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  1. 3 hours ago, Lifschitz said:

    Guess we can add Herro to this list.. dude can flat out ball, reminds me of a young pre injury mike miller.


    He's been there for a while:



    Tyler Herro – Pat Riley loves this guy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Heat give him a lot of run from the get-go. Herro won me over and should be able to carve out a decent role for the Heat – as many said, his game is reminiscent of Devin Booker’s. Could deliver on threes and steals, but also a sneaky good driver, so he’ll get a decent amount of FT’s too. If he fixes his dribbling (too high), he could make a move to PG. S


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  2. 35 minutes ago, Lifschitz said:

    I'm going to throw a name out of left field.. Justin Anderson.

    When the Mavs first drafted him I was really intrigued. I started doing deep deep research into him as a prospect. He's got a lot of tantalizing physical tools, he would come into games and have some monster put back dunks and blocks, but he's never seemed to able to get his jumper right. He had a slight shoulder hitch where he pocketed it and pushed forward and it resulted in a lot of misses and a low arc.

    I have memories of him getting a ton of open jumpshots on the Mavs and just bricking time and again..

    I've been watching him in some Rico Hines runs over the past week and his jumper looks really really smooth.. he's still only 25 and today he was starting for the Wizards at SF. 

    Not a great line today against the Knicks, but he got 19 minutes as the starter, 9 points, 3 boards, 1 assist and 2 3's. He's someone I'm closely monitoring. This Wizards roster is so barebones, he could really carve out some value if he gets a 25 mpg starter role nightly. He has sneaky 1 / 1 / 1 potential and you can get him in the last round, essentially someone who could replicate a Miles Bridges type line with perhaps worse FG%. But he'd really need to have a remarkable turnaround in the shooting department, given his age and the fact he hasn't gotten a chance for a few years now, the opportunity is ripe for him to showcase.



    Let's forgetabout Troy Brown for a minute and fantasize about Justin Anderson being a starter.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Extra_Rice said:

    He is just on my watchlist for now. But if the season comes on and he can still score like that then will definitely run to grab him. Other than Beal, there is really no other guy who is a known scorer on their team. 

    Eh.. Bryant has been doing quite well for a while mate.

  4. 1 hour ago, a-rob said:

    Add Taurean Prince to sleepers list. he has been the talk of the Nets camp of how good his shooting has been. Clear path to starter minutes. Can average 15ppg with 2+ 3pm without hurting you anywhere. Otto-like numbers that can be acquired very late if people sleep on him

     But with worse FG, almost double the TO and a little over half his STL, other than that, really Otto-like, right?

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  5. 10 hours ago, hipriest69 said:

    Deep League Alert 


    Devonte Graham.  Only played 14 min / night.  Good assist to TO ratio, makes the right plays, low usage so FG % won't hurt you, shot 3 well in college (41%), shot 33% this Summer League on 8 attempts / game, so there's room for growth there - and he did make 0.7 last year so over 1 / game is very realistic in more minutes or improved %.  


    In 20 min / night this year I can see something like 7-8 points, 4-5 assists, 1 three, 1 steal, maybe 1 TO.  Totally worth it in deep leagues if you're hunting for assists late and the DJ Augustin's and Tyus Jones of the world are gone.  

    Best pg on that roster. 

  6. Hits his free throws (should be 77%+), great FG% with rather high volumes, decent rebounder and hits threes. Not a great defender so only a few blk. Doesn't turn the ball over a lot. So a good guy for efficiency. Probably a ceiling which is even a bit higher than top 40, iirc his monthly rank hovered around #27 a while last season?

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  7. 16 hours ago, slmroz said:

    Many of the minutes from last season came from Warren and Oubre being injured / shot down. However I agree that there will be available minutes outside of the SF position... Just I see more of them at PF with Saric being far from rock solid starter.

    Booker missed a few games as well there.