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  1. Id go PJ. Looney is nice but I dont think an old school big man will ever put up very useful stats in GS' system. PJ could providr across the board value.
  2. "I don't necessarily have bold predictions but I do have unrelated spam."
  3. Still didn’t answer why Wiggins was next man up at 5th. 😁
  4. Culver at SG, Layman at SF. Trade Wiggins for two expired bags of chips and half a bottle of cherry coke.
  5. Landry Shamet during home games and vs the Lakers:
  6. What I'm saying is that even though Okafor and Melli don't seem to be direct competitors for minutes.... They might be. Zion played so well next to Melli, and Favors, Okafor are both so limited as players, that I'd love to see Melli start.
  7. Okafor/Zion just doesnt seem like a great combo. (Not sure about Favord either) Im thinking 10/5/1.8 for Melli. So not far from what was posted above.
  8. Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 [PreSeason edition] Second edition of my breakout candidates and sleepers for 2019-2020 – shortly before the regular season starts, we’ve been able to see what teams and players have done in pre-season so far. ZZ – Snoozer, should make noise this season, but so far, isn’t owned in more than 25% of the leagues out there. ZZZ – Sleeper, could be useful this season and either has intriguing short term potential or could make an impact later this season. Isn’t owned in more than 15% of the leagues so far. ZZZZ – Deep sleeper, probably a good target in dynasty settings and could be roadblocked this season. Keep an eye on these when their team is out of the playoff race, has secured a sot, or if the team blows it all up. Atlantic Boston Celtics C. Edwards (12%) `- Already a fan favorite, but has the game to back it up. Soon he’ll be in the 6th man of the year running, and deservingly so. Could happen as soon as next year. I liken him to Ben Gordon, but without the constant discussions about him being a starter, and questions about his ability to play PG. He’s neither, and that’s just fine, because he’s a player. ZZZ R. Williams (8%) – He’s owned in as many leagues as Tacko Fall, and that’s just sad. People seem to go for the outliers. Tacko won’t play much this season as he’s on a 2way and is a very limited player. Meanwhile, Robert Williams should be the center of the future for the Celtics. ZZ D. Theis (3%) – I think he could turn out the be the best option for the Celtics at C, as long as Robert Williams is still up & down. Could also slide to PF. Either way, he offers a bit of value and could see decent minutes. ZZ G. Williams (2%) – Already one of the smartest players on the court in most games, much like Carsen – he’s a player. I don’t believe he’ll be extremely valuable in one or more cats, but just produces across the board, much like Horford. He could have value really soon. ZZZ R. Langford (1%) – Still somewhat of an enigma due to him playing injured in college and now being injured again, so we’ve seen very little, and of what we’ve seen, we’re not sure if it’s representative of what he can do. I really like his upside, but it could take a while before we see it. When we start catching glimpses, it might be a sign that the Celtics will trade Jaylen. ZZZZ Brooklyn Nets R. Kurucs (7%) – Didn’t have a great summer, and Taurean should take away quite a few minutes from him. Had him penciled in as the starter earlier this summer. Still, he has talent and could produce decent numbers in a backup role as well. The Nets don’t have that many options at SF/PF right now. ZZ N. Claxton (1%) – Totally different player from Allen and Deandre, and I’m very curious to see what he’ll play like when Allen is on the court as well. Could they play together? Probably just a little bit, but it’s an interesting mix of skills. ZZZZ New York Knicks E. Payton (18%) – The Knicks had DSjr and Frankie Smokes, and STILL decided to bring in an extra PG. Not a great vote of confidence. DSjr had a good summer, Frankie did well for himself in the WC’s, but Payton probable fits best with the rest of their starters. We’ll see. And if they all fail, I’ve heard Fiz is prepping RJ for PG minutes as well. Ah, those Knicks. ZZ K. Knox (14%) – Don’t really like him that much, but there’s some talent in there, somewhere. ZZZZ F. Ntilikina (1%) – In the right system he could be very valuable. Showed that with the Frenchies, but will Fiz give him a chance to doe the same in NYC? I doubt it, but took a chance on him in the 13th round of my 20 teamer. ZZZ I. Brazdeikis (0%) – Was great in college, was good in summer and haven’t seen much since. He strikes me as one of those typical Knicks picks in the second which turn out to do really well. ZZZZ Philadelphia 76ers M. Thybulle (11%) – The guy Philly gave up Tatum, Fultz, Edwards, Grant Williams etc for. Has been a hot add, and probably goes beyond 25% if he has another good game soon. He can add steals and blocks in a few minutes, but needs to show consistency from long range. I think he’ll get there. Baby Robert Covington with maybe more upside? Philly’s wings are so thin, that he should see minutes straight away. ZZ Z. Smith (1%) – Love his highlight reels, but he needs to be a bit more consistent. There’s a lot of room available in the Sixers backcourt, so let’s see grabs that opportunity. ZZZ Toronto Raptors N. Powell (15%) – Never been a huge fan, and even in the playoffs last year he wasn’t that reliable. Now he had his chance to grab a starting spot in Toronto, and he’s been impressive so far. It’s pretty neat for him that other wingplayers have been faaaar from impressive in Toronto. ZZ C. Boucher (1%) – Tore up the G-League last year and has a set of amazing tools. Quite a bit older than you’d like and expect, but he could carve out decent minutes. Doesn’t need a lot of them to produce either. Can chip in blks, threes and rebounds, mostly. ZZZZ D. Hernandez (0%) – Didn’t get a lot of attention, but the Raptors grabbed an interesting player in this year’s draft. He’s a few years away from contributing, but I think he could push a starter, down the line. ZZZZ T. Davis (0%) – If you’ve followed me on Twitter on read this blog before, you already knew I love Davis. He’s a dog and he’s getting a chance to develop in the G-League while getting decent minutes in the NBA as well. Could develop into a PG or SG, and probably will see some minutes backing up both positions this year. Should’ve been drafted. ZZZZ Rest of the divisions here:
  9. Probably more like Bjelica's situation last year. He played well early on in the season.
  10. He'll be a part of their rotation. Brad loves him. Great work ethic, smart player and good fit.
  11. Looking at how preseason played out, PJ is their PF and Miles is their SF.
  12. Definitely not a sf, but should be their PF. Charlotte going for youth, but at same time their FO also mentioned that they'd feel he would be spending a lot of time in the G-League. That was prior to the PreSeason, though.
  13. I don I dont think Bacon will play much if any PG. The Hornets have Graham as a backup pg who might be their best actual playmaker, and could be a future starter in this league. Bacon's ballhandling is ok, but his playmaking leaves to be desired. He's also more of a big body/body up defender but lacks the quick hands and feet to rack up steals. You can be a great defender and barely get blk/stl, so remember fantasy impact doesnt always equal real life impact. Thats hoe you end up drafting Chriss, JJ, Terence Jones, etc. What stood out to me is how poorly Bacon and Rozier play with Bridges (or the other way around). It wouldnt surprise me if the Hornets dangle Bacon somewhere this season in order to find a better fit next to Bridges - assuming he's the main piece for their future.
  14. Same team tgat traded away the picks that were used for Mitchell and Gobert as well iirc. OT: Jerami looks like he took another step. Love watching him play. He reminds me a little bit of a young (rookie) Shawn Kemp in style of play.
  15. Injured, missed preparation and not perse better than Meyers (Olynyk's handles are better though). When he's 100%, it could go either way - but by that timr, Meyers could have carved out a role and good chemistry.
  16. He's been quite underwhelming. Doesn't seem to be a great fit with Bacon and Rozier. Did play better with Graham (whom I love as well). PJ's showing out so far seems to make sure he'll be starting at PF. Miles to SF, I guess - hope he will improve his level of play soon.
  17. Never been a fan of him (that's me being a Blazers fan) - but MMeyers Leonard is someone to keep an eye on. The PF position is still quite open in Miami and he's been playing really well. His skillset also matches well with that Miami Heat roster/starting five, and he's a guy who doesn't hurt your %'s or TO's. As a low end free agent addition he could be a nice gamble. Don't expect blocks, though. He'd be among the league worst among guards, even.
  18. I like him as a sleeper. Some people are teearing him down like we're suggesting to draft him in the 4th round overall. No. He's a nicce get from waivers/free agency and could be a really useful addition to your team. Hold your horses on high expectations, though: check the volumes Kevin Martin had to put up for even decent rankings - then consider Bacon's stats are probably not going to surpass Kevin Martin's.
  19. He's not been very consistent in college. If he adds consistency in the NBA, he's great (so far, he's looked good). But you can't fully rely on a rookie to bring that if you're planning to compete for the title. You need more security. Tobias Harris is something that team really needs, especially with JJ gone. It's also a reason Mike Scott will play a decent amount of minutes.