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  1. The spacing on that Bucks team is underrated. The long range shooters get so much room. It's alaso why I feared Brogdon would shoot worse in Indy, but so far, he's been great as well. I think Wes should be able to hit 45% FG for the season. I also want to see how long that 14 pt streak will last. Pull him when he hits it in the 2nd for all I care.
  2. I always believe that if someone has one single bad game, you drop them.
  3. Free Agents owned in less than 50% of the leagues and deeper sleepers owned in less than 20% of the leagues. Crazy first week in fantsy. Some great breakout players (like my guys Nunn and Graham, salute). Also some players who're slow to get it going (CP). Lesson one: don't panic. Don't sell the farm for Nunn and Kaminsky, and don't give on CP and OPjr. New year, new format. I’ll be checking the waiver wires for free agent suggestions, based on statistical needs. For each cat, I’ll list a group of potential adds: a group of players which are owned in 50% of the leagues, or less. And then another group of players who’re owned in even fewer leagues: 20% or less, consider these ‘deep sleepers’, they could have value for just a few days, might be a gamble if you have dead weight on the end of your bench, or is some cases: dynasty targets. After the first week, I’ll also start doing a review of the suggestions I listed in a previous edition. Gotta take some ownership of the mistakes you make, I guess. Securing your FG% Players owned in 50% or less: Davis Bertans (42%) – I think the averages we’ve seen over his first two games should be indicative of what to expect over the coarse of a season. He’s an incredible shooter who does little to nothing else. Aron Baynes (21%) – With Ayton out for 25 games, Aynes will be valuable. He adds scoring, FG%, some rebounds, ast and maybe a few blocks, his FT% is great and he even shoots a few threes. Nothing great, but nice production across the board, without hurting you anywhere. Players owned in 20% or less: Bryn Forbes (17%) – Not too great across the board, but his shooting is simple great. I think he could be just above average for guards in FG%, which is great in combination with his threes. Once again, not much else. Jabari Parker (12%) – Not the production you’d want out of a former #2 pick, but he’s been okay in his role as bench scorer in ATL. His FG% usually hovers around 50%, which is nice, but against lesser competition off the bench, he could raise it a little bit. Eric Paschall (10%) – Good scorer in college who just had to shoot a bit too many threes as a senior. I think he’ll do well for the Warriors who are desperate to find another scoring threat. Jamychael Green (7%) – I love him in his current role with the Clippers. So dangerous, but don’t expect his FG% and threes to stay like they are – the 70% from three is a somewhat unrealistic expectation over 82 games. Securing your FT% Players owned in 50% or less: Marcus Morris (49%) – I loved him in his first year in Boston, and this could be shaping up to be a repeat of that season. The numbers are very much alike. Frank Kaminksy (35%) – Probably the guy who gained most from Ayton’s suspension, although he had looked good in the period before that as well. Kaminksy might just be a top 100 player this season. Luke Kennard (34%)- As long as Griffin is out, Kennard has good value, much like he did in the playoffs last season. He’ll also be the biggest loser in value when Blake returns. Ivica Zubac (29%) – Won’t play all that much all the time, but he’s looking much better than in preseason. Nice bonus for an already deep squad. Aron Baynes (21%) – Does it all at an above average level. Players owned in 20% or less: Tim Hardaway (15%) – Would hate to rely on him for FT, because he hurts so many other categories. Josh Okogie (6%) – Was a great FT shooter in college, should be doing well again now. Marquese Chriss (6%) – Doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and racks up fouls and free throws alike. Shabazz Napier (4%) – Not a good addition anywhere else, but if you’re desperate for ASt, he could be your guy. Allonzo Trier (1%) – Doesn’t do much well, but knows how to score and attack. Find my content for all other categories here:
  4. Kanter has the FT% advantage normally, which TT clearly doesnt have.
  5. None off them. I'd keep them. Unless that's Melachi Richardson, then drop him.
  6. Seems like you already dropped Osman. I dont like him that much, Nunn's upside is more interesting, although I dont think he'll end up that valuable either.
  7. You could use the steals. Ross isnt that hard to replace down the road with other waiver wire options.
  8. Booker is a bit overrated in fantasy. Dont see him becoming more valuable than what he was last yeear. His injuries worry me as well. Then again, Cov misses a lot of them too. Either way, Those two have more value than Booker. Punting Ast lowers his value even further, while giving Cov and Hield more value.
  9. Collins, JV obviously no. I think Prince should be a tad more valauble than Lamb this season, especially considering Dipo is looking ahead of schedule.
  10. Have to replace an inactive manager. He drafted a decent collection of players but has been mia recently. Will replace him with an active and knowledgable manager, with good experience. No buy-in, standard 9 cats, active off season with dedicated board and some really fun managers including a couple of fantasy writers, designers, podcasters etc. Booker, Hield, Coby White, Domas are his core youth pieces. DM if interested.
  11. This forum turns into a hot take fest over the first few weeks of the season. After that, casuals stop logging on or playing fantasy altogether and we can get back to quality posts.
  12. Much better role here. Blazers had to rely on him too much. Clippers are deep and their system allows for roleplayers to put up decent stats as well. Like his outlook here.
  13. Id go PJ. Looney is nice but I dont think an old school big man will ever put up very useful stats in GS' system. PJ could providr across the board value.
  14. "I don't necessarily have bold predictions but I do have unrelated spam."