Shamet (16%) – For some reason he was dropped in my dynasty league, so I was able to swoop in and claim him. 12.5 ppg, 3.5 threes, 50% fg and no turnovers. Curious to see what the Clippers will do around the deadline, as it’s rumoured they want a wing defender and a big man. Shamet ranks #115 over past week.
    Seth Curry (16%) – Much like Shamet, low TO, decent %’s and some threes.
    Marquese Chriss (8%) – Top 75 over past week, and eventhough he’s on a two-way currently, I think the Warriors want to hold on. They also cleared a roster spot with the WCS trade. I’m still not a huge fan of his BBall IQ, but he’s put up 2.7 stocks and low TO over the past week. I’ll take it.
    Malik Monk (4%) – Still the same Monk. Bet, Knicks are gonna trade for him.
    Ian Mahinmi (11%) – Bryant is back, and I can see Ian’s minutes decline rapidly. Still will provide the occasional block/steal output.
    Thon Maker (1%) –  Fighting Wood for minutes, and seems to have the upper hand. If you’re into these types of players, hold until it’s sure Drummond isn’t traded (or doesn’t bring back PF/C pieces).
    Doug McDermott (5%) – Minutes took big hit with Dipo coming back. TJ Warren now in the concussion protocol, but it won’t be Dougie who’ll see increased minutes.

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  10. Di

    44 minutes ago, SicarioSanity said:

    I'm in a super deep league and I stashed Hartenstein and dropped McRae. For all these Capela packages, do you guys think that the Rockets will take back a Center? Hartenstein as we know is a beast when given the minutes.



    Edit: makes too much, nvm


    Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:

    Nerlens Noel (43%)
    Mikal Bridges (44%)
    Markieff Morris (12%)
    Jordan Clarkson (33%)
    Eric Paschall (28%)

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:

    Malik Beasley (17%)
    Matisse Thybulle (12%)
    Svi Mykhailiuk (11%)
    Patty Mills (10%)
    Jordan Poole (2%)
    Nicolas Claxton (1%)
    Anfernee Simons (4%)
    Gary Trent jr. (0%)


  12. Sleepers & Waiver Wire pickups (week 13)

    Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:

    Dillon Brooks* (44%) 
    Norman Powell (41%)
    Markelle Fultz (41%) 
    Jarrett Culver (40%) 
    Darius Garland (39%)
    Jaxson Hayes (37%) 
    Omari Spellman (28%) 

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:

    Derrick Jones Jr. (15%) 
    Trevor Ariza (12%) 
    Donte Divincenzo (12%) 
    Bruce Brown (18%) 
    Daniel Gafford (9%) 
    De'Anthony Melton* (7%) 
    Isaiah Hartenstein (6%) 
    Ben McLemore (5%) 
    Alen Smailagic (0%) 

    *Avoid, if possible, Hornets, Grizzlies or Wizards games this week. They’ll only play twice.


    Read more here:

    Last week’s suggestions:

    Gorgui Dieng (39%) – Production dropped a tiny bit this past week, but still top 90 value over past week and top 35 value over past two. Keep running him out there.
    Damion Lee (41%) – Warriors looking to convert his contract into a regular one, I think he's going to keep value all year. Little reason for GSW to rush back Klay or Steph. Not a great dynasty target, though.
    Willie Cauley-Stein (40%) – GSW finally figured out that it didn't make a lot of sense for them to keep starting WCS. Drop, unfortunately.
    Mikal Bridges (39%)
    Aaron Holiday (35%)
    Shabazz Napier (31%)
    Troy Brown jr. (30%) – Bryant, Bertans and Beeal are all back. However, with the pace the Wizards play at, I can see TBjr keep value all year. Plus - the Wizards are open for trades. Troy's value will only increase beyond that.
    Ish Smith (28%)
    Sekou Doumbouya (24%) – Rocky, but hell of a fun road. Ask TT.
    De’Anthony Melton (10%) – Keep playing him.
    Dorian Finney-Smith (9%) – Ditto. Is so underrated.
    Dante Exum (2%) – Had that great game and then missed the rest of the week with the flu. Don't expect him to drop 28 nightly (duh), but I could see him average 14 ppg with interesting steeals and ast numbers.
    James Johnson (1%)
    Naz Reid (1%) – As long as KAT is out, Reid will drop some nice lines every other game. He's got the green light, so brace for some ugly shooting nights. I'll pass on grabbing him as his defense is horrible and the long term value isn't enticing either.

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  13. Gafford, with WCjr missing time. Could be a few weeks. My thoughts on him pre-season:

    38 Daniel Gafford – 13 mpg, 0.56 fg%, 0.56 ft%, 6.1 ppg, 0.0 3pt, 3.2 rpg, 0.2 apg, 0.2 spg, 0.7 bpg, 1.3 to.

    I understand the focus on player with range, and I also get the worries about Gafford’s slightly smaller frame for a center. What I don’t get is how teams in the 20-30 range don’t take a chance on him. He might just turn out to be a player like John Collins, who shouldn’t have slipped as much as he did either. On the other hand, Gafford’s game also projects to be a lot like Chris Wilcox’. Either way, a really good get for the Bulls at #38, where they added a type of player they didn’t have at this moment. Gafford should be able to bring a change of pace to the team playing a more face-up game. This should signal the end of Robin Lopez in Chicago, and I think he should be able to take much of Felicio’s minutes as well. In Markannen, WCjr and Gafford the Bulls have their big men rrotation set for the future. I definitely had him going in the first round. I predict him to end up in the 225-250 range. 
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  14. 2 hours ago, perkinsfor3 said:

    Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:

    Gorgui Dieng (39%)
    Damion Lee (41%)
    Willie Cauley-Stein (40%) 
    Mikal Bridges (39%) 
    Aaron Holiday (35%) 
    Shabazz Napier (31%)
    Troy Brown jr. (30%) 
    Ish Smith (28%) 

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:

    De’Anthony Melton (10%)
    Dorian Finney-Smith (9%)
    Dante Exum (2%) 
    James Johnson (1%)
    Naz Reid (1%)

    Read more here:


    Sekou Doumbouya wasn't properly pasted here. Owned in 24% of the leagues. Blake might opt for season ending surgery. 

  15. Players owned in 50% of the leagues, or less:

    Gorgui Dieng (39%)
    Damion Lee (41%)
    Willie Cauley-Stein (40%) 
    Mikal Bridges (39%) 
    Aaron Holiday (35%) 
    Shabazz Napier (31%)
    Troy Brown jr. (30%) 
    Ish Smith (28%) 

    Players owned in 25% of the leagues, or less:

    De’Anthony Melton (10%)
    Dorian Finney-Smith (9%)
    Dante Exum (2%) 
    James Johnson (1%)
    Naz Reid (1%)

    Read more here:

  16. 10 hours ago, Lifschitz said:

    If I was watching a 34 percent shooter, 28 percent from three? He was bad, and not to appeal to bandwagon but that was the wide consensus. It’s why everyone was shocked at how well he’s playing this year, it’s a huge jump for a guy who was by all means bad last year. 

    he averaged 4.7 points in 14 minutes, in fact he didn’t have a single successful month last season in his splits, he was that bad. His best month was 44 percent in 13 minutes and the overall line is nothing to write home about, he shot 33 percent or below the final 4 months of the season. 

    granted, he was never going to get a lot of minutes with kemba there, but Charlotte didn’t even care to develop him next to kemba, which says a lot considering just how bad and talent starved Charlotte was. 

    Borrego cited his commitment to working insanely hard in the offseason for why they wanted to give him a shot at playing time, and it paid off, that’s what most improved constitutes, it’s literally in the name of the award.

    Andthis, my dear friends, is why you watch other stuff than just shooting splits. I had pegged him as the best pointguard on their roster this year as soon as there were rumours about Kemba being gone late last season. So not everyone was shocked... And those who had watched him in college and watched him play already knew he was a really , decent to good playmaker.