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  1. My predictions: 1. DeAndre Ayton (top 35) 2. Pascal Siakam (top 40) 3. John Collins (top 40) 4. Clint Capela (westbrook's rebounding worries me - see Adams, top 50) 1. Otto Porter (top 45) 2. Jayson Tatum (top 50) 3. Khris Middleton (top 60) 4. DeMar Derozan (top 65)
  2. Ouch, that's not great depth. I'd keep Rubio, Ball, James for sure. Then after that it's probably Kanter and Ingles.
  3. "38 rostered", only then i realized this wasnt a basketball post.
  4. Player A Player B lmao
  5. in dynasty values: CJ >>>> Wiggins Troy Brown = Fultz Granty Williams > Seth Curry trier isnt worth much imo, 2nd pick a bit morre valuable.
  6. if you can only keep two, id take harden. wouldnt be suprised if he'd be ranked a bit lower this season, though.
  7. Looking for managers for a brand new Dynasty Roto league (Yahoo). It'll be a 16 team format with dedicated forum for any discussions and trade talks, experienced managers. Standard 9 cats, snake draft, FAAB, annual off season lottery (last 8 teams) and active off season. Picks can be traded 2 years ahead at max. Lottery odds for next year: 16th ranked- 22%, 15th ranked- 18%, 14th ranked- 15%, 13th ranked- 13%, 12th ranked- 11%, 11th ranked- 9%, 10th ranked- 7%, 9th ranked- 5%. Only very active long-term managers. Still a few spots undecided. Draft in a week. No buy in, no auction. We have a shortlist of managers for the remaining spots, but want to make sure we get the best ones in. DM for more info please!
  8. Atl - Bruno Fernando will be a starter before the season's over. Bkn - Claxton plays as much mpg as Kurics by years end. Bos - Celtics will deal Brown and Robert Williams in a package. Cha - Miles Bridges posts top 60 value in 9 cat, Dwayne Bacon leads team in scoring. Chi - Gafford will start some games when WCjr or Lauri miss games and shows that he shouldve been drafted earlier. Cle - They win more than 10 games. Dal - i got nothing Den - Malik Beasley is dealt. Det - They manage to trade Blake. Gsw - GRIII posts top 100 value. Hou - Clarke turns out to be a nice player, pushing Tucker for the starting PF spot. Likewise, House gets a full season with the Rockets and becomes a 'baby Covington'. Ind - Sabonis+Myles doesnt work. Goga starts next year. LAC - They win it all. LAL - They barely make the playoffs. Mia - Waiters demands trade when it turns out Herro outplays him. Mil - Finals team vs Clippers. Min - KAT is #1 overall in fantasy. NOP - NAW becomes a starter after AS game. Ball is traded. NYK - Payton starts over DSjr. OKC - Bazley plays over 14mpg. Phi - Thybulle starts 40+ games. Pho - Mikal Bridges is top 2 in steals per game. Por - Simons is top 120 this year. Pdx trades CJ+ during the season for Blake Griffin. Sac - Bagley posts top 30 value. Fox top 40. SAS - Fantasy hell. Stars minutes are down, White and Forbes, too. Murray doesnt get enough mpg to truely bust out. Keldon gets decent mpg. Tor - Davis wins starting SG role. Uta - O'Neale has mini breakout season. Was - Troy Brown jr posts top 100 value.