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  1. To me its about even. Would prefer two stud WR's like Julio/OBJ like you mentioned, though...Thomas and Hill is a great combo, but I just can't live with Hill in fantasy idk. Too boomy-busty
  2. Damn man....I'm going to be honest with you...like dmb3684 said, your team is not very good for a 10 teamer. I can't even decipher who your 2nd round pick was. And for that matter, I can only take a stab at who your 3rd round pick was. And for that matter, I can only assume your 1st round pick was Gurley. That's not a great 1st round pick this year, considering he's falling to the freaking early 3rd round now. Ooof.... Edit: Also, your top 2 receivers are on the same team, which is never good (even though I love both of them, it makes for lopsided weeks, IMO). (sorry, had to be honest with my assesment and reaction)
  3. It's unrealistic that I will get all those RBs in a real draft, but all I could do was take into accoutn everyone's keepers and then draft away. That's how it turned out, though...
  4. 10 team, .5ppr, 2 keepers (round doesnt matter) Keeping Julio and DJ, and I accounted for all other 9 teams' keepers (though this still doesn't provide an accurate mock draft, obviously, it's the closest I could get to trying) QB: Winston RB: DJ/Conner/Chubb/Kerryon/D. Williams/Breida/Sanders WR: Julio/Diggs/Lockett/Landry/Washington/Metcalfe TE: Mcdonald D/ST: Chargers K: Butker I've done a ton of mock drafts but it's really hard to judge my team knowing that there isn't a great way to mock for keeper leagues...would love your opinions on what I should be happy with and what I may want to change.
  5. 1) What is your guys' TE strategy this year? I loved having an elite TE last year for the first time (Kittle), but I'm having a hard time picking him or Kelce so early. I'm keeping Julio and DJ (10 team, .5 ppr, round drafted doesn't matter), so I'm starting off with two studs. This makes me think that it may be worthwhile taking a shot at Kittle in the early rounds...what would you guys do? Keep in mind all the studs will pretty much be gone... 2) With that being said, I know for a fact that Conner, AB, JuJu, Evans, Keenan, Fournette, Hilton, and Chubb will be available to start the draft. Not sure where I'm picking, but who would you guys target with my first pick (already having Julio and DJ on my team). I'm leaning towards Conner or Chubb...I'd like to have Chubb but I just don't know what to do as this is my first year doing keepers. Thanks guys! Any and all information/opinions is welcome.
  6. Honestly I'd keep JuJu or T.Y. It sounds like JuJu is a good value at #9 because in a dynasty league, a lot of the studs will already be kept on teams, right? I'd probably do that...
  7. Honestly, I like your team. I would've moved those D/ST and K picks to the last two rounds, but other than that, you should be good. If any of those later RBs produce early, that is easy trade bait. There are always teams who need tons of help at RB.
  8. Chubb no brainer. I love Cook, but I love Chubb more.
  9. I'd probably keep Zeke...screw it man, even if he misses some time due to the holdout you will have him as an optional keeper for next year.
  10. How many teams and what does your bench look like? I'd trade Mahomes and maybe another player for a stud (RB or WR). People overvalue QB's and Mahomes is the posterboy of that this year. Trade him and Cooks or Woods for something like Winston and Chubb.
  11. That's a really tough one....honestly in the long run it's pretty even in my eyes. I'd hate to give up two first round picks next year to keep Kamara... With that said, it depends on if you want to make moves for next year, this year... Tough one...I'd probably stick with Kamara and worry about 2020 when it comes. Team A would be my choice.
  12. I'd probably stick with 8....you'll be able to get DJ or Zeke there, then an elite WR. Or you could go WR/WR and get 2 elite WR's. More options at that pick. There's a reason he wants to swap!
  13. Damien and Henry. Hill over Damien if you're worried about him.
  14. Kind of a tough one, but I'd keep Smith in the 15th....he costs you literally nothing, whereas in the 10th you may be able to snag a Jared Cook, Carson Wentz, etc....