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  1. Let's forgetabout Troy Brown for a minute and fantasize about Justin Anderson being a starter.
  2. Eh.. Bryant has been doing quite well for a while mate.
  3. But with worse FG, almost double the TO and a little over half his STL, other than that, really Otto-like, right?
  4. All positions incl bench are glaring holes, this side of Bron, AD, Kuz and Green.
  5. Why do you expect Hunter or Washington to be a great fantasy asset?
  6. Hits his free throws (should be 77%+), great FG% with rather high volumes, decent rebounder and hits threes. Not a great defender so only a few blk. Doesn't turn the ball over a lot. So a good guy for efficiency. Probably a ceiling which is even a bit higher than top 40, iirc his monthly rank hovered around #27 a while last season?
  7. "Simons has a unique style of play, he'll start backing up both Lillard and McCollum so he'll see 20 minutes or so, but he has the talent to finish the season playing with them as a starter " Start Dame, CJ and Ant? Dude.
  8. Hezonja isnt a big and Skal isnt a player.
  9. Tell me more about the glut of big men in Portland? Whiteside? Gasol spot minutes? Tolliver some some. And then...?
  10. Slightly higher fg%, lower to, attack the rim a bit more and he could be top 70 again, like a year ago. People are disappointed with his output last year and will now stay away. Perfectly draftable.
  11. Im not a fan. I think they had two somewhat similar players, when it comes to expected production, on te roster last season in Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis.
  12. He's a pg long term. You're not going to play him at sg just to provide Dennis f-ing Scheoder with minutes mate. First chance they get, Dennis is shipped.
  13. Which srill isnt going to be great, tbh. And Shai should play pg over him.
  14. Can he pass out of double teams, though?
  15. I like it. Dont think Capela will do better than last year - WB will take away dome rebounds. On the other hand, Drummond had this diet switch this summer which usually results in unexpected productions in the season after.
  16. Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 Here are my initial breakout candidates and sleepers for 2019-2020. D – Dynasty target: Some of these players might be roadblocked to start the season. However, they present a lot of upside and could start pushing the incumbents for playing time after a few months, see an increased role as soon as they show they’re up for it, or see increased playing time late in the season. B – Breakout candidate: These players all have a chance to break out this season. Be it due to increased playing time, increased touches and responsibility or change of scenery – keep an eye on them! S – Sleeper: These players might not have a full breakout, but are potentially going to be underdrafted. They tend to come at a low price and could be a make-or-break asset for championship runs. Atlanta Hawks Bruno Fernando – I 100% believe Bruno is going to be the starter at the end of this season. Alex Len put up some stats (shot a lot of threes) late last season, but no way that’s an indication of what’s to come. Len doesn’t have that range, and didn’t play all that well, even though he got the minutes. Enter Bruno. The Hawks did trade for Damian Jones but he’s not very good. Spellmann leaving to GSW only frees up more minutes. Bruno has some range, and good drive and nice pull up, and is strong as an ox. Having shown steady improvement in college, he’s got a lot of upside. S D Kevin Huerter – Came along quite nicely as the season progressed, and has upside in pts, threes, rebounds, assists and steals. Good size for a SG and could be a great second or third option on an improving Atlanta Hawks team. I’m a fan in dynasty settings. B D Brooklyn Nets Rodions Kurucs – Should be able to carve out a nice role in the Nets rotation going forward. Started over 40 games last season, Very up & down in production, but I see a lot of upside for him. He’s from 1998, so extremely young, but could start producing across the board this season. Don’t see a lot of weaknesses in his fantasy game, yet his summer league performance left a lot to be desired. B Joe Harris – He is what he is, but at the same time, that’s him being a damn good shooter. When scouting for threes, I always want my players to provide some help in FG too, if possible. Joe hits almost 2.5 threes a game, while shooting at a 50% clip from the field. That’s a mighty good combo. His rebounds and ast are merely ok for a SF and his steals numbers leave much to be desired, capping his value a bit. Still, I’d have Harris over guys like Justin Holiday all day. S More here:
  17. Bynum never took bball seriously and sustained an injury by being a dumb f---. Boogie cares an incredible amount about this game.